On July 31st, 1751, Jose I of Portugal took the throne of Portugal after his father, João V's, passing. Upon claiming the throne, Jose I appointed Marquis of Pombal as his Chief Minister, who would later go on to strip the Inquisition of its power.

Scene of an Inquisition Trial

But here Jose I does not appoint Marquis of Pombal as his Chief Minister, and chooses someone else entirely. Marquis of Pombal is not able to strip the Inquisition of its power. This single event would lead to not only a decade's worth of trouble, but centuries of terror. The death of many men who would change and influence the world, the prevention of people's births and their original destinies, and a world of horror for the common man, woman and child to inhabit.

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Differences From OTL

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-By 1970ish the world is in a three way Cold War between the Concordat of Republican Nations (more than half Francophone, ostensibly republics or *people’s monarchies* but really fascist), the Russian sphere (absolute-ish monarchies), and the Internationale (communists or some similar ideology, Britain and Japan).

-However, factions are significantly more unstable than in both OTL and 1984 and there are many lesser powers attempting to start their own.

-There are many more theocracies and much more religious influence than in OTL. However, this has also resulted in many left wing, secular states reacting by becoming more actively anti-religious.


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