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Federal Union of Andea
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Peru, Inca Empire, Bolivia, Northern Chile, Paraguay, parts of Brazil and Argentina.
Flag Andea, Peru.
Flag of Andea
  others Catholic
Ethnic Groups
75% Quecha
  others 3% Spanish, 5% French, 2% German, 1% Chimu, 16% Mapuche
Demonym Inca, Peruvian, Andean
Government Parliamentary Monarchy.
  legislature Supreme Parliament of Peru, Grand Parliament of Buenos Noches
President of Parliament Carlos Urquiza
  Dynasty of Machu Picchu: Dynasty of Machu Picchu
Sapa Inca, King of the Mapuche, Guardian of Hesperia
Population 67 million 
Established 1776
Independence from Peruvian Confederation
Annexation to N/A
  date N/A
Currency Spanish Real (Most widespread), Inca Real (Official, Slowly phasing out the Spanish Real)
Organizations Second Hesperian League


Foreign Relations

Official Allies

  • Roman Empire - The longest lasting alliance that Andea holds is her alliance with the Roman Empire. Andea shares technology with Rome, and the two have similar goals in global politics.
  • Brazilian Empire - Andea have very close ties to Brazil. Andea helped Brazil gain independence, and Brazil is an extensive trade partner and member of the Second Hesperian League
  • Spain - Despite the years under Spanish oppression, Andea strongly favours the new Spanish Government and the two have co-operated in the Dutch War and have similar strategic views
  • Emeraldie
  • Guyana
  • Mexaca

Good Relations

  • Union of Borealia: Although Andea first saw the Union of Borealia as an intrusive power and a potential threat to her influence, Andea has come to accept the Union as a fundamental partner and recognizes their legitimacy as a great power.

Favourable Relations

  • Algonquia
  • Japan
  • India
  • Pskov
  • Britannica

Neutral Relations

  • Scandinavia
  • Heshimite Caliphate

Strained Relations

  • United Germany

Hostile Relations

  • People's Republic of Poland
  • Russia

Official Enemies

  • People's Republic of France


Past Flags


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