Alternative History

War Hero[]

In TTL, Vlasov never defected to the Germans and was responsible for the defence of the Far East. His liberation of Vladivostok eanred him the Medal for "Liberator of Vladivostok" as well as "the Order of Tsar Alexei II". His expert tactics in reclaiming Siberia led to many military academies in America, Russia, and Europe using his methods for Special Forces warfare.


After the war, Vlasov retired from the Imperial Army and ran as Premier, winning it with a handsome majority in 1949. One commentator even compared it with Patton's win in the US elections. His first term was concerned with rebuilding Russia from the War. He also gave the go ahead for the A-bomb project as relations soured with the United States over some remarks made by president Patton.

The Coup de Grace of his time in office was the Space Programme bill that kicked off the space race.