Alternative History

"...Andrew Knytling was, by all accounts, a cautious, compromising ruler, just what the Empire needed. With the civil war finally over, he spent most of his early rule strengthening the devastated areas and rebuilding the army, and (largely successfully) restoring relations with all the Tzardoms and splinter Empires that got a taste of independence during the long civil war. It was during his reign that the Mongols first invaded Europe and the Middle East, and then went into direct conflict with the Empire. Many border states and provinces were threatened, but Andrew chose not to get too committed, preserving his army instead for the time the Mongols would attack some truly important centres. In the end, the Empire lost parts of Syria and the Black Sea steppe, but overall remained intact. Afterwards, the relations with the sons of Hulegu improved and the Mongols and the Byzantines signed an alliance against the Muslim powers and the Blue Horde; the final war, however, went badly for the Ilkhanids, and was likely to also go badly for the Byzantines, had it not been for Khan Berke’s sudden death, likely through the assassination ordered by Boris Monomach, the Shadow Emperor who increasingly took over functions of government from ailing Andrew. The two lines were joined by marriage to the Knytling Emperor’s only daughter. Boris was a deeply unpopular man, and it was only Andrew’s protection that allowed him to advance as far as he did. Once he was high enough in the government, however, he became largely an unstoppable force. In this foresight, perhaps, was Andrew’s greatest achievement. In general, he is better remembered in Greece than Russia, because he preserved Greece while sacrificing the Empire’s interests elsewhere, but nobody could truly say that this cautious man was the worst Emperor to be at the helm of the devastated Empire at the time..."

Predecessor: Andrew Knytling-Rurikovich (Barbarian Empire) Successor:
Constantine XII Andrew

Basileus of Eastern Roman Empire

Nikephoros VI
Roman II

Grand Prince of Tmutarakan

Oleg III

Tzar of Tripoli