Have you ever thought of a reversed Hundred Years War? Angleterre is a timeline where France successfully enters a personal union with the Kingdom of England under Louis the Sixth during the 2-Year Barons' War, after King John of England refused to sign the Magna Carta, making the barons of England support Louis the Eigth of France, a claimant to the English throne at the time. Introducing Angleterre, a timeline written by JoshTheRoman.

Point of Divergence

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After John of England’s failed campaign in France to take back Normandy, his barons, forced him to put his seal to "The Articles of the Barons" because powerful barons could no longer stand John's failed leadership and despotic rule. The king's Great Seal was attached to it on 15 June 1215. In return, the barons renewed their oaths of fealty to King John on 19 July 1215. A formal document to record the agreement was created by the royal chancery on 15 July: this was the original Magna Carta. "The law of the land" is one of the great watchwords of Magna Carta, standing in opposition to the king's mere will. The Magna Carta of 1215 contained clauses which in theory noticeably reduced the power of the king, such as clause 61, the "security clause". This clause allowed a group of 25 barons to override the king at any time by way of force, a medieval legal process called distraint that was normal in feudal relationships but had never been applied to a king. After a few months of half-hearted attempts to negotiate in the summer of 1215, open warfare broke out between the rebel barons and the king and his supporters, starting the Barons’ War. The rebel barons, faced with a powerful king, turned to Prince Louis, son and heir apparent of Philip Augustus, King of France, also a maternal grandson-in-law of the late English King Henry II. The Norman invasion had occurred only 149 years before, and the relationship between England and France was not so simply adversarial as it later became. The contemporary document called the annals of Waverley sees no contradiction in stating that Louis was invited to invade in order to "prevent the realm being pillaged by aliens". A year of fighting later, King John would have died after an illness and the main threat was Louis himself. But what if King John had not died? In Angleterre, King John does not fall bout to dysentery and is defeated by Louis the Eigth the Battle of Lincoln and a French naval victory at the Battle of Sandwich. Having lost all hope, King John decides to sail into exile with the rest of his men to the English holdings in Ireland and consolidate his rule there. 

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