Alternative History
Anglo-Asian Wars
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East Africa, Skirmishes in Indian Ocean


End of Chinese claims over British African Territories
Predominance of British East African Natives


British Empire
Royal Navy
Regular Army
East African Militias

East Asian Confederation
Kingdom of Ethopia
Royal Qing Army
Flying Dragon Fleet





Hundreds of Thousands in local militias
Thirty Thousands British Regulars
Fifty four combat ready ships

One hundred thousand Ethiopian Soldiers
Five hundred thousand Qing Chinese Soldiers Fifty Thousand soldiers from other East Asian Confederation members. Thirty five Chinese combat ready ships (Fenghzhin Squadron)

Casualties and Losses

Thousands of Civilian Casaalties Over 50,000 Militiamen 4,323 British Regulars

Tens of thousands in Ethiopian deaths
23,434 Chinese Qing deaths
4,323 Other East Asian deaths

The Anglo Asian Wars were a series of skirmishes and seasonal conflicts between British and Chinese supported factions in their East African Colonies. Naval battles and espionage occurred all over the world as the two sides attempted to gain an edge on one another. Both the British and the Chinese, purposely kept most of the war local out of fear of possible worldwide war between all of the Great Eight. The wars while born out between historical conflicts between warring African people were also a result of the tension that mounted since the Chinese creation of the East Asian Confederation. The conflicts are remembered for their exceptional violence due to unrestrained tribal militias on both sides and political pressures for a quick victory. The British won a nominal victory due to their continued naval dominance and successful maneuvering in local tribal conflicts. However the legacy of the war in molding a nationalistic China vastly overshadowed the conflict itself.