Anishinaabe Republic
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Location of Anishinaabe Map Anishinaabe (VegWorld).jpg
Official languages Algonquian dialects, English, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Sioux, Iroquois
Capital Chicago
Largest City Chicago
Population 6,459,000
HDI 0.910
Republic formed
Currency Anishinaabe Dollar (ASD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, northern Minnesota, parts of southern Ontario and Quebec (not including the Toronto or Montreal)

The Anishinaabe Republic is a nation located in Pemhakamik, and bordering the Great Lakes. Its capital and largest city, Chicago, is one of the largest cities on the continent and is a major business center. Anishinaabe's population is extremely unevenly spread out and highly urban. In fact, nearly half of the population lives in the short swath of land extending between and including the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas, abutting Like Michigan. Much of the rest of the nation consists of forests and grasslands, and a significant area of cultivated fields. In fact, Anishinaabe is the second-largest exporter of crops in Pemhakamik after Sioux.



72% Non-vegetarian
28% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

63% Algonquian (Ojibwa, Illinois-Miami, Shawnee, Potawatomi, Algonquin, etc)
16% European (English, Swedish, Norwegian, French, etc)
04% Sioux
02% Iroquois
02% Oriental
01% Indian
02% other Pemhakamik Aboriginal
01% other
09% multi-race


41% Indigenous beliefs
32% Non-religious
22% agnostic
10% atheist
17% Christian
07% Quaker
06% Catholic
04% Protestant
06% Cathar
02% Dharmic (Hindu, Buddhist, Jain)
02% others
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