Alternative History

On October 26, 1962 a US Air Force U-2 plane was shot down over Cuba and immediately following the event the Soviet Union declared war and WW-III began.

The Third World War[]

This was a war that tore the world apart and nearly annihilated the human race.

From Crisis to War[]

The Soviets quickly launched multiple nukes. The US quickly responded with nukes firing at the Soviets. In minutes both the US government and the Soviet government were destroyed. As the nukes fly the following cities are annihilated: New York, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Boston, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Vladivostok, and numerous Soviet military bases.Hours later the allies of the US and the Soviets suffer from numerous nuclear strikes. As a hazed out sun sets the world is full of death and despair.

The Early Fight[]

The next day US generals take over and quickly have more missile strikes but they are non-nuclear. In China a decision is made and it is that the nation will stay neutral but instead the Soviets decide for them and launch nukes at Beijing, Shanghai, and other major cities. Two weeks later the US has conquered and reunited Germany as has its allies which now include China. The war continues to expand and more blood is shed everyday.

They Settle In[]

As the war begins to take its course the US easily marches across Europe and by 1964 all of Europe is under NATO control but the effects of the nukes on the environment are causing more deaths.