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Country Anthem Adopted Composer Notes
Flag of Alaska Alaska Alaska's Flag 2011 Elinor Dusenbury (music)
Marie Drake (lyrics)
Flag of Algeria Algeria We Pledge 1963 Mohamed Fawzi (music)
Mufdi Zakariah (lyrics)
Flag of Saudi Arabia Arabia an-Našīd al-Waṭaniyy 1984 Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb (music)
Ibrahim Khafaji (lyrics)
Flag of Argentina Argentina Himno Nacional Argentino 1813 Blas Parera (music)
Vicente López y Planes (lyrics)
Only the instrumental introduction is usually played
Flag of Austria Austria Land der Berge, Land am Strome 1946 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (music)
Paula von Preradović (lyrics)
Flag of Australia (1861 HF) Australia Advance Australia Fair 1984 Peter Dodds McCormick
Flag of Bologna (1861 HF) Bologna Bèla Bulåggna 1959 Adriano Ungarelli (Adrianén)
Flag of England England God Save the Queen 1745 unknown
Modena Flag (1861 HF) Modena Ghirlandèina 2001 Luciano Pavarotti Only the music is usually played
Flag of Scotland Scotland Scotland the Brave 1950 Cliff Hanley (lyrics)
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