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School took as a major educational power from 27 BC to 1917, which the first king of Holy Great Imperialism both human-cloning and started a civil war in Scandinavia, which in 1927, the Holy Great Imperialism won the civil war.

During World War 2, it's the same but different, Adolf Hitler tries to invade the Holy Great Imperialism, but the Holy Great Imperialism stops Nazi Germany.

The Chinese Civil War also began between Nationalist China, Japanese Empire and The Holy Schoolhate Empire of Qing.

Nazi Germany collapsed and occupied into 5 major powers: Russia, United States (now American Republic), The Holy Great Imperialism, Great Britain (now People's Commonwealth) and Spain, while in Asia, the Holy Schoolhate Empire of Qing took over China, Korea and Japan, which the country won the war.

In 1945, The Holy Great Imperialism starts the Cold war between School by the Princian solider bombing on St George's School at Windsor Castle in the UK.

In 1950, United States of America collapsed and splitting into 14 countries, after that Princian king, Jonathan Palmstruch made a deal with the American president, Harry S. Truman.

In 1989, School becomes smaller and became social group instead of educational institution because the Holy Great Imperialism won the cold war, as of it, some of the school locations were taken over by various company as an revenge, because the Holy Great Imperialism forced the companies to do so, and the whole world become Anti-Schoolism, American Republic, Mexico, Philippines and some countries are liberalism and capitalism.

In 1990, Teacher and students around the world (expect for Iran and Lashkar-e-Taiba) are protesting about that the Holy Great Imperialism should never be major power, wanted bring back USA, Great Britain, Kalmar Union and any countries that are taken over by the major countries, and wanted to School to be important thing in the world, which some teacher and students were arrested because the government claimed that it is actually treason, offensive and unnecessarily to bring back ANY former countries.

In 1997, Qing Dynasty wants to taking over Hong Kong and Macau, which Hong Kong and Macau doesn't want to, which the Hong Kongese and Macau Civil War begins, which the Holy Great Imperialism, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Russia and Iran supports Qing while American Empire remains neutral. In 2000, Qing Dynasty actually bombs Hong Kong and Macau city and then took over Hong Kong and Macau, which this conflict ends.


Major differences

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