Anund Jakob Kolbranna
Anund Jakob 'Kolbranna'
King of Svealand
Reign 1022 - c. 1050
Predecessor Olof I Skotkonung
Successor Emund
Born 1008
Died c. 1050
Spouse Gunnhildr Sveinnsdóttir
Issue Gyda, Queen of Denmark
House Munso
Father Olof I Skotkonung
Mother Estrid of the Obotrites

Anund Jakob was the eldest son of Olof I, and the only one born to his 'Christian' wife Estrid. He was the first Svealandic king to be Christian from birth, being baptized with the name Jakob. The Svealandic Thing objected to the non-Norse name however and referred to him as Anund. His other name, Kolbranna seems to a be a reference to his practice of burning down his opponents' houses.

Anund had been made co-king with his father in 1018 after Olof's dealings in Hordaland backfired and it appears he succeeded him smoothly in 1022 when Olof died.

Scandinavia was in turmoil during Anund's later reign and he supported Magnus Olafsson's seizure of Viken and then Denmark, fighting alongside him against Harthacnut.

He also helped Stenkil cement his rule over Gothenland and he would be recognised as the country's first king. Anund gave him his niece in marriage. Not much else is known about the king, other than he most probably campaigned with his brother-in-law Yaroslav the Wise in the Kievan Rus'.

It is not even known when he actually died only however it is assumed it was around 1050. He would be succeeded by his half-brother Emund.

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