Aotearoa (Joan of What?)

State of Aotearoa
Whenua o Aotearoa (Māori)
NZ flag design Silver Fern (Black, White & Blue) by Kyle Lockwood.svg
Flag of Aotearoa
Coat of arms of Aotearoa Cygnia.svg
Coat of arms of Aotearoa
Flag Coat of arms
Nickname(s): "The Kiwi State"
"The Land of the Long White Cloud"
Motto(s): Toitū te Whenua (Māori)
"The Land Remains"
Official language(s) English, Māori
Demonym Aotearoan
Capital Wellington
Largest city Auckland
Area Ranked 15th
 – Total 113,729 km2
Population Ranked 7th
 – Total 5.09 million
Before statehood Colony of New Ulster
Admission to Federation 1 January 1824 (8th)
Governor Cindy Kiro
Premier Jacinda Ardern (L)
Deputy Premier Grant Robertson (L)
Legislature General Assembly
Senators David Bushby (N)
Catryna Bilyk (L)
Peter Whish-Wilson (G)
Helen Polley (L)
House delegation List
Time zone Pacific Standard Time (UTC +12)
Abbreviations AO
Internet TLD .ao

Aotearoa (/ˌaʊtɛəˈroʊ.ə/; Māori: /aɔˈtɛaɾɔa/) is one of the 21 states of the United Cygnian States. The southernmost state of the Union, Aotearoa consists of two main islands, as well as a number of other, smaller islands. Aotearoa is situated some 1,500 kilometres (900 miles) east of the Cygnian mainland across the Tasman Sea. It is considered to be the most remote of the Cygnian states. The closest state to Aotearoa is Tasmania to the northwest.

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