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A unnamed Nazi scientist creates a deadly virus during the final days of World War 2, that he hopes will kill off every race except the Aryan race. During the final day of the Battle of Berlin he tries to perfect it but is interrupted by Soviet troops who assault the building. During the assault he is killed and the virus is accidentally released among the Soviet troops. Over the next few days it becomes obvious to Soviet doctors that an exponential number of soldiers have contracted an unknown and deadly contagion; 75% of those infected die from massive blood loss from the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and anus. The remaining 25% of infected suffer different symptoms from the rest; though they still suffer from blood loss though to a lesser extent, their eyes begin to dilate, they suffer also from hair loss and blotchy and pale skin. Characteristically, the victim's vocal chords tighten, lending to a loud shrill voice. The infected are also known to have become extremely violent, attacking any person who is not infected and in doing so infecting them with the virus.

Uninfected Soviet soldiers and doctors attempted a quarantine, but to no success. Within weeks, the immediate area of Berlin was a desolated. A larger quarantine was established, supported by Allied forces and volunteering defeated German troops.

MAY 1945

The first cases of the virus occurring outside the quarantine are reported through military command. An insurgency lead by German troops is blamed for the outbreak, as well as rising tensions between western allied and Soviet forces. Regardless of the truth, growing hysteria in Germany does little to ease the situation. With the military's attention turned largely to maintaining the quarantine, riots break out in the surrounding cities, demanding food and water supplies. By the end of the month, rioters had overrun several military outposts, and in some cases returned to the city of Berlin and into the quarantine zone.

JUNE 1945

Combined military command across occupied Germany begins to break down as the virus' symptoms appear in Hannover, Dresden and Poznan. While the military denies the extent of the virus, more and more citizens fall victim to it's symptoms within the old quarantine zone as well as the now expanded area. Some parts of the Allied advance begin to desert in the face of increasingly hostile local populations and the increased risk of contracting the virus, which is believed by some to be airborne. As they desert, some inevitably carry the virus away from Berlin and uninfected areas.

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