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Welcome to the Portal Page of the Apocalypse: 2012 timeline!

On the 21/22 of December 2012, a nuclear war erupted across the globe. Now with humanity's mere existence clinging to the edge of the cliff, can they rebuild harmoniously or will the remaining pockets of civilization tear each other apart? You decide!

This will be the main page of Apocalypse: 2012. This timeline is based o the end of world predictions of the Mayans and the Bible. (No I do not believe in the predictions, that is stupid, I just wish to make a timeline with a post-nuclear war world where there is a LOT of room for growth unlike 1983: Doomsday which is almost shut in regards to new pages)

I know the event is in the future but this will be a real-time timeline and eventually become what 1983: Doomsday is today. This is not a future history, I repeat, this is NOT a future history.

This will be a community timeline, if you are interested please sign here, I will be in touch with you ASAP. Scandinator (talk)

The Point of Divergence (will need to be fleshed out)

Al Gore wins the recount in Florida but after challenges and legal battles both candidates are discredited. 9/11 happens, Al Gore declares war on Afghanistan. War in Iraq does not happen since the US government checks its sources, therefore Saddam remains in power until 2012. McCain wins in 2004 and continues the War in Afghanistan, with all US and NATO resources focused there, the Taliban are forced into Pakistan. They infiltrate many sectors of the Pakistani government. The USA also develops much closer ties to India as they wish for a regional power on their side in South Asia.

Events of the Arab Spring

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Apocalypse: 2012 (will be fleshed out and possibly altered)

With nearly 50% of Israeli territory under occupation by Egypt, Syria and Lebanon with the support of multiple other Muslim nations; Israel launches as many of its nuclear missiles as it can on Arab cities hoping to cripple the war effort and ensure no retaliation for any Muslim nation occurs. Pakistan, detecting nuclear missiles headed for its territory throws its full arsenal at India which responds by targeting India and Chinese nuclear missile bunkers in Qinghai, as well as a few Chinese cities to ensure its northern neighbour does not take advantage of the situation on the subcontinent. China then responds by firing what it can at India and also hitting US bases in the Pacific and on the West Coast. Meanwhile a stray Israeli nuclear missile hits Volvograd inciting mass panic in Russia. Putin believes more warheads are headed to Russia and authorizes strikes on NATO nuclear facilities. NATO is caught by surprise and launches everything it can at Russian bases and cities enciting a full retaliation from Russia.

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