Apocalypse 1985 is a timeline based on the Allied invasion of Berlin in 1945 and the Nuclear Holocaust of 1985. It takes place during the Second Great Depression, when most countries in the world began to suffer huge economic downfall and disease. This is due to the Cold War when the USSR had launched nukes on ally capitalist nations when the Allies strike back, except for Germany, Pakistan, Britain, and Mexico, which all avoided the Nuclear Holocaust.


Cold War

In 1953, the USA had established a Pro-capitalist government in Iran to prevent communist expansion. This led to an Islamic revolution only to bring Islam straight into Communism by 1979. Meanwhile, in the regions of Pomerania and Silesia, German, Austrian, and Czech forces fought a twenty-year long border war with Poland while civil war remained continuous in China. India fights off Pakistan and Cuba invades the Caribbean.

As a result, Russia, Britain, France, USA, Mexico, and Japan had began huge arguments and endless debates on economic downfall. The event known as the Second Great Depression, starting in Mexico and Cuba, had spread throughout Africa, Eastern Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East while wealthy Russia and the EU continue to ignore such an event like this.

On May 2nd, 1974, however, Soviet and American missiles were ready for launch, along with Cuba, India, France, and Iran, thus bringing tension between the two powers as Britain, Pakistan, Germany, and Mexico began complete neutrality from the chaotic genocide. Russia nuked New York on 1986, forcing the Americans to strike back and bomb Leningrad while Paris was bombed by Communist Poland.

Soon, uprisings, civil war, disease, poverty, and nuclear genocide emerged when the US and India became weaker and weaker, along with the USSR, causing the three into reverting back into tribes, which later occurred upon the rest of the world except the neutral nations. Although many nukes spread around the world, most of the radiation spread over Russia and Africa. In that event, NATO and the USSR were no more and five billion people died, leaving only one billion left as survivors.

Early Civilizations

As radiation now had vanished within most of Europe, Russia, Korea, and Japan. It seemed that civilization was able to rebuild itself from 1987. The first turned out to be India, starting with its southern regions, hoping to drive out the mutants. Then, Japan, China, and Greece emerged. Two months later, Spain, Rome, and Carthage have risen along with Persia and Kiev, and finally, the nation of Mayania, the largest of all the empires, was forged. Soon, civilization was rebuilt. The first post apocalyptic war was that of the Carthaginian-Greek War, which ultimately led to a Greek victory by February 2nd, 1988. Among this came that of the Empire of Socialist Rome, which expanded its borders until 1992, when the empire had faced an economic downfall, leading to barbarian invasions. Meanwhile, in China, there was also mass destruction upon its lands, having its villages burned and cities captured by rebellious workers.

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