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Apocalypse Day

September 11 1950: Apocalypse Day. The Axis Union collapses, leaving behind destroyed civilizations, unstable nuclear elements, and scavengers, renegades, and other survivors.


Explosion in Iceland

The 5 years of the Axis Empire (1945-1950) has created anger by the public to its rulers because of the animosity between the invaders and invaded. Further, the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany are competing for resources, power, weapons, and territory particularly North and South America. The Empire of Japan protested of the German territory in Eastern USA whilst the wasteland of the Midwest, Canada, and the West Coast. Further, the remaining Allies in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Greenland has launched attacks but to no avail in Axis Territory. The Axis decided to end it by the newly developed Hyper-Nuclear bomb. The Axis dropped it into Þórshöfn, Iceland in June 20 1947, while Japan dropped its own into Spratly Islands. The bombs destroyed completely the 10 mile radius, and left devastation into the 30 miles beyond. The blasts were publicized and created fear among the remaining Allies. The Axis then quickly invaded them in the "Great Invasion" (1947-1949).

Axis Civil War (1950)

After the Invasion, the Axis then returned to its normal self. The protests, and looming war. The Axis Civil War then began. It started in Kumzar, when Japanese and German soldiers got into a fight with Resistance fighters. The battle continued until a Japanese soldier tried to shoot a Resistance but instead hit a German standing behind the Resistance fighter. The incident was reported until it reached Hirohito and Hitler. The animosity grew into an outrage with Hitler bombing Japanese territory in India, Arabian Peninsula, and Iran. The Japanese struck back with nuclear attacks in Egypt, Turkey and Greece. The Germans then decided to end it quickly with a massive nuclear attack in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (September 1950). The Empire of Japan fell. Nazi Germany triumphed, but the angered German public recruited the Wehrmacht which was tired of the wars from 1939-1950. They attacked German Nuclear Facilities in Arnhem, Flensburg, Cambridge, Tours, Brunswick and Graz. The overwhelmed Wehrmacht loyalists decided to detonated the nukes instead of dying to the hands of the rebels. The massive explosions devastated most of German territory even worsened by the fallouts. This happened in September 11 1950. Apocalypse Day.


The massive explosions killed 12,267,937 people, equaling the deaths in WW2. 16,234,242 more died in the subsequent months. Europe became a wasteland itself. The months after, launched into Renegade Era.

Deaths: 28,502,179 (Sep 11- Dec 31)