The Nazis decide to unite with the Arabs over their common enemies. The British and the French and they both want Jews (especially Zionists) out of land or let them die, this gave the Arabs more power and technological advances against their enemy, on the other hand this gave the Nazis more popularity and support, Nazis also benefited oil supply which them significantly, this allowed Nazis to produce more rockets to strike the UK, plus this will give Nazis more troops from 22 Arab countries which would help Nazis have troops to scout the enemy and distract them and also weaken the UK to its falling since they were already have been put under high pressure, which would leave the Arabs and Nazis with two Major enemies Soviet Union and America, in that time Nazis would have technology advance in rockets and this will make a huge the still in power Arab forces will fight the enemy while the Nazis make more new machines and shoot strategic locations down with rockets it will give Nazis a time boost that they needed and that will eventually make Nazis take over ad kill Jews.

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