Arab and Middle Eastern Alliance
Flag of the Arab and Middel Eastern Alliance (AVARO)..png
(and largest city)
Official languages Arabic, English, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, Hebrew and Greek
Demonym (AMEA)
Type Military, cultural, trade and political Alliance
Government Nationalistic, Pan-Arabist/Zionist co-venture (assuming such a pearling would work, but Egypt will try hard!)
Establishment February 3rd, 1976


It was formed on February 3rd, 1976, at the Aswan summit.


  1. Crush all toxic, Middle Eastern despots, like the OTL Col. Kaddafi,
  2. Promote the Arab, Jewish, Kurdish, Iranian, Cypriot, Turkish, Greek, Toubou and Nubian causes in the world.
  3. Stabilize the Middle East, Gulf States, Anitolia and North Africa,
  4. Concidder Egypt and all things Egyptian as 'cool',
  5. Form a rival grouping to defend national and regional interests from the aims of LOAN, CANT and the Axis.
  6. No observer nations, either you are with us or against us. There is no in between.
  7. You can admit a country into AMEA if you are already a member.
  8. Issues amongst members are solved through who ever has more votes.
  9. Any member can propose an issue.
  10. Nukes, bios and chems are banned.
  11. If you have any ideas about another rule, just propose it.


  1. Egypt
  2. Benghazi
  3. Royalist Libya
  4. Jordan
  5. North Sudan
  6. Jordan
  7. Israel
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