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British Protectorate of Arabia
جزيرة كونفدراليّة
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FlagofarabiaWSMT No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
English, Arabic, Kurdish
  others Hebrew
Over-Monarch Elizabeth II
Sultan Khalid Aziz
Prime Minister Hamid Ali
Population 190,000,000 
Established January 9, 1857
Currency British Pound Sterling
The British Protectorate of Arabia (B.P.A) is a sub-autonomous country in Western Asia that spans from the Sinai peninsula eastward towards the Zagros mountains bordering Russian Iran. The B.P.A is a ethnic creation purposely housing the majority of Arab people in Asia. After the rise of British Imperialism across the middle east the original Protectorate originated from an 1857 treaty before the creation of its present form in 1941. The nationhood of the Arab state has for decades molded factional dynasties and Bedouins into a single nationality with some success. Centuries old divisions between warring families remain and frustrated the nation in the 20th century. Economically Greater Arabia continues a producer but economic reform is currently underway. The government is a Theocratic Sultanate, and upholds Sunni Islam as a state church. The B.P.A is represented by the British Empire at the Global Security Conference.


See: History of the Middle East and Ottoman Arabia

The history of the areas of the Arab state- is claimed to host the oldest written civilizations of the world- as is promoted by Imperial British schools. Interest in the "Old East" from antiquity has been turned into a massive cultural-tourist industry. From the rise of river valley societies as Mesopotamia modern Arab lands hosted mighty Iron Age civilization the rise of Islam. The Omayyad and Abbasid caliphates brought a diaspora of Arab peoples across the Near-East which inspired the boundaries of the modern Arab state.

Islam Prayer and Science

In modern times, the legacy of the Omayyad caliphate is disputed on whether its accomplishments came from liberal attitudes or Theological orthodoxy.

After classical Arab Islam was disrupted by Crusaders, Mongols and Turks the majority of Arab speaking lands in Asia came under the governance of the Ottoman Empire. Turkish authority rose and waned but was primarily concerned with the maintenance of trade routes for pilgrimage to Mecca from the Turkish heartland. Local Arab families vied in intrigue for prestigious titles in relation to Ottoman power. The rapid decline of the Ottoman Empire, caused by a succession of lost wars to Russia opened the door to western influence.

British Colonization


Government and Politics



Province Capital
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
Aden Aden
Ajman Ajman
Alawi Al-Kasha
Aqrabi Bir Ahmad
Asir Sabya
Audhali Lawdar
Aulaqi Ahwar
Baghdad Baghdad
Bahrain Manama
Al-Basra Basra
Beihan Beihan
Dathina Dathina
Diba Diba
Dhala Dhala
Dubai Dubai
Fadhli Zinjibar
Fujairah Fujairah
Al-Hassa Al-Hofuf
Haushabi Musemir
Hejaz Mecca
Al-Jawf Al-Jawf
Jebel Shammar Hail
(Jewish Free State)
Kalba Kalba
Kathiri Tarim
Kuwait Al-Kuwait
Lahej Lahej
Mahra Qishn
Mosul Mosul
Muscat Muscat
Muflahi Muflahi
Nejd Riyad
Oman Nizwa
Palestine Jerusalem
Qaiti Ash Shihr
Qatar Doha
Ras al-Khaimah Ras al Khaimah
Shaib Shaib
Ash Sharjah Sharjah
Umm al-Qaiwain Umm al-Qaiwain
Wahidi Habban
Yafa Jaar
Yemen Sana


  • Red - direct British control
  • Brown - Former Trucial States
  • Mustard - ruled by Hashemites
  • Green - Former members of Aden Protectorate

Political Parties

Major Political Parties

  • Arab Labour Party - Muslim Center-Left
  • Progressive Islamic party - Muslim Center-Right
  • Mesopotamian Movement - Green

Minor Political Parties

  • People's Revolutionary Party - Radical Socialist
  • Free Judean Party - Zionist Center Party - Favors an independent Judea
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