Archbishop of Riga
Arkkpiiskop Rīgast
Coat of Arms of the Archbishopric of Riga.png
Coat of Arms of the Archbishopric of Riga
Kaspars I.jpg
Kaspars I
since 1587
Style His Most Reverend Excellency
First monarch St. Meinhard
Formation 1186
Residence Annex of the Riga Cathederal

The Archbishop of Riga (Livonian: Arkkpiiskop Rīgast) is the ecclesiastical head of state of the Prince-Archbishopric of Riga, the largest vassal of the Duchy of Livonia.

Once known for their effective rule over all of Livonia, the role of the Archbishop in political governance has declined in the later years of rule by the Kingdom of Prussia.

The current Archbishop is Kaspars I Cilpa. Kaspars I, an ethnic Balto-Finn, was largely responsible for convincing Hercog Jaagup I Vaalgamaast to lead a rebellion against the war-torn Prussian Kingdom.

Title and Style

The official title of the Archbishop of Riga is:

His Most Reverent Excellency, Archbishop Kaspars I, Archbishop of Riga and Metropolitan of Livonia, Holy Honorary Prelate and Rector of the Holy Church in Livonia.

Signet Ring of the Archbishop

His formal style is "His Most Reverent Excellency," while his form of personal address is "Your Excellency."

It is also customary to genuflect on the left knee and kiss the signet ring of the archbishop.

The formalities are up to the discretion of the Archbishop, unless a Cardinal or the Pope is in the presence of the Archbishop.



From 1186-1255, the position of the Archbishopric of Riga did not exist. The position of Bishop of Livonia did exist however, and would evolve into the Archbishopric of Riga under Albert Suerbeer in 1255.

# Name Reignspan Notes
1 St. Meinhard

1186-1196 (10 years)

First Bishop of Livonia
2 Berthold of Hanover 1196-1998 (2 years)
3 Albert of Riga 1199-1229 (30 years) Constructed Riga Cathedral
4 Nikolaus of Nauen 1229-1253 (24 years) Last Bishop of Livonia


# Name Reignspan Notes
5 Albert Suerbeer 1245-1273 Titular Archbishop only (1245-1253)
6 Johannes I of Lune 1273-1284
7 Johannes II of Vechten 1285-1294
8 Johannes III of Schwerin 1294–1300
9 Isarnus Tacconi of Fontiès-d'Aude 1300–1302
10 Jens Grand 1303-1310 Titular Only, Never came to Riga
11 Friedrich von Pernstein 1304–1341
12 Engelbert von Dolen 1341–1347
13 Bromhold von Vyffhusen 1348–1369
14 Siegfried Blomberg 1370–1374
15 Johannes IV von Sinten 1374–1393
16 Johannes V von Wallenrodt 1393–1418


# Name Reignspan Notes
17 Gunnar Harzenett 1418–1424
18 Johannnes VI Scharnagel 1424–1448
19 Degenhard Peschke 1448–1479
20 Gerlach Schemmel 1479–1484
21 Fricis Balodis 1484–1509 First ethnic Livonian Archishop
22 Oskar Buentemeyer 1509–1524

Hartmann Rodewald

24 Kristaps Ozolinsh 1528–1539 Second ethnic Livonian Archbishop
25 Volkhard Bittner 1539–1563
26 Johannes VII Spott 1563–1587 Last ethnic German Archbishop


# Image Name Reignspan Notes
27 Kaspars I.jpg Kaspars I  1587-1623 Influential in Livonian Independence
Johannes VIII Schöning 1623-Present


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