Republic of Argentina
Republica de la Argentina
— Nation of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Argentina, Tierra del Fuego
Flag of Argentina
Flag of Argentina
(and largest city)
Buenos Aires
Other cities Cordoba, La Plata, Mar de Plata, Atlantea, Bahia Blanca, Santa Fe, Rosario, Commodra Rividara, Rosario, Mendoz, Resistencia
Spanish, English
  others Rioplantese, Welsh, Portuguese, Italian
Religion Catholicism, Judaism, Atheism, Protestantism
Population 38,403,992 (1995 Census) 
Established 1853
Admission 1973
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -3
Abbreviations ARG
The Republica Argentina claims the history and to be the successor state of the Republica Argentina which broke away in 1853 from Spain. During the Z-Day, Argentina was broken into several factions. One was a Communist guerrilla group and another the Anti-Communist Argentine Alliance. This group was led by Jose Lopez Rega. Due to the Zombie outbreak in Northern Chile, Northern Argentina, and other neighboring countries Argentina has sealed its borders and even some provinces to contain the outbreak in other nations and to handle internal disputes led by Communist guerrilla groups. In 1973 the tide began to turn in battle and Argentina has begun to drive out the Communist guerrillas and create more habitable space in Southern and the Mountainous Regions of Argentina. In Argentina the city and metro area of Buenos Aires and by extension La Plata have greatly increased in size due to the ease of transportation due to the Atlantic High Speed Rail line in the region. Cars, while still used, are minimized as housing is either close to work and other amenities or a short train ride away. Argentina has become a hub for education in South America and the world, attracting many students to Buenos Aires Jesuit, University of Buenos Aires, University of Buenos Aires - La Plata, and Cordoba Catholic. Thanks to this investment by Argentine provinces and the United Republics the UR can boast one of the world's top education systems. Another key point in Argentina is the Santa Fe Medical Hospital, which hosts the best doctors and specialists in South America.