Republic of Argentine
République d'Argentine
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Argentine Confederation
Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg of Argentine
Coat of arms
Liberté et Justice (Liberty and Justice)
Marche du peuple (March of the People)
CapitalNew Vichy
Largest largest city Pagene
Official languages French
Regional Languages German, Croatian, Indigenous languages, English, Dutch.
Ethnic groups  White Europeans, Native Laurentians
Demonym Argentinian
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Unitary, Multi-Party, Democratic Republic.
 -  Prime Minister Charles Puegene
Legislature People's Congress
 -  Upper house The Senate
 -  Lower house Chamber of the Speakers
 -  Discovered 1503 
 -  First Settlement 1529 
 -  Arrival of French 1543 
 -  Captaincies Established 1631 
 -  Antarctique Established 1642 
 -  Riviere D'Argent 1778 
 -  Republic Established 1786 
 -  1826 census 13,600,450 
Currency Argentine Franc (₣) (ATF)
Argentine is a sovereign nation in Laurentina, that, to the north, borders Brésil, West with Chile, East with the Atlantic Ocean, and north west with Peru.


Pre-Colonial Times

Argentine was inhabitated by a numerous amount of native tribes, with thrawling settlements, Many natives fought with each other, or just stayed at peace with each other. There were many different kinds of natives, of different tribes, and races from different corners of the continent. Many native tribes before European Colonization were wiped out by dieses, with few remaining today.

Arrival of the French

French Ships were first spotted by curious natives who at first were looking for some food on the coast, but with the discovery of the incoming French ships, the natives were quickly put off track, and were in awe with what seemed to them as Alien space ships. The French soon landed on the shores of argentine, and at first began friendly relations with the natives, but as time progressed, and more French settlements were created and expanded, and desease spread, the natives began to shrink in population. Soon, hundreds of tribes went extinct, children died in their mother’s womb, along with the mother, and suddenly, the remaining tribes, who now were incredibly small, some having no less then 50 survivors of this pandemic, found themselves as the new dominate powers in the region, as their rivals and other powerful tribes had suddenly disappeared. This sudden shift in power caused chaos through the native world, and French prospered from this. The French pitted Natives against natives, and were the main cause for the break down of native tribes and clans throughout the region, and soon took most of the former native territory.

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