Kingdom of Arles
Royaume d'Arles
Timeline: Merveilles du Monde (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Provence
Flag Coat of Arms
National Flag of the Kingdom of Arles Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Cannes, Toulon, Gap, Aix-en-Provence, Digne
French, Italian, Latin
  others Spanish, Swiss, Various others
Religion Roman Catholicism
Legislature Kingdom
King King Lucas VI
  Royal house: House of Bruce-Anjou
Independence from Holy Roman Empire
  declared 1309
Currency Arlean Franc

The Kingdom of Arles is a state that occupies the region of Provence in OTL France. The Kindgom was declared in 1309. It has a medium sized army and a large Navy.

Miltary History

The Wars against France

In 1405, Arles was called into the war by its allies, the Kingdom of Scotland and the Duchy of Burgundy. It was largely inactive during the war except in 1419, where it sent 15,000 troops to help defend Scottish owned Auvergne against the French and in 1421, where it sent 10,000 troops to attack the south of Dauphine, and 10,000 more troops from Auvergne to attack Dauphine from the north. They were also supported by 4000 Icelandic troops. The attack succeeded and they occupied Dauphine, Which was major in helping the French and Burgundian parties to secure peace in 1423.

Saint Georges War

In 1429, Arles seeked to expand their lands in the Italian Peninsula. The Chance came during Saint Georges War, when Florence, Modena and Monterfrat attacked the state of Milan. Arles joined the war in 1430 on Florence's side. With an army of 9000, Arles attacked the town of Celle Ligure. Suprisingly, the Milanese defenders managed to repel the attack. The next year, William VI gathered another army, this time numbering 14,000, and attacked Celle Ligure, together with blockade of the navy. The attack succeded and Milanese troops fled away to Milan itself, allowing Arles to take control of the Towns of Celle Ligure and Sant'Amborgio until the end of the war.

The Rebellion of Nableau and Tatchslon

In 1426, Nableau and Tatchslon was one of the several people unhappy with Arles' peace with France, thinking that the King William VI is weak. There was also brewing discontent with the pope. As a result, They decided to rebel. They slowly marched round the country, steadily gathering troops and protesters. 10,000 troops were sent to quell the rebellion, but the protesters lashed out at the troops, seriously injuring two. King William VI was angered by this and sent assassins to kill them. Tatchslon was killed by poison but Nableau escaped to France. Current situations are unknown. This rebellion caused instability in Arles for a few years but it was solved by 1430.

Arlean Contribution to the Barbary Crusade

Arles was one of the most avid supporters of the Barbary Crusade. In 1430, 9000 troops were sent to Tripolitania to help out. In 1431, another 1500 were sent and in 1432, another 6000 troops are sent. After the disastrous battle at Sabratah, Arlean troops were evacuated back to Arles. The Arlean Economy was severely damaged and it took several years to go back to prewar levels.

The Italian Campaigns

Arles-Modenan War

African Colonisation of the 15th century

  • Nouvelle Digne
  • Desért Parle
  • Lirviti (Given to the Celtic Confederacy in the Treaty of Lirviti)
  • Robertos
  • Lucasievi
  • Chancere
  • Nouvelle Hope
  • Endroit Chanceux

Conquered Regions (Europe)

  • Monaco (Vassal since 1431)
  • Saluzzo (Conquered 1442)
  • Asti (Vassal since 1464)
  • Pisa (Puppet since 1459)
  • Noli (Conquered 1469)


Name Date of Reign Reason for Death Notes/Achievements
William VI 'The Great' 1384-1449 (Reigned 1403-1449) Old age, illness Oversaw the Reformation of 1420-1440, Started the Italian Campaigns.
Robert II "The Willing" 1406-1466 (Reigned 1449-1466) Prostate Cancer, Shock of losing wife First colonization of Western Sahara, puppeted Pisa
Lucas I "The Conqueror" 1432- 1497 (Reigned 1466-1475) (Abdicated) (Great Protector 1475-1485) (Co-Monarch 1485-1497) Old Age Conquered Noli, Defeated Modena, Led Arles in the War of the Spider's Web.
Queen Aline "The Calm" 1461-1531 (Reigned alone 1475-1485) (Co-Monarch 1485-1497) United Burgundy and Arles (For a period of Time), Led Arles in the War of the Spider's Web
Lucas II 1475-1544 (Reigned 1497-1544) Reunited Burgundy and Arles
Louis II 1514- (Reigned 1544-)

Foreign Relations

Positive() Relations

Neutral() Relations

  • Hasfid Caliphate: Former enemies, currently has trade deal.
  • Kingdom of Portugal: Colonial enemies, relations improving, sent troops during our call to arms

Negative () Relations

  • Kingdom of France: Natural enemies
  • Kingdom of Modena: Territorial Enemies
  • Republic of Florence: Traitors (Look at Kingdom of Bohemia)
  • Kingdom of Bavaria: Traitors (Look at Kingdom of Bohemia)
  • Kingdom of Bohemia: Fake emperor, greedy nation, declared war on my brother the Swiss.


25,000 Arleans

5000 Monacans

9000 Saluzzoans

10,000 Asti

7000 Noli

14,000 Pisans

Total: 70,000

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