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National Armed Forces of Maine
Armed Forces Of Maine (English)
Forces armées du Maine (French)
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Headquarters: Camp Key, Augusta, Maine
Commander: President of the Maine
Branches: Army, Air Force, Navy,
Active personnel: 250,000 (1990)
Reserve personnel: 50,000 (1990)
Founded in: November 8th, 1962
Reorganized in : 1962 From The Maine Army And Air National Guards Into The Maine National Air Force And The Maine National Army
Ages qualified for service: 18-58
Available for service: 300,000
Domestic suppliers: General Dynamics, Bushmaster, Jason and Karl Firearms (J&K Firearms) and HDS Firearms

Maine’s military is the most standardized, professional, elite, and technologically advanced military remaining on the East Coast of the Former United States. Thus it is Maine’s tool of choice to expand its influence and trade routes in the area, an example of this is the Fur War between Kent-Lambton and the Kingdom of Owen in which Maine Special Forces disguised as Kent-Lambton Soldiers managed to greatly turn the tide of the war in Kent-Lambton. The war's end result was a Kent-Lambton Victory but due to Owen’s sheer numbers they could not gain the much land and only managed to push 13 miles into Owenite Territory over a course of 4 years due to the war devolving into World War 1 like trench warfare with it becoming an unbreakable stalemate between the two sides at the border between Kent-Lambton and the Kingdom of Owen until Maine Forces arrived. However Maine has a primarily strictly defensive attitude towards combat especially when on their home Turf. But, this doesn’t mean they do not have offensive capabilities.

Maine National Defence Army (MNDA)

Maine Army
Founded November 8th, 1962
Country Maine
Allegiance President of Maine or Congress depending on Situation

The Maine Army acts as Maine's military and if called upon by the President in case of Martial Law as Law Enforcemen. The army has 150,000 Soldiers at its disposal along with 1,000 Trucks or Cars, 500 Armored Personnel Carriers, 250 pieces of artillery, 100 Tanks, and 50 Helicopters. However all of these vehicles well few in number are highly advanced and of very good quality. But, they needed ammunition and weapons like any Army. However there was a severe lack of any Industrial Complexes that had the capability to produce Tanks, Aircraft, or Mass Produce Ammo and Guns. This fact was both a curse and blessing as the lack of any of these weapon producing facilities Maine was spared from any nuclear detonations, But it also meant that Maine had a very limited stockpile of Ammo and Weapons with no way to replenish this stockpile. However in late 1963 the Maine Department of Defense invest 20,000,000 dollars into building the Auburn-Lewiston Industrial Complex which was the most massive dual purpose Industrial Complex in Maine. It contained 6 separate Industrial areas thus it could produce ammo, guns, tanks, planes, explosives, and it also had its own dedicated steel mill to reduce the need for steel to be Imported from other nations. However almost ALL of the military's firearms that aren't old US military firearms are designed and produced by Jason & Karl Firearms, they are also known as just Jason & Karl or J&K.

Small Arms

Model Origin In Service Remarks
Handguns and Pistols
Colt M1911 USA 1962-1972 Was Standard Issue Sidearm Until 1982
J&K Komal-82 Maine 1972-Present Day Standard Issue Sidearm And Similar To A Glock-18
Submachine Guns
J&K/H&K HK MP5 Maine/Germany 1964-Present Day Standard Issue Submachine Gun To Special Forces and Naval Infantry Due To Its Small Size. Also It Was The Result Of Continued Development Of The MP5 Prototypes By J&K
J&K CAR-15 Commando Maine 1964-Present Day This Was The General Purpose And Standard Issue Submachine Gun For All Branches Of Maine’s Military. Also It Was The Result Of Continued Development Of The Colt M16 Series By J&K
Assault Rifles
Colt M16 USA 1962-1972 Standard Issue Assault Rifle To All Infantrymen Until 1972
H&J M4 Maine 1972-Present Day Is The Current Standard Issue Assault Rifle To Infantrymen
Sniper Rifles
Remington Model 700 USA 1962-Present Day Was The Standard Issue Sniper Rifle For Maine’s Military Until 1972 When It Was Retired. However Due To Its Reliability, Good Rate Of Fire, Accuracy, And How Cheap It Was To Produce, The Rifle Continued Its Service With Local Police And Militias.
J&K Timberwolf-S80 50cal Maine 1980-Present Day One Of Advanced Weapons In Maine's Arsenal It Is Used A Dual Purpose Rifle. It Used As An Anti-Vehicle Rifle, Anti-Armored Vehicle Rifle, Anti-Materiel Rifle, Anti-Heavily Armed Personnel Rifle, And As A Normal Anti-Personnel Sniper Rifle.
J&K Grizzly MR1 Maine 1972-Present Day Designed By J&K As A Replacement For The Remington Model 700 Which Was Quickly Becoming Outdated As They Statrted To Be Mass Produced By Niagara Which Was Attempting To Modernize Its Navy And Army To Be A Force Which Could Contend With The Likes Of Maine's Elite Battle Hardened And Modern Military. With Campaigns Against Bandits, Rogue U.S. military Units Turned Raiders, and Newport Which They Frequently Skirmsh Over Trade Routes With.
Machine Gun
Grenades, and Rocket Launchers

Maine National Air Force (MNAF)

Maine Air Force
Founded November 8th, 1962
Country Maine
Allegiance President of Maine or Congress depending on Situation

All planes in Maine's Air force are previous USAF planes except for the H-18 Hornet and the H-14 Wasp both of which are fighter jets designed by Maine in the Late 80s to replace their outdated USAF planes from the 1960s. Because of this Maine became the first American State to develop a Second Generation Fighter Jet with the USP developing copies of the H-18 and H-14 called the F-14 and F-15 less than a week later. However, the USP did pay Maine for the Fighter Jet plans and permission to build their own H-14s and H-18s.

Maine National Maritime Navy (MNMN)

Maine Navy
Founded November 8th, 1962
Country Maine
Allegiance President of Maine or Congress depending on Situation

The Maine Navy is the military and civilian police naval force of the country, being used for naval military actions and to police Maine's territorial waters. The navy has 1 aircraft carrier, 2 cruisers, 4 destroyers, 2 submarines, 2 anti-submarine warfare ships, and 4 supply/oil/ammo ships along with a variety of aircraft. It's navy is completely inherited from the U.S. Navy except for 1 Submarine, 1 Cruiser, 2 Destroyers, And 2 Supply Ships which were all built at Bath Iron Works under contract from the Maine Department of Defense or at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Also because of Maine's impressive pre-war naval shipyards at Bath Iron Works and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard it has become the primary producer of quality civilian and military naval vessels due to Norfolk and the majority of other shipyards on the east coast. Thus Bath Iron Works has seen massive expansion employing 6,000 people and increased the amount of dry-docks at the shipyard from 4 to 8 dry-docks allowing them to work on 8 ships at a time. However this expansion wouldn't have been possible had they not received major funding from Maine's Department of Defense as part of their contract.

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