Armed Forces of Xinjiang
Qоралли́ Кüчлер Схинянг
Xinjiang armed forces
Service branches Land Army
Air Force
Headquarters Ürümqi, East Turkestan
Commander-in-Chief Presdent Shohrat Zakir
Minister of Defense General of the Army Abdullah Hadad
Active personnel 56,673
Reserve personnel 103,454
Deployed personnel 3,454 (border areas)
Budget $7.3 billion USD
Percent of GDP 12%
Foreign suppliers Flag of the Union State Soviet Union
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Germany Germany
The Armed Forces of Xinjiang (Uyghur: Qоралли́ Кüчлер Схинянг, Russian: Вооруженные силы Синьцзяна, Chinese: 新疆武装力量) is the armed wing of the East Turkestani government. It is currently divided into the Land Army and the Air Force.

The armed forces were formed from the remnants of the Soviet Red Army in the Uyghur SSR. The weaponry of the armed forces of Xinjiang is rather outdated, and from the Cold War. In 2011, the East Turkestani government received its first shipments of new AKM rifles and artillery pieces from the Soviet Union. Military spending in Xinjiang is estimated to be at approximately $7.3 billion USD.

In 2014, with the election of Shohrat Zakir, the East Turkestani government started to make serious efforts to improve Xinjiang's military forces, increasing the country's military spending to $4.5 billion USD. The government purchased an unreported amount of T-72 tanks from the Soviet Union, and well as 5,500 new AKM rifles.

In addition, the Zakir Administration saw the country's first use of nuclear material for testing. This had alerted both Soviet and Chinese military and defence authorities. Zakir had warned global leaders, "This is our country, and we, have the right to possess nuclear weapons".

East Turkestani military intelligence spotted both Soviet and Chinese forces amassing near Xinjiang's border regions, however, the leaders of the Xinjiang military received assurances from Soviet and Chinese military leaders that their forces were amassing for defensive efforts.

Zakir publicly announced, "To the Soviets and the Chinese, we see you. We know you're there. Send all the forces you'd like, nobody's gonna invade any of you."

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