Armed Forces of the Eurekan Federal Republic
Founded February 14,1855
Current form Australian Republican Forces
Disbanded August 7, 1859
Service branches Eurekan Reform Army

Eurekan Reform Navy

Eurekan Marine Corps

Eurekan Militia

Headquarters Melbourne, Lalourland Australia
Commander-in-Chief James Forrester
General-in-Chief Ryder B. Carbone
Military age 18-35 (1855)

17-60 (1856)

Conscription 1856 Conscription Act
Active personnel 260'000-390'000
Reserve personnel 20'000-60'000
Deployed personnel 260'000-390'000
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The Eurekan Republican Armed Forces are the military forces of the Eurekan Federal Republic. It consists of the Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

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