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During World War II, Weapons where manufactured in the millions. Manufacturing of weapons increased as the Cold War set in, with both sides trying to outdue the othe . When Doomsday struck, hundreds of Arms manufacturing factories and corporations were wiped out, but more then enough survived. Arms became almost important as food after Doomsday, due to gangs and civil unrest. Today arms continue to be manufactured, with many used for Border security, peace keeping, and Military Polices.

North America

Virginian Republic

  • Winchester- rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammunition, shooting accessories


Celtic Alliance

  • Celtic Firearms: Assault rifles, machine guns, etc


  • Heckler and Koch carbines, assault rifles, etc
  • Walther Handguns

Cleveland and Northumbria

Longbows and crossbows made at several bowyer firms set up after DD, main company is Stephenson and sons in Harrogate, Yorkshire, Cleveland.

Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics

  • Mikoyan-and-Gurevich Design Bureau: Airplanes and aerial defense (State owned)
  • Sukhoi: Airplanes and aerial defense (State owned)

Kingdom of Macedonia

  • Zastava Arms: Handguns, assault rifles, machine guns
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