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Timeline: Cold Phoney War

Führer of the Third Reich
March 1980 – December 1980

Predecessor Baldur von Schirach
Successor Otto van Frächer
Born February 18, 1913
Died October 24, 1996

Arthur Axmann (February 18, 1913 - October 24, 1996) was a prominent NSDAP member and short ruling Führer.

Axmann was born in Hagen on February 18, 1913; he became a member of the Hitler Youth administration in 1932 and was made "Reichsjugendführer" ("Reich youth leader") on August 8, 1940 after serving as a soldier at the western front in World War II in 1939/1940. In 1944, he was awarded the German Order for his services to the Reich.

From the 1950's Axmann made quick name in the party, working up from Reichsjugendführer until 1953 and Prime minister of Prussia in 1965.

In March 1980 Axmann became Führer. When he came to power Nazi-Germany was in state of Civil War.

December 1980 he was forced to resign after strong opposition in the NSDAP about his leadership. Axmann would be the last of the 'old' Nazis (leaders out of the SS and Hitlerjugend) on the position of Führer. He would only have been Führer for nine months.