State of Aryavarta
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Mughal Empire
Flag1535DelhiRaj 1526-
Flag of Aryavarta from 1535
The State of Aryavarta (in violet) in 1632.
(and largest city)
Other cities Indraprasth (Delhi), Paradwip, Ujjain, Gaya, Pushkalavati, Kathmandu, Vishakapatnam
Official languages Sanskrit, Magadhi, Hindi
Regional Languages Pashtun, Telugu, Himachali, Uttari
Religion Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism
Demonym Aryan
Government Oligarchy
 -  Prime Minister Jai Singh
 -  Revolt against the Delhi Sultanate 1520-1526 
 -  Delhi Raj established 1526 
 -  1632 estimate 62,000,000 
Currency Rupee

The Empire of Aryavarta is an Elective Monarchy in South Asia Aryavarta has a population of around 80 million. Aryavarta borders the Bahmanid Sultanate, the Gurkani Sultanate, the Yong dynasty and the Chagatai Khanate.


The country is divided into provinces. The governors (Rajpal) of these provinces, the ministers (Mantri),the chief minister (Mukhya Mantri),the prime minister, the head of the police (MahaKotpal) and the head of the army (Mukhya Senapati) constitute the State Council (Rajya Parishad). There are 7 departments - State Records (Rashtra Abhilekha Vibhag) Accounts(Akshatpatal Vibhag), Military(Samrik Vibhag), Administrative Service (Prashasan Seva Vibhag), Police (Kotpal Vibhag), Postal Service (Rashtra Dak Seva Vibhag) and Rashtra Nirman Vibhag (National Development). These departments are answerable to the king and are housed in the Rajya Parishad Sadan, Patliputra. These departments are headed by ministers. The head of each province is a governor (Rajpal). The rules laid down in the Arthashastra for the recruitment of state officials is followed.


Foreign Relations

Official Allies

  • Punjab Confederacy

Good Relations

  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of Burgundy

Neutral Relations

Tense Relations

Official Enemies


  • State of Telangana

Information for Algorithms

  • Economic Tier - Tier IV
  • Tech Tier- Tier IV
  • Government - Elective Monarchy
  • Max Army Size - 0.15 (Non-Feudal Elective Monarchy)
  • Max Navy Size - 0.00003 (Normal Nation)

Demographics of Aryavarta


Aryavarta is dived into 6 provinces (Janpads). Clockwise from left- Uttar Janpad, Himachal Janpad, Magadh Janpad, Dakshin Magadh Janpad, Awadh Janpad and Indraprastha Janpad.
  • Uttar Janpad- Capital Pushkalavati (Peshawar)
  • Himachal Janpad- Capital Kathmandu
  • Magadh Janpad- Capital Gaya
  • Dakshin Magadh Janpad- Capital Paradeep
  • Awadh Janpad- Capital Lakhnau (Lucknow)
  • Indraprasth Janpad- Capital Indraprasth (Delhi)


There are 3 official languages at the national level namely Sanskrit, Hindi and Magadhi. Of these Hindi is the dedicated lingua franca of the nation.

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