Asdis I
Asdis I
Queen of Vinland
Reign 3rd May, 1142 - 12th October 1142
Predecessor Hafdis II
Successor Iofridr
Born 21st November, 1122
Hvilirábey, Vinland
Died 1st October 1142
Isafjordhur, Vinland
Spouse Sverre Jónsson
Issue Tróndur Sverresson

unnamed daughter

Full name
Asdis I Osvífrsdottír
House Eriksdottír
Father Osvífr Bjornsson
Mother Snaedis I Gunnarsdottír

Vinland's shortest reigning queen, Asdis I, was the third daughter of Snaedis I and younger sister to the twins Hafdis II of Vinland and Elisiv of Álengiamark.

Despite reigning for only five months Asdis I's rule was surprisingly turbulent. The relationship between the Earls of Beothuk and Kyreyja had broken down over the winter and armed bands from either side were marauding. The dispute was centered on the Malasteínyjar which Kyreyjan farmers had claimed and settled as part of the 'great expansion' only to abandon them once more after storms wrecked their farms. Skraelings from Beothuk meanwhile had occupied the ruined farms and used them as bases for walrus hunting. When news of this got back to the Earl, he demanded tribute, which was refused - the Skraelings' only fealty lay with Beothuk whose Earl claimed tribute from all Skraelings no matter where they resided. This feud began to poison the functioning of the Althing until Asdis stepped in and forced through a compromise. She handed the Malasteínyjar to Beothuk while insisting that all Skraelings obey and pledge fealty to the local lords rather than Beothuk.

Asdis died in childbirth in October 1142 though the rumour that the she had been poisoned by a faction close to the Earl of Kyreyja was widely believed and in August 1145 the Earl and his closest liege lords were forced to deny all involvement in front of the Bishop of Vinland and the Althing.

She was succeeded by her niece, the 3 year old Iofridr.

Early Eiriksdottír Family Tree

Eriksdottir Family Tree (The Kalmar Union).png

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