Alternative History
Ashes to Ashes

Across Europe there has been a storm of metal and fire. When the dawn broke after the long night we saw a road of ashes laid their way east to west. All of the humanity, time and space laid waste. In the end both aggressor and victim were engulfed. As all nights do, this night ended with a burst of light - The Midnight Sun. The Midnight Sun - I think she is the destroyer and the savior of men, the destroyer of some, the savior of others. Let us hope we don't invite her to dawn on us all.

-A soldier's memoir

Not always being considered, the prospect of a successful German surge against the heart of the Soviet Union did not die with the failed siege of Moscow in the winter of 1941. Such opportunities dwindled as the Eastern Front continued.

Here in this alternate timeline we experiment with Stalingrad, the most brutal siege of all recorded history. Lasting approximately five months in our timeline, Stalingrad could have very well crumbled, demolishing a strategic barrier to German offensive and a symbol to the young Soviet State .This event was still possible considering the blockade still held in the first weeks of 1942 in our timeline.

Point of Divergence[]

Lets Imagine the Soviet counteroffensives in January 1942 are ineffective in opening any way to the city, continuing to leave the city alone and starved. Under from weakness of starvation more than the strength of the German Attack Leningrad was completely overrun. The Soviet Red Army never recovers, and the Reich looks ever closer to finally accomplishing its goals of living space. The world is on the verge of being remodeled into something completely new and unrecognizable.

The war will wage on for many more years

Welcome to ashes and ashes smell the sulfur and burning across Europe, indeed the broken cities and dreams of its people.

Brief Timeline