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The largest continent, Asia is dominated by huge empires with the Caliphate in the West, China and Japan in the East, Vladimir in the North and the various semi-allied states of India in the South. European presence is limited to small island holdings in the South-East.

Asian Nations
Country Capital Flag Current Head of State
Afghanistan Kabul Flag of Afghanistan (The Kalmar Union).svg King Mohammed Sher Khan
Byzantine Empire Constantinople Flag of Byzantium (The Kalmar Union).svg Emperor Ivan XIV
Bukhara 23px Khan
Brunei Bandar Flag of Brunei (The Kalmar Union) Sultan
The Caliphate Baghdad Flag of Cyrenaica Caliph Al-Mustakfi IV
Chinese Empire Beijing Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Emperor Yongye
Federated States of Luconia Iloilo Flag of FSLuconia (The Kalmar Union) President Kuh Tansiongco
Japanese Empire Tokyo Flag of Japan Emperor Akishino
Kelantan Kota Nharu Flag of Kelantan Sultan Ahmad II
Khoqand Tashkent Bandera de Kokand Shah Khudayar Khan
Kotte Kotte Flag of Kotte King Parâkramabâhu XVI
Malacca Malacca City Malacca Sultan Mansur III Shah
Mughal Empire (India)* Delhi Flag of the Maratha Empire
Nakhchiva Nakhchiva Flag of Nakhchiva (The Kalmar Union) Rahim Qoli III Khan.
Pahang Kuantan Flag of Pahang
Perak Kuala Kangsar Flag of Perak Sultan Yusuf III
Pulo Condur (The Kalmar Union/Viet Nam) Conlon Flag of Pulo Condur (The Kalmar Union) Emperor Duy Thuan
Singapore (UKN) Singapore Flag of Singapore (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Charlotta
Talyshstan Lankaran Red flag Khan Mirza Shafi
Tondo Maynila Flag of Tondo (The Kalmar Union) Queen Regent Kalangitan II
Sultanate of Turkiye Pazar Flag of Turkiye (Kalmar Union).svg Sultan Kayka'us IX
Viet Nam Hue Early Nguyen Dynasty Flag Emperor Duy Thuan
Vladimir Vladimir Flag of Vladimir (The Kalmar Union).svg Grand Prince Simeon III

Numerous other half-recognised nations lie in the more lawless gaps between the great empires. See also Transcaucasia.

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