Asian World War (Awgustоwsky putsh)
Part of Cold War
Date 2 May 1950-present
Location China, Indochina, South Asia, Arab world, North Africa and Iran
Result ongoing
Flag of Vietnam SRV

Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955 Vietminh
Flag of Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic
Flag of Laos Pathet Lao
Flag of the Soviet Union CPT
Flag of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan PDPA (1978)
Flag of the Soviet Union USSR
Flag of Afghanistan (1987–1992) DRA

Flag of India India
Flag of the People's Republic of China PRC

Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh

BRA flag LeB
Flag of North Korea DPRK
Flag of Somalia Somali Democratic Republic
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea DK (1975-1979)
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea CGDK (1982-1993)
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea PGNUNSC (1994-1998)
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea Khmer Rouge
22px Ba'athist Alliance:

Flag of Afghanistan (1987–1992) DRA

BRA flag LeB
Flag of Kurdistan Kurds:

Supported by:
Flag of Albania (1946-1992) RPSSH
Warsaw Pact Logo Warsaw Pact
Flag of Comecon Comecon

Flag of Afghanistan (1974–1978) Republic of Afghanistan (1978)

Flag of the 1979 Herat Uprising Army mutineers (1978-1979)
Flag of Jihad Mujahideen (1979-1992)
Flag of Afghanistan Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (from 2001)
Flag of NATO Nato

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Sikh Kashmir JKLF
Flag of Turkistan Islamic Party Turkistan Islamic Party
Flag of Thailand Thailand
Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Flag of South Korea (1984-1997) South Korea
Flag of Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia (before 1970)
Flag of the Khmer Republic Khmer Republic (1970-1975)
Flag of South Vietnam South Vietnam
Flag of Laos (1952-1975) Kingdom of Laos (before 1975)
Flag of Laos (1952-1975) RLGE
Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan

Flag of the Arab League Arab League:

Flag of Israel Israel
State Flag of Iran (1964-1980) Government in exile of the Imperial State of Iran

Supported by:
Flag of Europe EU

Flag of the Islamic Alliance (AP) Islamic Alliance

Flag of Iran Iran
Afghan 20 Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Flag of Jihad al-Qaeda

Flag of the Muslim Brotherhood (2) Muslim Brotherhood

Flag of Lebanese opposition Lebanese opposition

Flag of th IRY IRY

Flag of Somaliland Somaliland
Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan Region (before 1991)