Alternative History
Asthurdur I
Asthurdur I
Queen of Álengiamark
Reign 3rd November, 1184 - April, 1188
Predecessor Thorey I
Successor Elin II
Born March? 1181
Died April 1188
Full name
Asthudur Eirikursdottír
House Eiriksdottír
Father Eirikur Thorininsson
Mother Kolbrún Olafsdottír

A tragedy for the country. A tragedy for the child. - Heitdís Reventlow, Matriarchy (1826)

The reign of Asthurdur I is sometimes regarded as the absolute nadir of early Álengsk politics. She herself does not however appear in the annuls, it is the misdeeds of her father and 'protector', Earl Eirikur of Sudervik which loom large.

During the middle stages of the Álengsk Civil War Sudervik turned against Langaeyjar disputing the rights he had given to various towns. This ended in the Battle of St. Hafdiss which effectively ousted Thorey I, who went into exile, and left Sudervik positioning his own daughter on to the throne.

Apparently three years old at the time of her coronation†, Asthurdur, was accepted by the Althing under duress. Her father made himself Protector at her proclamation and all of his future dealings would be made under her name. However Álengsk power was hopelessly divided and Sudervik would be forced into a succession of battles and sieges. This narrowed his influence over a ever decreasing area and his attempts to correct the decline only made things worse. Sidelining the Althing he turned it into an irrelevance, preferring direct deals with the other earls. Then, in 1186 the brutal siege of Ekkifelduráskott, a previous ally, appeared to turn much opinion against him.

In April 1188 Asthurdur died. Contemporary sources and historians appear united in saying she was poisoned yet Sudervik had no shortage of enemies and identifying the culprit, if indeed it was murder, is a fool's errand. The accounts generally amplify the tragedy of her death, while her father remained very much alive. With the death of his only child what authority remained fell away. While he still attempted to cling to power the Earls of Quiripiland and Moheganland recalled the exiled Elin II and thereby brought a temporary close to the civil war.

Álengsk queens did not actually have coronation ceremonies until Thorey II's succession.