Republic of Astoria
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
83DD - AstoriaFlag2 Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
83DD - OregonMap
Location of Astoria (in Green)
(and largest city)
Language English
Demonym Astorian
Government Presidential Stratocracy
  legislature Senate
High Commander
Population 348,794 (2010 census)
Established April 7, 2006
Currency Dollar
The Republic of Astoria is a small nation composed of the northwest corner of the former American state of Oregon, and a small portion of the southwest corner of the former American state of Washington.



See: History of Oregon (1983: Doomsday)


Following the Beaverton Compact, many of the higher ranking National Guardsmen decided that the blame for their defeat by the Oregon Democracy Coalition lay with the governor. He was quickly ousted from power and exiled north into the wildlands of Washington State. Some of the more politically minded officers decided that if they wanted legitimacy in the face of foreign nations, they needed a stable and legal government in place. A council of higher ranking officers and trusted civilian advisors was gathered to draft a constitution for the new Republic of Astoria. The constitution enshrined the rights of the military as a higher class, ensuring that only military personnel may hold the highest public offices, but that those offices were democratically elected by the people.

Current Status

While its territory and infrastructure was not damaged to the extent of the Free State of Oregon during the Oregon Civil War, lack of skilled workers and resources slowed reconstruction efforts. A new capitol building known as the Citadel was constructed on the coast of the Columbia river in Astoria City, named for its fortified construction, fortress-like aesthetics, and its housing of military command. Astorian diplomats have made contact with the Commonwealth of Victoria, Municipal States of the Pacific, and Free State of Alaska. With expansion of Camp Rilea into a major air force base, the Astorian government is in discussion with Viking Air in Victoria to supply fixed-wing aircraft.



"The Citadel" on the coast of the Columbia river.


The government of Astoria is a Presidential Stratocracy, military rule in which the head of state is elected by the people.

High Commander

The High Commander is both the Head of State and Head of Government, he determines both foreign and domestic policy and is responsible for defense and other administrative duties. Only active military personnel or those who formerly served in the armed forces without being dishonorably discharged may run for High Commander. Candidates for High Commander are chosen by military personnel of the the registered political parties and then voted on by all citizens aged 18 and over.

General Council

The General Council is the legislative body of Astoria, it is so named because to be eligible to serve on the General Council, candidates must have attained the rank of General in their military service. The council is made up of 5 members, representatives from the 5 administrative districts of the nation. General Council members are elected democratically and candidates are appointed by registered political parties.

Civilian Advisory Council

The Civilian Advisory Council is an advisory body made up of elected civilian representatives. They advise both the High Commander and General council on domestic issues and may be delegated administrative duties, but they have no executive or legislative power.


There are currently 4 registered political parties in Astoria

  • Democratic Party - continuation of the pre-doomsday US political party
  • Republican Party - continuation of the pre-doomsday US political party
  • Civilian Rights Coalition - A single issue party devoted to amending the Astorian constitution allowing civilians to hold government office. Have not made many gains due to no party members having achieved the rank of General.
  • Oregon Unity Party - A single issue party devoted to reuniting Oregon under a single banner.

Current General Council seat makeup: 3 seats Democrat, 2 seats Republican.


While the single largest employer is the military, Agriculture and Forestry are the dominant industries in Astoria. The government is also fostering investment in arms manufacturing, offering tax breaks and subsidized construction costs for arms developers and manufacturers. This is hoped to make Astoria North America's most advanced weapons producer. Viking Air, based in Victoria City, Victoria were in talks to establish a rotary aircraft development and manufacturing center, but pressures from the Victorian government following the Astorian invasion of southern Washington have caused these talks to end.

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