What if in this AH, Albert Einstein never really became Jewish? Therefore in this timeline we can see Hitler never exiling him to America. With another world famous scientist in their hands, Nazi Germany, along with other scientists manage to develop its first nuclear weapon in 1941.

The Atomic Bombings

Hitler had successfully tested a nuclear weapon in the Libyan dessert, surprised by its success, Hitler ordered the production of over 100 nuclear bombs. His first target of course would be Russia, so on June 22nd, a bomber designed for carrying the bomb, dropped a 20 Kiloton Nuclear Bomb behind the Kremlin killing 80,000 people including Stalin and every minister of the Soviet government. Within hours after the blast, The USSR descends into turmoil.

On June 23rd, Another bomber dropped a bomb on Kiev, and the 24th of June saw Minsk being nuked and then Smolensk, Leningrad and Stalingrad killing a total of 200,000 people. On June 29th after the attacks, Hitler ordered the complete and utter destruction of Russia with a full on invasion force. A massive German front consisting of 4 million men swept through and into the Heart of Russia.

The Rest of the War

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