This is a scenario where the USSR defeated Germany on their own, while the USA fought Japan. One scenario of Operation Sealion

List of Nations (Atlantic Iron Curtain)

Map (Atlantic Iron Curtain)



  • Germany invades and captures Britain, the first successful cross-Channel invasion since 1066. Churchill and the Monarchy flee first to Iceland, then to Canada. Commonwealth troops fight on in Asia and Africa as Free British forces. Saudi Arabia joins the Allies.
  • September 11: Japan tries and fails to attack Pearl Harbor in response to oil sanctions. Germany does NOT declare war on the USA.
  • October 17: Georgy Zhukov orders his men to arrest Stalin, Molotov, Beria and other cronies for "criminal incompetence against the people", following the disastrous winter war with Finland. Zhukov then takes personal control of the situation and orders "Project Tunguska" to commence.


  • The USA has defeated Japan at Midway on March 11.
  • Germany unleashes Unternehmen Barbarossa on May 1, but the Soviets were more prepared for this. Despite their preparations, the German armies are almost to the gates of Moscow by October.
  • Zhukov orders Siberian and Transcaucasian reservists to defend Moscow. With the German equipment unusable in the winter cold, they are unable to stand against the Soviet offensive, and are forced to retreat.


  • Fall Blau, the drive through Stalingrad to Baku, is launched. However, the Russian weather kicks in, which Soviet propaganda capitalizes on, comparing Hitler to Napoleon Bonaparte, and Zhukov to Alexander Nevsky. The German armies reach Stalingrad, only to find it was abandoned by the Russians. Then Operation Little Saturn cuts off Army Group B, which is forced to break out, losing large amounts of equipment and men in the process.
  • The Soviet BI 1 Rocket Propelled fighter, the product of one of Zhukov's modenisation programmes, enters service. It is faster than any German equivalent except for the Me 162 Komet rocket fighter. However, the Komet is unreliable and only produced in small numbers, while the BI 1 can be produced on a massive scale.


  • Japan sues for peace after Manchuria and Southern Sakhalin fall to American/Chinese/Russian soldiers (in exchange for Lend-Lease and nuclear weapons components, Zhukov would allow US forces to pass through Russia to defeat Japan, and provide some troops to aid them in the fighting). This frees up more Russian soldiers to attack Germany.
  • Saudi Arabia forms a Pan-Islamic Federation "from Jerusalem to Delhi" with its capital in Riyadh. It immediately joins the Allies, and keeps Rommel busy for the rest of the war.
  • Operation Citadel, the attack on Kursk, is launched. The German armies, after a brutal three week struggle, capture Kursk; only for the twin Soviet offensives of Kutosov and Rumiantsev to trap the entire German strike force of 400,000 men in the Salient. A breakout attempt fails, and the troops surrender to Koniev's forces. The surrender guts the German Army on the Eastern Front.
  • After Citadel's failure, Zhukov authorizes Operation Neptune to commence, which takes the fight to the enemy. Now Germany is on the retreat.
  • The USSR's atomic programme surpasses Germany's.


  • Operation Bagration is launched on June 22nd, and it rips apart the line, with the new T-34/85 tank and the MiG-5 and La-5 plane. The German Ostfront army is shattered, and the Russian armies reach Warsaw, joining the Home Army to liberate the city.
  • Rommel suffers a major defeat at Mecca, where the PIF destroy much of his tanks and aircraft.
  • The PIF start their own nuclear weapons programme.


  • Auschwitz is liberated by Soviet soldiers, where they see the extent of the Nazi's evil.
  • Project Tunguska bears fruit in Siberia, and the USSR begin searching for a target.
  • The 20 KT "People's Fury" weapon hits Berlin on 8 August. Hitler is killed by the bomb. Zhukov releases a statement quoting the book of Revelation comparing Germany to Babylon.
  • Another "People's Fury" device was unleashed on Milan, incinerating Mussolini and knocking Italy out of the war.
  • A German aircraft takes off with a Diebner 5Kt Atom bomb to destroy Leningrad in a revenge attack. However, the bomber is shot down by Soviet fighter cover, and the bomb explodes in eastern Poland. Martin Bormann, who succeeded Hitler, continues the war.
  • Weimar and Hamburg are all hit simultaneously with nuclear weapons on August 12.
  • The Manhattan project also bears fruit.
  • Heydrich is caught and beheaded by PIF forces in Riyadh after Friday prayers.


  • Germany surrenders as Nuremberg and Dresden are simultaneously nuked on February 6, 1946. The war is over. Russian troops cross the Elbe river. By now, most of Germany is irradiated by the nuclear tennis.
  • Paris celebrates liberation at the hands of Soviet troops on March 29.
  • French Communists, aided by Soviet troops, take over Vichy-controlled Southern France in a coup.
  • Zhukov resigns after Germany's defeat, saying "My work is done. Fascism has been wiped off the face of the earth and the USSR is safe for now. We are forever in the USA's debt for their assistance in all this." Khrushchev is nominated by the politburo to be his successor. In his opening speech, Khrushchev blasts the USA for "Only focusing on one enemy while ignoring the other." This begins a cold war.
  • FDR dies of a cerebral hemorrhage on April 16. Zhukov is one of the official pallbearers. Truman, a vicious anti-communist, becomes US President.
  • The remaining Nazi inner circle stand trial in Moscow for war crimes and genocide. They all face a firing squad immediately after the sentence is passed.
  • Many Nazi criminals flee to Spain, where Franco gives them refuge.
  • The Red Army march through Belfast on July 12, effectively ending all Axis opposition to the USSR. Eire, somehow, has remained neutral in all this.
  • The PIF begin a crash-course industrialization programme, although they have no armaments industry and rely on American and Soviet weapons to outfit their army.


  • Winston Churchill, in exile in Canada, makes his most famous speech "An Iron Curtain has descended across the (Atlantic) Ocean. behind it, all the capitals of Europe; Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Warsaw, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, and London, now lie within the grasp of godless Communism. Russia now rules all of Europe, and the world had better take heed of my warning."


  • A Russian amphibious landing to the south of Cadiz is made. A Russian drive towards Seville is halted by Spanish troops.
  • The state of North Japan is established with Soviet backing. In response, the state of South Japan is established by the United States.
  • The State of Israel is created by Russia and America to house the remnants of Europe's Jews. Immediately, fighting breaks out with the PIF, though amazingly Israel weathers the storm. The PIF breaks off relations with the West, blaming them for the Israeli victories.


  • The Spanish surrender under the threat of a "People's Fury" device hitting Madrid. The Nazis are cornered after the US cut off Latin America.
  • The last Nazi war criminals are put on trial in London. They are all executed.



  • The Berlin Pact is formed. It finalises all Soviet nation and border alterations of pre-war Europe; and comprises all the European countries, except for Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and Monaco (which remain neutral); and Cyprus which is now occupied by the United States.


  • A space race begins after the Russians get Sputnik I into space.
  • The Japan War begins between North Japan and South Japan.


  • The PIF join the space race, with their plans for a satellite
  • Republican and former army commander Douglas MacArthur wins the US Presidency, with staunch anti-communist Joseph McCarthy as running mate.


  • The USA launch a satellite, Roosevelt I(in memory of FDR).
  • Leftist political organisations and newspapers within the United States are outlawed by Vice-President McCarthy's Un-American Act. This leads to Republican dominance of US politics until the 1990's


  • The wartime peace in China is shattered, with a three-way Civil War breaking out between Maoists, the KMT, and the Xinjiang Muslim Party.


  • World War 3 nearly starts when the USA send forces to help contain the Chinese civil war, when they are joined by the PIF and USSR. Hugh O'Neill, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ulster, eventually mediated the Belfast accords.


  • The PIF Get Ali-I into space, ironically on the first day of Ramadan. This scares the Americans and the Soviets, because they fear the ramifications of religious fanatics joining in on the space race.
  • The Soviets put a dog, Laika, into space. However, dog dies upon re-entering the atmosphere.


  • Sputnik II is launched into space by the Russian space team, headed by Von Braun. This scares the Americans, who don't know what to make of it. The satellite is used to map the Earth from space, relaying back the first completely accurate maps of the Earth.
  • Vice-President McCarthy dies of Alcohol-related illnesses. He is replaced by John Butler.


  • Zhukov sells his memoirs, The man who arrested God, which become a bestseller in the Berlin Pact and outside of it, even in America. This reveals the reason why Zhukov busted Stalin. They learn that Zhukov's wife and daughters were executed by the NKVD on Beria's orders. When Stalin refused to punish Beria, Zhukov then took matters into his own hands, thus beginning a coup d'etat that led to Stalin's downfall.


  • The Soviets put the first man into space. Yuri Gagarin, flying aboard Zhukov 1. He orbits the Earth twice before re-entry. During the flight, he says "I don't see God up here". This message is taken as a personal attack by the PIF and the Roman Catholic Church.



  • NASA attempts to put their first Astronaut, Alan Shepard, into space. However, the spacecraft, Hermes 2, explodes soon after launch.
  • Dwight Eisenhower wins the US Presidential Election, with Richard Nixon as Vice-President.
  • The Soviets put Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman, into space aboard Zhukov 2.


  • NASA finally manages to put astronaut John Herschel Glenn into space. However, the gesture is merely symbolic as Glenn does not even manage a full orbit of the Earth.


  • Alexey Leonov conducts the first space walk aboard Zhukov 6.



  • The Twelve Day War Between Israel and The PIF. Israel defeats the PIF.





  • The IRA begin an insurgency (they want to become part of Eire). The People's Police of Ulster begins to feel stretched.
  • Russia get the first men on the Moon. Three cosmonauts; Yuri Gagarin, Leonid Kuchma and Mikhail Gorbachev land in the Sea of Tranquility aboard Eos 3. Gagarin says that the crew's first steps on the Moon "are a sign of progress for all humanity".
  • Richard Nixon wins the United States Presidency, with George Wallace as Vice-President.


  • The IRA detonate bombs in Cardiff where the CPGB was meeting. The British People's Liberation Army is sent in.



  • A cargo ship bound for Ulster is caught by the Red Navy smuggling arms into Belfast. The CIA are confirmed as sending the cargo, this causes embarrassment in Washington.


  • After the IRA blow up Stormont, the Red Army are sent in to NI to deal with the insurgency.
  • On July 12, Bloody Sunday occurs in protest against the internment of IRA suspects. A group of Red Army soldiers fire into a crowd (apparently, they were given orders to shoot to kill by General Yuri Andropov)
  • In November, a Soviet backed coup takes place in Dublin. Eire's communist party takes power, and applies to join the Berlin Pact. This eventually leads to an end to IRA activities in Ulster.


  • The United States reach the moon a poor second. As the Americans are returning to Earth, the Russians send a second expedition. The two ships pass each other. This embarrasses the Nixon administration and gives more credence to people like Reagan.
  • Democrat Ronald Reagan is the first Democrat to win the presidency since Truman. He runs with John Kennedy as Vice-President.


  • Racial segregation is finally outlawed in the United States. Homosexuality is also no longer classed as a mental disorder. These are part of Reagan's more liberal reforms.



  • The Yom Kippur War takes place between Israel and the PIF.


  • Richard Nixon becomes the first US President to serve two non-consecutive terms since Grover Cleveland. He wins alongside Gerald Ford.






  • Dan Quayle wins the Presidency, with George Bush as running mate.


  • Former Vice-President George Wallace is assassinated in Birmingham, Alabama. He is denied a State Funeral due to his racist rhetoric.








  • Former Vice-President George Bush wins the Presidency alongside Scott Brown.





  • The PIF get a man on the Moon, which surprises both the Soviet Union and America. It is later revealed that the PIF had their own version of Operation Paperclip, and had secret agents in the American and Soviet space programmes.
  • Australia and several other Pacific, African and Scandinavian countries form the Non-aligned Movement




  • The fall of the Tokyo Wall and the collapse of Capitalism in East Asia.


  • North and South Japan officially unite into the People's Republic of Japan.


  • Democrat Ron Paul is elected President in response to feelings that the Republicans are making America lose the Cold War. He runs along side Bill Clinton.


  • Beginning of Paul's "Sunshine Policy" designed to end the Cold War. Both the US and USSR begin a slow dismantling of most of their nuclear stockpiles. The policy frightens the PIF, as they fear both Soviet and American foreign policy turning against them.



  • Free travel agreements are agreed between the Berlin Pact and OTA, and their allies. However, this results in a great exodus from South American countries to Europe and East Asia. Thus, the treaty is later adjusted, introducing immigration quotas.




  • September 11, PIF-backed terrorists crash passenger jets into the Moscow Kremlin, the Winter Palace in Leningrad and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
  • Start of Soviet-Islamic War. The Berlin Pact attack the PIF in Iran and Egypt. The PIF do not have the equipment and training of the Berlin Pact, so Tehran, Cairo, Alexandria and Basra have fallen by December. The PIF is divided in two.
  • The OTA begins sanctions against the PIF, as part of the "Sunshine Policy" agreements. America does not declare war as it fears possible terrorist repercussions.


  • By March, Beirut and Damascus fall to Turkish and Greek troops.
  • Baghdad, Kabul, Islamabad and Abu Dhabi are bombed nightly by Berlin Pact aircraft.
  • Communist insurgents, with Soviet aid, take power in Burma and Thailand.
  • PIF aircraft begin to bomb Istanbul, Ankara, Athens and Benghazi.
  • Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait and Syria; as well as large areas of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are Berlin Pact occupied.


  • Israel allies with the Berlin Pact in January.
  • Israeli and Berlin Pact troops occupy Jordan, Northern Arabia and western Iraq.
  • PIF aircraft also begin bombing Tel Aviv, Kathmandu and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Communist guerrillas are able to take power in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


  • India is invaded by Berlin Pact.
  • PIF forces are able to recapture large areas of the Iraqi desert lost to them.
  • In November, Riyadh, Mecca and Dubai have been captured by the Berlin Pact.
  • Democrat Joe Lieberman wins Presidency alongside running mate Mitt Romney.


  • Soviet Spetsnaz, aided by British SAS and Israeli Mossad, are able to capture the remaining PIF leadership, who were in hiding in Mumbai. The war is considered over, despite continued guerrilla actions throughout the occupied PIF.


  • The PIF is dismantled and replaced by a number of Soviet Satellite States. Islamist guerrillas continue to fight in the deserts of Arabia, and in the mountains of Iran and Afghanistan.
  • The PIF and terrorist leaders are put on trial in Kiev and are all executed.


  • New state of Kurdistan is admitted into the Berlin Pact.
  • In November; the remaining former PIF, along with other Soviet allies in South Asia and North Africa, are formed into the Tehran Pact. A military alliance based on the Berlin Pact. Like the Berlin Pact, it is under heavy Soviet influence.





  • The Berlin Pact recognises newly established Namibia, much to the horror of fascist South Africa.



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