Alternative History

Note: This is a continuation of the European Theater. The main reason of the continuation is because of the fact that Europe is now no longer a battlefield.

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After the British, American, and Canadian forces leave Britain for Germany to take they then flee to Erie where airfield are filled with planes, docks filled with warships, and towns filled with Allied soldiers and surprisingly the Irish are happy that they are in the war, now that they have some protection and have some Allies close to home. The Germans immediately annihilate the force that was left behind as the Germans conquer the island and prepare for the expected invasion of Erie. On February 13 the Nazis begin bombing Ireland everywhere as the precursor to the invasion. Ireland is burned to bits and they feel that they have been betrayed by the Allies as their country is being destroyed and when the ambassador talks to Churchill at a meeting between the two he says,"Why have you let us suffer?". Churchill simply replied, "It is not our fault. It is the war that has done this to you." After the meeting it becomes clear that Erie is not a good ally but it will not be abandoned. By St. Patrick's Day, the anniversary of the invasion of Britain, the Allies are in a grave situation as the Nazis are clearly preparing to invade the last Allied stronghold near Britain but the Allies make a grave mistake as they have forgotten about Iceland and Greenland. The Germans decide to invade Iceland and then attack Erie from all sides. On April 1 the Nazis launch a massive invasion of Iceland and within a few days of the attack the Allies flee the island as now the Nazis have supply lines cut off. The Allies now decide to lighten the force in Erie and begin evacuating the populace as an invasion is clearly on its way. After weeks of little combat, on May 2 the Axis invade Erie and quickly take the cities of Belfast and Dublin within hours of the first landings. By May 10, the Germans have taken all of the northern part of the island and have begun landings along the western and southern parts of the island. On May 25, the Germans capture the last of the "Emerald Isle" and the Germans immediately send troops to Iceland to prepare for their next targets,America. As the months go by, the Allies and Axis on both sides are preparing for the big fight and meanwhile Churchill, though in America, is supplying a resistance in Britain and by December a terrorist attack on the Nazis will happen in London. On September 10, the American, British, and Canadian naval fleets engage German U-boats near Newfoundland and this leads to increased fear in Allied nations as the war is getting closer to home. On December 31, when German troops are celebrating the new year in London, a terrorist attack occurs that obliterates much of the army's headquarters and after this, the Brits will never be treated the same again. Meanwhile FDR dies of a brain hemorrhage and Truman is immediately sworn in as President of the United States.


When the year comes along the world prepares for another year of terrible combat. In Britain, the people are treated like trash; even worse than people in other occupied nations but still not worse than the Jews(Since they are being killed in the Holocaust). In the United States, President Roosevelt is becoming more wary of fighting the war and holds a meeting with all of his cabinet members and Winston Churchill. A vote is made and narrowly the men in the room decide to keep fighting but it is ultimately under FDR's control. He decides to stay and fight and prepare for the worst. As for the nuclear program in America it has been stalled because of the attacks in Ireland and Britain and has now been resumed and should be complete by July. On May 5, the United States and Germany have their navies engage in a fierce that goes undecided when both sides have massive losses. The battle takes place near the island of Bermuda. In Germany, Hitler receives news that his nuclear program will be complete in August 1946. He decides he must begin an invasion of America so that he can end the war with a massive victory. His first decision is to invade Bermuda and make it a massive air, sea, and land base so the invasion of America can take place. Truman though notices that there is increased movement near Bermuda and he has troops, planes, and battleships to defend the island at all costs because he knows what will happen if Germany takes the island. Over the next five months the Germans prepare for a massive attack on Bermuda which will be a prelude to the invasion of America. On October 11 the Germans launch their invasion of Bermuda and are met with fierce resistance. The battle lasts for almost thirteen-weeks and both sides have casualties near the fifty-thousand mark. In the end the Germans are able to capture the island and the Allies prepare for their bloodiest battle yet. Again because of an invasion, the atom-bomb was held back on both sides but America completes in November and tests it in the Nevada desert as the Germans fall behind but Germany has had secret weapons hidden; V-1 and V-2 rockets along with jet fighters that were ahead of their time. The Americans don't know about this but they are just about prepared for anything. As the last weeks of the year wind down, both sides prepare for another long battle but this one will truly decide the fate of the world.


In the United States the public are scared and many flee to the heart of the country to prepare for the oncoming invasion. As for the government, it flees to St. Louis and sets up temporary headquarters there as they also are planning ahead. In Germany the army, navy, and air force are finishing preparations for the invasion of America also known as "Operation: Black Cross". Aircraft carriers come into the German navy for the first time and planes are quickly loaded as the Germans want the attack to start as soon as possible and get it over with quickly. In America, anti-aircraft guns are placed everywhere from Key West, Florida to Portland, Maine. The navy has ships all along the coast and planes at the ready no matter what our. The National Guard in each state is at the ready and the National Army, Air Force, and Navy are constantly ready for the invasion. America may be ready but can it withstand the might of the fist of Nazi Germany. As for America's A-Bomb it is finally complete and they are ready to use it at any moment. Then the invasion begins: At 6:00am on March 30, German bombers and planes begin bombarding American defenses and attacking American airfields and bombing American cities such as Washington, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, and Miami. Fifteen-minutes later German ships engage with American ships. Five minutes later the Americans are able to respond and dogfights irrupt in the skies. At 6:45am, German paratroopers land in Washington, Richmond, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, Charleston, Jacksonville, and Hartford. All paradrops are a success and as now the set-up for the actual invasion is ready. At around 7:39am the Germans have their transports offload nearly three million troops across the East Coast as the Americans are caught off guard fighting the already attacking Germans. About six hours later at 1:45pm much of the invaded areas of America have seen American troops retreating with high casualties that only grow by the minute. The day goes by exactly as the Americans retreat from a horrible defeat as the Nazi forces overrun much of the East Coast. Within the next three weeks everything east of the Appalachian Mountains are overrun. The Americans decide the A-Bomb must be used now. A group of volunteers who are willing to die will distract German troops in Atlanta where the heart of the southern part of the invasion is based. On April 29 the attack commences and a few hours after the attack an American Bomber carrying the A-Bomb drops it in the heart of Atlanta but the Germans were tipped by a saboteur and the attack only kills civilians that were left for dead. Five weeks after the A-Bomb failure the Germans are at the Mississippi River in Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois which causes the American government to flee to Denver, Colorado. The Americans give up at this point but the will of the soldiers don't want to surrender so more bloodshed occurs until on June 22 when America finally surrenders and the war comes to an end. A peace deal is made and signed by July 4 and the terms are as follows:

  • The American government along with the Canadian government will pay massive reparations to the German regime until all damages are paid for which at the rate the Germans want, it will still take until 2115 until all payments will be made.
  • Germany will keep all conquered lands (except in the United States) and America will remain out of European affairs unless asked to be involved by Germany.
  • America's army, navy, and air force will be limited to a certain amount.
  • And lastly Churchill must be handed over.

The Allies find these harsh terms and instead secretly help Churchill flee to Mexico where he will be semi-safe. They report that he has fled to Japan. The Germans are not trustworthy of the report and give up on the search for Winston Churchill within two weeks. Over the next few months the Americans try to rebuild and the Germans kill off their "enemies" as the world moves on to a three-way Cold War.