Alternative History
Commonwealth of Australia
Timeline: Puget Sound-1

OTL equivalent: Australia
Flag Seal
Flag National Emblem of Australia
Location of Australia
Location of Australia
Capital Canberra
Largest city Sydney
Other cities Melbourne, Darwin, Perth
Language English
Religion Varied
Ethnic Group 29.01% Australian, 0.45% Australian Aboriginal, 51.29% European (English, Irish, Scottish, German, Italian, others), 4.87% Asian, 8.04% Other, 6.33% Unstated
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  Legislature Parliament
Monarch Queen Elizabeth II
  Royal house: House of Windsor
Prime Minister Peter Garrett
Area 7,741,220 km²
Population 19,855,288 (2006 census) 
Established 1 January 1901
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1 January 1901
  recognized 1 January 1901
Currency Australian Pound (AUP)