Australia is the smallest inhabited continent, both in terms of size and by population. The main landmass is Australia itself. The interior is mostly scrubland and desert. The north and north-east coasts are ringed by rain forest. The next main island groups are the Maori Islands, mountainous, volcanic but with a mild climate. Spanning almost all of the Roasjoinn between Australia and Leifia/Tawantinland are countless smaller island chains and coral reefs, some barely above sea-level.

Historical Overview

The continent of Australia or Terra Australis Incognito was known to Chinese and Javan traders for centuries before its discovery in 1854 by Luxembourgoise explorers operating out of Singapore.

A full survey would wait for another three years when a Kalmar ship, the 'Nymark' circumnavigated the coast. Both Kalmar and Luxembourg claimed the land for their own and began to build coastal forts to back up the claims. The rapid militarisation of the continent threatened to lead to the outbreak of general war and also to the break up the Kalmar Union itself as its members squabbled about their individual claims.

The Australia Treaty of 1868 designated borders between the claims of Luxembourg, Denmark, Gothenland, Svealand. Both Aragon and Byzantine Empire were also confirmed with land as they had taken the opportunity given by the stand-off to capture and garrison their own regions. Also agreed was a portion of land to be governed by the native population.

The various Roasjoinn islands to the East of Australia are either sovereign nations in their own right or under control of various powers; either one of the main European powers, the Chinese or the Tawantinsuyu.


Australian Nations
No. on Map Country Capital Flag Current Head of State
1 Queen Isabellas Land (Aragon) New Cervera Flag of Queen Isabellas Land (Kalmar Union).svg King Peter VIII
2 New Brabant (United Netherlands) Sophiastad Flag of New Brabant (Kalmar Union).svg Queen Charlotta
3 Alawaland Wulagi Flag of Alawaland (Kalmar Union).svg Director Oodgeroo Yirrkala
4 Svealandic Australia (Svealand) Rebekkastadt Flag of Svealandic Australische (Kalmar Union).svg King Gustav IX
5 New Oland (Gothenland) Koskull Flag of New Oland (Kalmar Union).svg King John VII
6 Danish Australia (Denmark) Australskobing Flag of Danish Australische (Kalmar Union).svg King Christopher X
7 South Euboea (Byzantium) Alexanderoplis Flag of South Euboea (Kalmar Union).svg Emperor Ivan XIV
8 Kieta Arawa Flag of Kieta (The Kalmar Union).svg King Kabui II
9 Drehu Federation Noumea Flag of Drehu (Kalmar Union).svg
10 United Maori States Takapuna Flag of UMS (The Kalmar Union).svg Moka Kerehona
11 New Zeeland (United Netherlands) Elizabethstad Flag of New Zeeland (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Charlotta
12 Loaisa Islands (France) Louisville Flag of Loaisa Islands (The Kalmar Union).svg King Charles XIII
13 South Azores (Portugal) Yaren Flag of South Azores (The Kalmar Union).svg King Manuel IV
14 Svealandic Polynesia (Svealand) Funafuti Flag of Svealandic Polynesia (The Kalmar Union).svg King Gustav IX
15 Samoa Apia Flag of Samoa (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Lauaki
16 Viti Suva 23px King Seru
17 Tonga Nuku'alofa Flag of Tonga (The Kalmar Union).svg King Ha'ateiho II
18 Danish Polynesia (Denmark) Papeete Flag of Danish Polynesia (The Kalmar Union).svg King Christopher X
19 Frysian Polynesia (Fryslân) Tubuai Flag of Frysian Polynesia (Kalmar Union).svg Duke Stephan III

The Nations of Australia

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