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The Australian Brotherhood (AB) is a far-right white supremacist terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing the liberal government of ANZC and replacing it with a white ethnostate that would expel or exterminate all non-whites.



Australia and New Zealand were one of the few nations that survived the devastation and destruction caused by Doomsday despite Soviet nukes obliterating Perth, Melbourne and Sydney with millions of people dead or displaced. With a stable government in Canberra and the rapid growth of Brisbane and Adelaide as the country's largest cities, remnants of the former United States led by George W. Bush would reorganize there as the American Provisional Administration in 1984. Ever since the signing of the ANZUS Defense Pact, Australia-New Zealand has become an attractive destination for American refugees that left their former country after the bombs fell and it has the second largest population of the diaspora with 1.1 million residents behind only Mexico which has 3 million.

Originally most of the American immigrants to ANZC were Europeans that made up the bulk of the first wave in the 1980s and 1990s. In recent decades, more Africans, Asians, Chicano Hispanics, Jews and other groups have emigrated to the country becoming the largest source of foreign residents in Australia-New Zealand. These emigrants brought their culture here when they first arrived and formed ethnic enclaves known as Little Americas which were replicas of the pre-Doomsday United States complete with houses, streets, monuments and public areas modeled after destroyed cities and towns such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The government has signed numerous bills to support American expatriates in the form of free education and housing as well as declaring Fourth of July an official holiday but not all Australian-New Zealanders accepted them some were concerned that their increasing influence in the cultural and political landscape would be detrimental to the natives with non-European Americans in particular being seen as more prone to crime and poverty given their high disparities in those categories thus it led to the formation of various political parties such as One Nation led by Pauline Hanson ran on an restrictionist, ethno-nationalist platform and wanted to cut the flow of immigration in half. One Nation was the most successful nativist party winning numerous seats in Parliament under the slogan "Australia for the Australians" with most of its voter base coming from survivors of Doomsday and rural farmers that were not too happy at the sight of foreigners that brought a completely different culture and feared that it would overwhelm the country. Others however were not content with the One Nation Party preferring to launch an armed struggle against the ANZC government and a small group of individuals such as Jim Saleam and Graeme Campbell would form the Australian National Defence League (ANDL) in 1997 as a self-proclaimed "patriotic militia" that would often protest in Little American neighborhoods and Australian-New Zealander cities alongside other nativist organizations.

Overtime, the ANDL would secretly prepare for a race war that would not only take over Australia-New Zealand but install a one-party dictatorship that was modeled after Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany albeit without the anti-Semitism of the latter. The emergence of the Internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s helped the organization grow in terms of its membership and soon it opened more branches across the country. Most Australian-New Zealanders dismissed the group as nothing more than a bunch of racist blowhards that posed no threat whatsoever. In 2010, the ANDL renamed itself the Australian Brotherhood to emphasize that the nation was supposedly built off "Blood and Soil" and started to commence illicit activities such as money laundering and arms deals to fund its operations. It was only a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Blue Terror

During the 2016 ANZC general elections, the AB made its presence known to the public in a series of terrorist attacks that targeted non-white Americans. First, there was the Nerang shooting on February 6 when a 19 year old member named Cooper O'Harry shot up a Little America neighborhood with 20 dead (mostly expatriates) and 42 injured. Needless to say, nearly all of Australia-New Zealand was outraged at this act of terrorism and united together to fight racism whereas the Australian Brotherhood celebrated it online with an anonymous user praising O'Harry as "a hero for the white race today against the enemies we once swore to protect our own nation of Australia". Around this time, homophobia later became a major part of the organization's ideology alongside racism, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism (at least towards non-whites of American descent).

Another infamous incident of violence from the group was the Darwin bombing on May 10 which resulted in 30 people killed and 50 others injured in what was Australia-New Zealand's deadliest terrorist attack in decades. The perpetrator was a former Australian Marine named John K. Turner who was radicalized by the ideology of the Brotherhood and joined with Cain G. Morris, Vincent D. Miles and Peter Laun to detonate a bomb near the streets of Darwin which had American refugees. This incident would lead to the ANZC government to designate the Australian Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The next and most infamous act perpetrated by the Australian Brotherhood occurred in Auckland, New Zealand where 61 people were brutally murdered at two mosques with 52 severely injured. Grafton-born Henry Thomas was ultimately responsible for the incident and wrote a manifesto titled A Message to Australia decrying the supposed "demographic displacement" of Europeans worldwide and cited numerous terrorists as inspiration for the attack. Given that he used semi-automatic rifles with more than 10 rounds this led to Australia-New Zealand passing gun control legislation to prevent any incidents like Christchurch from ever happening again. But even the attacks wouldn't stop with another member Barry Masonburg attacking the American expatriate settlement of Texas resulting in the deaths of 24 people and 15 others injured on January 27, 2017. Masonburg would be interrogated by the police and given his schizophernia it took quite a while for him to admit his membership in the AB. More people would die in Franz Josef, Forster, Adelaide and Brisbane with over 130 people dead and 200 injuries between 2018 and 2019.


The Australian Brotherhood's fall came not from anti-terrorism campaigns but from a blogger named Louis Morrell otherwise known as "Grey Fox", an Australian born to an American expatriate, who went undercover posing as a person interested in joining the group. Thanks to his expert hacking skills, he was able to create an extensive dossier called "The Brotherhood Files" that showed the full extent of its membership with thousands in the ANZC military and one who was involved in child marriage as a result this would lead to massive arrests and the weakening of the group. The leaders of the organization, Jim Saleam and Graham Campbell would be arrested outside of their homes and fully reveal the true extent of the AB, this allowed ANZC police to arrest other members. Soon the Australian Brotherhood would fracture into various offshoots such as Antipodean Resistance and Rise Up Australia that would serve as successors to the organization but none came close to the widespread terror that spooked the nation.


The Australian Brotherhood are generally known to be racist and homophobic group that seeks to create a "racially pure" Australia-New Zealand which would be quote unquote "free of foreign influences". Some members of the organization are neo-Nazis and neo-fascists who believe that Jews were responsible for the decline of Western civilization and others even eschew Christianity altogether in favor of a twisted interpretation of Odinism. The organization is especially known for its hatred of Americans with the exception of whites whom they view as being descended from the same "Anglo-Celtic bloodline".

The organization's best known symbol was the Eureka flag, flown during an Australian miners rebellion of 1855 and commonly seen as a symbol of pre-Doomsday anti-monarchism. Because of the AB's notoriety, there are calls to ban the flag outright from most left-wing groups but most Australian-New Zealanders reject the idea given its historic importance and usage by non-racist organizations.


At its peak, the Australian Brotherhood had 11 branches in Australia and New Zealand with an estimated 900 and 2,000 members spread throughout the provinces of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, North Island and South Island. All of its members were White Australians although occasionally foreigners such as European Americans were accepted into its ranks.