Alternative History
The Austrian Empire
Official language German
Capital Vienna
Currency Krone

Austria is a former great power in Europe, once dominating Eastern Europe, until the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In 1890, in the last stages of the Third Global War, the Austro-Hungarian Empire fell apart into several nations. The Austro-Hungarian Emperor remained as Emperor of Austria, which consisted primarily of the German-speaking regions of the former Empire. Emperor Franz Joseph was assassinated in the chaos, and his brother Maximilian took the throne.

List of Emperors

  • 1804-1835 Francis
  • 1835-1848 Ferdinand
  • 1848-1890 Franz Joseph
  • 1890-1918 Maximilian
  • 1918-1938 Otto
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After the Anschluss in 1938 Austria split into two parts: One was the vassal state of Tirol and the other was the independent Republic of Carinthia (1938-1986)

List of presidents of the Republic of Carinthia

  • 1939-1945 Karl von Sielbach
  • 1945-1956 Klemens Biederman
  • 1956-1970 Dietmar Dubofsky
  • 1970-1984 Theodor Renner
  • 1984-19?? Karl v.Sielbach

In 1986 after the dissolution of the Third Reich and after confronting with a major economic crisis the two states reunited and the Österreichische Republik was proclaimed.