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Austrian Empire
Kaiserthum Oesterreich
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Austria, Bohemia, Slovenia
New Austrian Fasict FLag
Flag of Austria
Location of Austria (Yellowstone)
Location of Austria

Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan
(""All the world is subject to Austria"")

Anthem "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser"
(and largest city)
Other cities Prague
  others Czech, Italian, Slovenian
Religion Catholic
Ethnic Groups
  others Slovenian, Italian, Czech
Government Fascist Dictatorship
Emperor Karl I
  Head: House of Habsburg
Established February 21st, 1945
Currency Austrian Schilling
Internet TLD .ko
The second Austrian Empire is a nation located in Central Europe. It is a powerful nation composing of OTL Austria, Slovenia, and Bohemia. It also contains the the military occupation of South Tryol and Graubünden. It has large influence on the Italian with its close and long time ally the Federal State of Italy.



For detailed pre-Yellowstone history refer to this

Austrian Civil War (1936-37)

The Austrian Civil war began with riots in downtown Vienna with the Nazis, Communists and Fascists taking the lead. The communists were able to secure a small state in Upper Upper Austria. The liberals were then able to secure some land in Tyrol. To stop an all out war the Chancellor was able to sign a treaty with all the conservative (board) gaining their support, thus re-instating the monarchy.

Rise to Power

With the war over quickly the Austrians began looking for ways to expand. The first thing that Austria did was throw its armies into Switzerland and Italy for the corporatist and Fascist governments there. With that, Austria gained occupation rights in part of those countries.

Lead Fascist power\Cold war

Era of New Democracy

The Era of New Democracy began with the Austrian government allowing some aspects of Democracy in. 


The Austria is a dictatorship with some aspects of democracy. It calls itself a three party system, with each party having aspects of Fascism. To become a party or a candidate you must get government approval which is practically impossible. The positions you can run for are council member, member of the Roman Riechstag, or the Chancellor, the Führer serves for life. 


Roman Reichstag



Austria has many industries, especially being a food provider because in the post apocalyptic world, FOOD IS POWER. It still keeps up in tourism and has also become a trade hub.

Associated Areas

Military governorship of South Tyrol
Militär Gouverneur von Südtirol
— Military Governorship of Austria
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: South Tyrol
Österreich-Wappen (1934-1938)
Coat of Arms of South Tryol
Capital Bolzano
Largest city Bolanzo
  others Italian
Religion Catholic
Ethnic group Italian
  South Tryol is a nation that is governed by the military of Austria because in the Italian civil war.
Bomb Damage in London during the Second World War HU36157

South Tyrol in 1945

 Austria occupied it to put down the rebels that had been there. It is known as a unstable region because of the many rebellions that it has had. Many people would describe the living conditions to be the worst in Italy with bombed out buildings being a common sight. Recently the once agricultural nation has found a new footing, manufacturing. With all of the low labour costs because of the lack of jobs, stuff can be made at a low price. It is the main manufacturer for central Europe. Under its current structure of government the military governor has full power, a secret police, and full power of the German ethnic people. It is on the --International Organization-- list of non self governing areas.

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Military governorship of Graubünden
Militär Gouverneur von Graubünden
— Military Governorship of Austria
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Graubünden
Österreich-Wappen (1934-1938)
Coat of Arms of Graubünden
Language German
 Graubünden is a nation that is governed by the military of Austria because of in the Swiss civil war. Austria occupied it to put down the rebellions that had been there. There have been practically no rebellions due to the close ties kept with the Austrian People and State. It even has some areas that have higher life quality then Austria. It keeps a mostly tourist industry with some agriculture. Many rich people keep small "Fallout areas" in the mountains in case of another Yellowstone eruption. It keeps close ties with the Swiss state and they are pretty much integrated except for Graubünden has what they like to call "Austrian Police/Helpers".  This is a council of men that advise the military governor though the governor has final say but rarely uses this right. The people on the council are fascists, thus putting it into the loop of a dictatorship.

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