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With the US and Germany nearly wiped out on Doomsday and Japan sinking into isolationism, automotive production has taken a huge hit. Many of the survivor nations, cut off from any outside supply of automobiles have seen the beginnings of smaller automotive manufacturing operations. While the headquarters of the major auto companies have been destroyed, some of the regional subsidiaries or manufacturing plants have survived and continue to operate as independent companies.

List of Automobile Manufacterers Post Doomsday, by country[]



Delta Motor Botswana

Domion n Motors Botwana


  • Abbass Abass automotive plant 1 (make cars and trucks mailny for the millary)
  • Abbas abas autoomvtive plant 2 make car


  • Ghabbour Group


  • Amandla Motors- Formerly Toyota South Africa.


  • Cooper Motor Corporation - Founded in 1912 as a car importer. Started assembling vehicles in 1974. Went out of business post-DD but was re-established in 2004. Initially post-Doomsday operations were limited to importation but they restarted assembly in 2012. They currently hold the license to assemble cars for Apex Motors.
  • Kenyan Motor Corporation(KMC) - Founded in 2010 as a joint venture between the Kenyan government and Ford.
  • Holden Kenya - founded in 2014.
  • Dommion mors kenya

South Africa[]

  • Delta Motors - Formerly GM South Africa. Its main marque is Ranger, a cheap, mass-market brand but also produces the Springbok luxury marque and the Kimberly truck marque.
  • Dommion Motors- Formerly Ford South Africa.
  • Germanic Motors. Formed by the merger of Volkswagen South Africa and Mercedes-Benz South Africa.


  • Peugeot - The regional operations remained intact and have expanded, becoming the major supplier of passenger automobiles to West Africa. Produces the 404 and 305.
  • Isuzu - A surviving subsidiary manufacter of GM. Produces commercial vehicles and small trucks, along with the Piazza sportscar (in a separate plant in Darwin).
  • Simba Motors- Produces cars based on Volkswagen designs.


Autolantia Zaire (Found 2012)

Holden Zaire (found 2019)

South West Afica[]

Germanic motors south west africa (found 2022)


  • Willowvale
  • Quest



  • Taiwan Motors Corporation - Formerly China Motors Corporation. Makes cars based on Mitsubushi designs.
  • Lio Ho Automotive Industrial Corporation - Makes vehicles based on Ford designs.
  • Yulon - Mostly makes cars based on Nissan designs but it started making original designs in 2011.
  • Hotai - Makes cars based on Toyota designs.


Due to the isolationist policies of the Japanese government car production has remained relatively national. However, a few thousand cars made in Japan per year are exported privately to distributors in Europe, the Americas and Oceania. These are known as 'grey imports'.

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Suzuki
  • Daihatsu

Many more carmakers in Japan have begun to open factories in the Americas and Europe, using CKD kits imported directly from Japan.


  • Ford Philippines
  • Holden Philippines
  • Apex Motors Philippines


  • Hyundai - The nation's largest car company.
  • Sinjin Motors - It made cars, trucks and buses pre-Doomsday. Only the bus divison has survived. It restarted the manufacturing of cars in 2018.


  • Iran Khodro
  • Shahab Khodro


  • Thai Motors - A subsidiary of Ford.
  • Thai Rung Union Car - Thailand's only car company that was never a subsidiary of a foreign firm.
  • Holden Thailand- Formerly GM Thailand. Recognized Holden in the ANZAC as its parent company after GM in America was destroyed on Doomsday.
  • Kiwi Motors Thailand - Formerly Toyota Thailand. Recognized Toyota in the ANZAC as its parent company after losing contact with Toyota in Japan. In 1998 Toyota ANZC merged with Nissan ANZC to form Kiwi Motors.
  • Apex Thailand


Didn't have an automotive industry pre-Doomsday. Foreign firms, mostly form the ANZC, started opening up factories in 2008.

  • Ford Vietnam
  • Apex Motors Vietnam
  • ANZC Motors Vietnam
  • Kiwi Motors Vietnam
  • Yulon Vietnam


  • Proton - Initially founded in May 1983 by the Malaysian government to produce a truly Malaysian car but Doomsday forced them out of business before they could produce their first car. Proton was refounded in 2015 and makes cars based on Mitsubishi underpinnings.
  • Swedish Motors - former subsidiary of Volvo.
  • Ford Malaysia - based in Selangor.
  • Holen Malaysia


  • Mahindra & Mahindra- produces cars, tractors and motorcyles.
  • Hindustan Motors- Best known for producing the Ambassador sedan, based off the 1950s Morris Oxford.
  • Sipani Automobiles
  • Holden India
  • ANZC Motors India
  • Ford India


  • Automotive Industries Limited - Started out as a manufacturer of military vehicles. They expanded into civilian vehicles with the establishment of the Ossais brand in 2012. Their factories are in Nazareth.


  • Altas Motors - Founded as producer of motorcycles in Karachi in 1962. Started designing cars in 2012.
  • Awami Autos - Makes cars based on Ford designs.
  • Republic Motors - Makes cars based on Dodge designs.
  • Constellation Autos - founded 2014.


Not much of a car industry here. Mainly Australian companies.

  • Rising Sun Motors Indonesia - Formerly Suzuki Indonesia. Declared allegiance to Suzuki NZ who merged with Mazda NZ to form Riing Sun Motors.
  • Apex Motors Indonesia
  • Kiwi Indonesia - Recognized Toyota in the ANZAC as its parent company after losing contact with Toyota in Japan. In 1998 Toyota ANZC merged with Nissan ANZC to form Kiwi Motors.
  • Holden Inodnesia
  • Ford Indonesia


Aeumla smlbye vehicle under linese from constioslio motors)

nakhl MotorsAsmblye vehicle under licnese from Kwi motote

Saudia Arbia[]

Jamal Motors (Found 2015. assmeblys vehilce undr licne form manga stary)

Souck Auto(Assmslye licnes under licne form Holden)

riah motor works(Asmbyle vehicle under leicnes form Auntiolanxi)


Trabzon Otomotiv Sanayi A.Ş (Trabzon Otosan)


Celtic Alliance[]

  • Land Rover - Based in Owsestry, builds 4WD vehicles mainly for military, however the Defender 4WD truck has recently been reintroduced.
  • Celtic Motors - Government-owned, builds small cars based on Vauxhall and Fiat designs. Located in Drogheda.
  • Austin-Rover - Based in Exeter, builds Austin, Rover, Jaguar and Triumph. Also owns Land Rover.


  • SEAT- Landaben Industrial Zone (Pamplona) has been reoponed and serves the civilian and military forces of Euskadi and the Iberian Confederation thanks to recovered GM and Hispano Carrocera, S.A.L blueprints from the ruins of Zaragoza.
  • Daimler AG - with a manufacturing plant in Vitoria, builds pre-war cars using scrapped metal along with industrial equipment.

Republic of Galicia[]

  • Citröen-Peugeot - A factory at Vigo was reopened in 2015, produces bio-fuel cars and civilian models.
  • UROVESA- The company is still located at Santiago de Compostela, and their vehicles are created for the Galician military and some goverment members that use coal and bio-fuel from Ourense crops. Plans to associate themselves with CAF in Euskadi to restore railways are being made at the moment. Some of the military trucks are based on the Panter Militar 6x6 Barreiros trucks from 1981.
  • Carrocera Castrosua - This company based on Santiago de Compostela creates coachbuilder and is focused mainly on urban and suburban transport, as well as multi-purpose coaches under the subsidiary brand Carsa.

North Germany[]

  • Volkswagen - Emden has a Passat manufacturing plant.


  • Volkswagen - The Wolfsburg HQ was reopened in 2016, and VW Emden transferred control of Volkswagen to Northeim. Volkswagen is now one of the largest carmakers in Europe, having seen rapid progress in the past few years.


  • BMW - The motorcycle manufacturing division survives in Berlin.
  • Mercedes-Benz - Produces small commercial vehicles, however does have a plant in Vaduz that produces the E Class, 190 and G Wagen.

Nordic Union[]

  • Saab - Largest car manufacturer in Europe, reopened 2000.
  • Scania - Produces commercial vehicles and trucks. Exported worldwide.
  • Volvo - One of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. Reopened 2001.

República Unida de Castilla y León[]

  • Pegaso-Sava - a local van manufacturer that was restored after Doomsday. The police vans that were created at the moment have been restored as military vehicles and ambulances.
  • FASA-Renault - Based in Valladolid, the Renault 7 and Renault 11 are made there under licence. Has began exporting to South America.
  • Grupo Antolín - A manufacturer in the car interiors market internationally and a worldwide supplier of headliner substrates. It had started its business in 1950 as a mechanics garage for vehicle and agriculture machinery repairs in Burgos. Antolin also develops, manufactures, and tests interior parts such as overheads, doors, lighting, cockpits, consoles, and hard and soft trim.


  • Gaz - State owned carmaker, makes civilian and military vehicles.


  • FIAT - One of the largest automobile companies in Italy and Europe as well, produces mainly small private vehicles like the FIAT 500 or the FIAT 127, commercial vehicles and also military ones. Production plants located at Termini Imerese, Melfi, Pomigliano d'Arco and Cassine.
  • Sevel - Reopened during the early 2000s by Sevel America, it produces light commercial vehicles and other automobiles, as well as motorcycles after the licensing of several Piaggio products. Plants located at Atessa and Melfi.


  • Piaggio - Produces mainly motorcycles, but also motorized bicycles. bicycles, moped and ATVs. Main production plant located in Pontedera.

West Poland[]

Poznań Automtive plant (goverment autotmive plant found in 2017)

Sliver cross motors (a small privite motor company found in 2022)

Alpine Confederation[]

The Alpine Confederation is Europe's largest maker of automobiles. Most automobile factories date back to before doomsday but a few factories were built in the Alpine Confederation after Doomsday. The state of Bavaria, part of the Confederation, is sometimes called 'The Detroit of Europe', a homage to the former automotive prowess of West Germany.

  • Jehle - Founded as manufacturer of kit cars in 1979, the Liechtensteinian firm started making its own designs in 2005.
  • Magna Steyr - Formerly Steyr Daimler-Puch. They changed their name after merging with the Austrian branch of Volkswagen. Steyr, Daimler and Puch are still used as marques.
  • BMW - Currently headquartered in Berlin, Prussia, but reopened the Regensburg plant in 2009.
  • Audi - Ingolstadt complex reopened in 2015, and quickly becoming a BMW-challenger again.
  • Morsert Motors - Manufacturer of cars based on Opel designs, founded in 2012 in Salzburg.
  • Grüne-Wälder Motors - Manufacturer of vehicles based on Fiat and Renault designs, founded in 2015.


  • Zastava Automotive - Formerly based in Serbia, it moved to Skopje, Macedonia in 1997 along with Zastava Arms Works.


  • Oltcit - Former joint venture between Citroen and the Communist government of Romania. It has since been privatized.
  • Astra - Maker of buses.

North America[]

Caribbean Federation[]

  • Gurop ramizara Carbaian federation- Facotry set up in 2012
  • Auto lantia Carbrain fedeartion Factory set up in port of sapin in 2015

Niagara Falls[]

  • General Motors - Several of GM Canada's most important factories were in the Twin Cities and St. Catherines pre-war. Now home to the brand following the destruction of Detroit, makes Chevrolet and Pontiac cars.


  • Ford - HQ'd in Fremont, the company has seen major success with the Mustang, Thunderbird and Crown Victoria.
  • Toledo Motor Works - Formely Jeep. Renamed themselves in 2019 after expanding to form two marques, Willys and Overland. The new marques were named for Willys-Overland, the original parent company and creator of Jeep.


  • Bluegrass Motors - They are a subsidiary of Kentucky's largest conglomerate, Bluegrass Industries. Bluegrass reopened the Bowling Green GM plant in 2005. Built and opened a second factory in Lexington in 2014. Bluegrass and GM Niagra Falls currently have joint control over Bowling Green(Corvette plant).

North Pennsylvania[]

  • Jeep -A subsidiary of the Toledo based Toledo Motor Works, several of the small factories from the city were moved to North Pennsylvania in return for cooperation on acquiring materials. Additional parts are acquired from London-Ontario and Niagara Falls.

United States[]

  • Alliance Motors- maker of millatry and civlian cars. The open there first facouty in 2008 in allaince Nebraska. A second facotry open in Newport Orgen in 2017
  • Rocky Mountain Vehicles. A fort colins company manufacturing commercial trucks, ambulances and buses. IT was found in 2012 They branched out into civlian car manufacting in 2023 by indocting a car called the roccky moutian sojourner

Republic of Superior[]

  • Mackinaw Motors - Makes cars and bikes, mainly unique designs.

Virginian Republic[]

  • Thompson Motors- Small manufacturer of military-styled vehicles for both military and civilian use. Encourages civilian owners to make their plain military-type car unique by painting a mural on it. In this end the company has hired a few dozen artists who offer their services for free to all owners of their civilian model.


  • Pacific Motors - Small independent manufacturer of compact cars and heavy transport equipment based out of Port Alberni.


  • Lone Star Motors - Manufacturer of buses, cars and trucks for police, public transportation, school and military use, along with compact cars and vans for government use; privatized in 2009;
  • Autolantia Texas. Subcary autolantia. Autolantia was found by the merger of ford and Volkswagon Barzl
  • Constilocon Motors Texax. Subary of constioslion the brazil based motor company found in 2021

Republic of Florida[]

  • Largo Motors - Small manufacturer of small cars and motorcycles based out of Cape Coral, FL, based on Oldsmobile cars pre-war.


  • General motors Wilmington- the GM willmington assmably was abanonded along with Wilmingotn it self after doomsday. Hower Delmarava start a program to repouplate Wilmington General Motors of Nigara fall decided to reopen the wilmington plant in 2012
  • Austin Rover Delmarv. The celtic allanice based Austin rover built a facoy outside of altintic city in 2018


  • General Motors Manchester. GM opened this plant in 2016
  • Manga stery Vermont- The alpine based Magna Stery opend a facoty Burlintoing in 2015

Republic of New york[]

  • GM Binghampton - GM newst plant It opens In march 2022


  • Volvo Canda- volvo opened a factory in syndrome nova soctia in 2013
  • Austin rover Canada- Austin Rover open a factory in St john in 2011

Provincial Canada[]

  • Crestline Motors orignally a maker of ambuclances they they expand in passganer in 2018 with the crestline exploer. The exploer is made in both private car and taxi car edtions

Australasia and Oceania[]


  • Ford
  • Holden
  • Apex Motors - Formerly Mitsubishi Motors Australia.
  • Kiwi Motors - formed in 1998 by the merger of Toyota Australia and Nissan Australia.
  • ANZC Motors - Formerly New Zealand Motors. Makes cars based off Honda designs.
  • Rising Sun Motors - Created by the merger of Suzuki and Mazda New Zealand.

South America[]


  • Fiat - Currently making the Fiat Panda/Uno under license.
  • Citroen - American HQ. They used to call themeslevPSA Peugeot Citroën but they drop the Peugeot brand as part of neogations with Peugeot of Nigeria
  • Sociedad de Fabricación de Automotores (SOFASA)Argenia. Formerly Renault Argenita. They are currently a sudcary of SOFAS Colombia.
  • Autolantica Argenita formerly Ford Argenita
  • Constelação Motors Argentina-Formerly GM Argentia


  • Gurgel - Produces small urban cars and off-road vehicles.
  • AutoLatina- Formed by a merger Ford and Volkseagon brazil. The name autolantic oringally going to be for ford barazil volkwagon barzil joint facory but became the corperarte after the ford brazil Volkswagon Brazil merged They bougt out Explodora motors (Formerly Toyota Brazil in 2001)
  • Brazil. They changed thier after finding out that Bussiness in Niagraa fall reopned the Sta Cathenish plant and operated with the General motors name. After the rebranding cheverlot Buick and and Cadalic were name Scorpius: Hyrda Triangulum Australe: after 3 of the constilions on the Brazilain Flag

El Salado[]

  • Kwi Motors El salador
  • Apex Motors


  • Constelação Motors Hondurus found 2012
  • Sociedad de Fabricación de Automotores (SOFASA)


  • Sociedad de Fabricación de Automotores (SOFASA) formerly Renult chile subicary of sudcary of SOFAS Colombia.
  • Citeron Chile- a subcardy of Citeron Argenia


  • Sociedad de Fabricación de Automotores (SOFASA) Found in 69 as licensed assembler for Renault. Proudces the 4L sedan, 9 hatchback and 20 sedan among other vehicles. They abadoned Sofas name in favor for Renault after doomsday but brought it back after merging with Brazilian comer ial truck and bus manufacturer Agrale in 2003. They later bought out Argneitain motorcycle company Zanella in 2009 Renault Agrale and Zanella are used as margues
  • Constelação Motors Colombia
  • Aymes Collumbia- Formeerly Compañía Colombiana Automotriz. They were mazada official license asmber in Colombia. The Ecodauran Aymesa bought theam in 2001


  • AYMESA Originally they were a license assembler of gm products they expand into assembling Suzki cars in 1981. Unlike most south American GM affiliates they refused to regocninize GM Brazil as parent. They currently make cars based on Suzuki and Mazda designs.
  • Ramiziar Eccodor - sudicary of the Mexican grupo rameriza
  • Citroen Eccodor


  • Citeron Guyane


  • Autolantia Brazil- Volwagon mexico went out bussines shortly after doomsday. Volkwagon Brazil had tempoary shut produton but evutnaly resume production and merged with Ford Brazil to Ford Autolantia. They reopned volkwagon opertions in mexcio in 2009. Do to a deal with Yanke motor they only proudce car based on Volkwagon designe
  • Vehxciículos Automotores Mexicanos - Originally a venture between the Mexican government with AMC. Renault took over AMC intrest in 1980. It has since been fully privatized.
  • Yankee Motors - A merger of the Mexican Operations of Ford, GM and Chrysler. Currently producing cars under license from Ford and GM, while simultaneously manufacturing Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth automobiles. Has many factories across the former USA.
  • Grupo Industrial Ramirez - Founded in 1946 as maker of trucks and vans. Was a Mexican domestic automaker. They were bought out by Nissan Mexico post Doomsday, however Nissan decided to adopt the Ramirez name to appeal to Mexican nationalists.
  • Caribe Mexico


  • Sociedad de Fabricación de Automotores (SOFASA) Paraguay - factory built post doomsday
  • Constelação Motors Parguaury

Porto Rico[]

  • Holden Porto Rico
  • Citoon putro rico


All thier motor were bulit post doomsday by foreign companies

  • Auto Land Peru
  • ANZc Motors Peru
  • Apex MottorPeru


  • Ferrari - Secondary factory in Caracas produces the 280GT sports sedan(new model based on the 308).
  • Caribe - Founded in 1962 as Mack Trucks Venezuela. Originally a manufacturer or commercial vehicles, they expanded into passenger vehicles when they gained the license to produce the Isuzu Trooper for Venezuela as the Caribe 442. They started making their own designs in 2002.2002
  • Sociedad de Fabricación de Automotores (SOFASA) Venuzual- Sudicary of SOFAS Colombia
  • Alan KerryAutoLatina Venuzla Formely ford Venuzla
  • Constelação Motors Venezuela