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With the US and Germany nearly wiped out on Doomsday and Japan sinking into isolationism, automotive production has taken a huge hit. Many of the survivor nations, cut off from any outside supply of automobiles have seen the beginnings of smaller automotive manufacturing operations. While the headquarters of the major auto companies have been destroyed, some of the regional subsidiaries or manufacturing plants have survived and continue to operate as independent companies.

List of Automobile Manufacterers Post Doomsday


New Britain

  • Rolls Royce


  • Peugeot - The regional operations remained intact and have expanded, becoming the major supplier of passenger automobiles to West Africa.
  • Isuzu - A surviving subsidiary manufacter of GM. Produces commercial vehicles and small trucks.


Japan - While Japan has numerous vehicle manufacturers, its isolationist policies have stifled any growth and have in fact caused many of the manufacturers to scale down operations.

  • Toyota
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Nissan


Celtic Alliance

  • Land Rover - builds 4WD vehicles mainly for military
  • Celtic Motors - builds small cars

North Germany

  • Volkswagen - The Passat factory survives in Emden.


  • BMW - The motorcycle manufacturing division survives in Berlin.
  • Mercedes-Benz - Produces small commercial vehicles.

Nordic Union

  • Saab
  • Scania


  • Gaz

North America

Niagara Falls

  • General Motors - Several of GT Canada's most important factories were in the Twin Cities and St. Catherines pre-war.


  • Jeep -

North Pennsylvania

  • Jeep - Headquartered in Toledo, several of the small factories from the city were moved to North Pennsylvania in return for cooperations on acquiring materials. Additional parts are acquired from London-Ontario and Niagara Falls.

Republic of Superior

  • Mackinaw Motors

Virginian Republic

  • Thompson Motors- Small manufacturer of military-styled vehicles for both military and civilian use. Encourages civilian owners to make their plain military-type car unique by painting a mural on it. In this end the company has hired a few dozen artists who offer their services for free to all owners of their civilian model.


  • Pacific Motors - Small independent manufacturer of compact cars and heavy transport equipment based out of Port Alberni.

West Texas

  • Lone Star Motors - Manufacturer of buses, cars and trucks for police, public transportation, school and military use, along with compact cars and vans for government use; privatized in 2009; West Texas trying to close on negotiations for a Volkswagen manufacturing plant near Tyler and a Ford truck plant outside Odessa.
Republic of Florida
  • Largo Motors - Small manufacturer of small cars and motorcycles based out of Cape Coral, FL

Australasia and Oceania


  • Ford
  • Holden

South America


  • Fiat


  • Volkswagen
  • Gurgel - Produce small urban cars and off-road vehicles.


  • Renault


  • Volkswagon


  • Ferrari
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