In the USSR, in Siberia, a test was going on. They were testing on  weaponry capable of  eating a man away, almost literally. They were working on a Flesh Eating Bacteria. But Something happened, and no one knows what. But one thing is guaranteed, the world wasn't supposed to be this Grim, this Dark. What happened in the Autumn Project?



They were working on this test since the Battle of Stalingrad. As the test proves successful, the Korean War Starts. The U.S is threatening their every move. This use might possibly be a reality. They won't use it in the Korean war. Meanwhile, in Indochina, a war is going on, liberating them from France. It is split into north and South. Cuba experiences a Revolution, putting Castro In charge. As the fifties progress, and leads into the sixties, it is obvious that war is imminent, but people didn't know how bad it would be. The Bay of Pigs invasion begins, and Israel gets into a conflict.

Nuclear Destruction

The Russians didn't respond so well to the Bay of Pigs. They sent missiles, and some chemical bombs with the new bacteria. Unlike OTL, the U.S didn't respond so easily. The USSR's decision was, take the Nukes away or be annihilated. The USSR did nothing, so the USA turned the Key and unleashed en nukes, Hitting Russia's Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, and hit east Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Beijing, Pyongyang and  Hanoi. Russia responds by nuking London, D.C, New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, And Chicago, but also sent in volleys of the bacteria. Britain, France, and others respond by nuking some places in Russia, Pakistan, Iran and China. The Nukes. It turned into an all-out nuclear war, at the end of the two year exchange, the nukes wiped out 70% of the population, but little did they know, it was far from over.


The bacteria was mainly airborne, so when people in the U.S were practically running over each other in panic, its no wonder that something would happen. Doctors were already busy from damage from the nukes. It was unsanitary as no ones business.The plague bombs hit Charlotte and Indianapolis. It spread fast to the point when 1970 came around, it killed one thirds of the surviving U.S population. Refugees had sent it to Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala. It then spread through South America. In what was, a plane carrying the bomb crashes, and unleashes the plague in Europe. It goes through Russia, and spreads through Asia. by 1977, the nukes and the Plague combined killed 95% of the world, but just when it seemed hopeless, the Plague began to reside, and people began to build a resistance. Many small nations formed,and warlords took over area, resulting in more war. Africa below the Sahara had it well though, and they mostly survived the plague, although the Nukes did get to them in the sixties.


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