Alternative History

The Axis was a political and military pact that was first pursued by Hungarian Prime Minister Gömbös in an attempt to bring an alliance of the fascists government of Germany, Italy and Hungary, but was first signed as the Berlin-Rome Axis between Benitto Mussolinni's Italy and Adolf Hitler's Germany in October 1936, and extended to include Japan in September 1940.


Major Powers

Minor Powers

Puppet States

Country puppet to Dates Axis membership Destiny
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia Japan 1948–68 1948–86
Flag of Weng's China China (Weng's) Japan 1940–68 same integrated into China
Flag of Latvia Latvia Germany 1952–81 same independent, withdraw
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Germany 1952–81 same independent, withdraw
Flag of Manchuria Manchuria Japan 1932–68 1940–86
Flag of Mengchiang Mengchiang Japan 1936–68 1940–86
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Italy 1942–44 1942–44 Reintegrated to Yugoslavia
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Germany 1940–86 same independent
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Japan 1948–68 1948–86