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Kingdom of the Balkans

Romania: Next turn Romania will unite with Austria to form the Kingdom of the Balkans. Therefore, we request Hungary to maintain our new territorial stability, which Poland has already agreed to give to the kingdom, the nuclear weapons that were given to Austria, and Austria's full membership in the Axis Alliance.

Give them Everything

  • India
  • Britain

Give only Hungary

Give only the nuclear weapons

Give only full membership


  • Romania


Future of the USSR

With the USSR defeated in the Second World War, I am wondering what should we do with it. If there are any suggestions, put them down here.

Belgium: Well, it is the only remaining Communist Nation. East Turkestan is vassal nation of Tibet and Mongolia have been incorporated into the ROCJ. I say leave them be. We could easily destroy them if we worked together but that would make us no better then CNAT when they invaded Austria and Italy.

India: I have to agree with Belgium on that one. Plus, they will launch nukes at us and India cannot afford to go to war for another 5-10 years. The civil war has worn us down and over 7% of our population is gone, dead...

ROCJ: Considering we killed everyone of their allies (Mongolia just got defeated by me), I say that we could EMP them and then nuke.

Balkans: The Balkans will not support a nuclear campaign against Russia. Let them be but prevent them from spreading their influence.

India: We agree with the Balkans as EMPing them will yield similar consequences toward us (plus remove them from the game and all interest is lost). We should not let them expand their influence but not invade them either. For all we know they could reform into a democratic government and all this fuss would be for nothing.

Britain: So OK, I labeled out a plan for dealing with the USSR in the future:

  1. No Axis nation shall establish ties with the USSR.
  2. War will not be declared on it and we will only fight the Soviets if they attack us.
  3. All Axis countries will establish a military barrier, while we urge other countries to do the same thing.
  4. Any political criminals of the USSR will be allowed into Axis nations as long as they do not commit any crimes
  5. All Axis nations should target 75% of their nukes to the USSR.
  6. We should make sure the CNAT doesn't reform nor any nation goes communist.

Greece: I have another thing to add to that- defeat them economically. Since no one voted on the possible creation of a nation in the Baltics, currently Poland has sovereignty over that land. I own Constantinople, the only outlet on the Black Sea. Japan has naval superiority in the Pacific. In the North Sea, England has naval superiority. We can prevent the passage of goods coming in and out to the USSR, and render them economically obsolete.

Britain: OH YEAH! If I had to add to the list, it would be that no Axis member can trade with the USSR and should block any choke points to cease USSR trade. We do have to get support though, especially from the US, Sweden, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and the ROCJ.

India: But then that would lead us directly into war as blockading is an act of war against the intended nation. We need to create a DMZ with the Polish-Soviet border and a DMZ with the ROCJ -Soviet border as well. I don't need to as they will have to go around into Afghanistan to get to me and Tibet has the protection of mountains.

Greece: not necessarily. we keep building up troops on the borders of Russia (easier for us since they are one nation, and we are several. building up nukes, and the navy. Certain straits are already closed. If we do this, they will see it as a threat and have no choice but to keep building. Over several years, the upkeep of this will destroy their economy. Or as an alternative, keep building up until we get SDI technology. Then we can invade without fear of Nukes, except as EMPs

Poland: Yeah, but SDI technology even today isn't well enough to destroy nukes or ICBMs. Let's just make DMZs on all Soviet borders and block all their trade.

Britain: Seems like a good plan India and Greece. However, do not forget, we need to get Sweden into the Axis so a military barrier can be built at the Swedish-Soviet border.

Balkans: Sweden doesn't want to join the Axis, or at least that is what they told us. They only wish to be affiliated.

Greece: Let them be an observer.

India: I agree, we need observers rather than fully affiliated members.

Belgium: Well, USSR is now part of loan. Any attack on them will cause LOAN to attack back at us. Hard to Imagine that though.

Greece: Joining LOAN makes them officially neutral. If they attack us, that would be violating their own neutrality. show them as "slight threat" on the map, though.

Cold War

India: I feel that a cold war will now develop between LOAN and AA. I am wondering what we should do so that we emerge victorious. The UN is almost of no use, and the real power of democracy lies in our hands. So are you up for protecting what's right?

Greece: LOAN keeps getting new members. it seems as if these nations are joining LOAN so they will not get attacked (by the way, we really need to update this page).

India: True (terrorist activity has been inflated on the map). LOAN is allowing nations which have committed humanitarian crimes to join, we need to show the world the right way forward.

Britain: True. I believe that LOAN must be watched over more. But it is the USSR I fear the most as the most powerful member.

War on Terror

Britain: I just declare a War on Terror to eliminate terrorism in Asia. I will need all the support I will need, especially from Asian countries.

Nordic Union: Can the NU join the Axis Alliance? If so, the NU will help.

Britain: Sure, why not?

Nordic Union: Sweet, can I put my name under full or Junior members. I would also like to get Greenland peacefully if that is possible.

India: Greenland in all fairness cannot become yours as it is owned by another country, and the AA does not tolerate war just for the sake of it. Plus, if India is still a junior member, the Nordic Union cannot possibly become a full member.

ROCJ: We'll support it.

Greece: If you want Greenland, then you'll have to work that out with Denmark, or the UN. we'll admit you as a Junior member.

Spain's Expulsion

Should Spain be expelled from the Axis?

Yes, expel them

  • Greece
  • United Kingdom

No, let them stay

Demote their membership to "observer nation"

  • Poland
  • Tibet
  • India

Put them on probation from the Axis for a period of years


  • Balkans

Discussion: Britain: Spain's actions right now cannot be accepted! It wants "revenge" for its destruction of the empire. We are concerned of what it will do next and I feel we have to expel the country!

Greece: They gave up their own colonies that were left. I think we should expel them. when they invade France, LOAN, the second largest military alliance, will completely destroy them.

Poland: I think we shouldn't kick them out. That would eliminate the last reason they have not to go to war. We should instead stop selling weapons to them and begin blockading them. That would force them to either a: step down, or b: go to war. At least it gives us a chance that war can be avoided.

Spain: You know what? You can keep your crappy alliance! WE'RE JOINING CNAT!

Balkans: CNAT has no more members, the USSR disbanded it and joined LOAN. Stop being aggressive and you can stay.

Spain: Well, is LOAN an enemy of the Axis?

Balkans: Not really, it is just a treaty for international defence. They will not support you if you attack first.

Spain: Well then, I'll stay. But I get to keep Portugal, because that's how we Axis roll! We conquer and divide, don't we, like in the OTL?

Balkans: Meh, sort of. Just don't expand everywhere.

Poland: Spain, the Axis isn't like the Axis in OTL, the Axis fights against repressive dictatorships everywhere (found that out the hard way). The Allies don't exist as any form of an alliance.

Spain: Fine. It's just a bit unusual for me to see the British on the Axis. Sorry.

Poland: Don't worry 'bout it. Mistakes happen sometimes when you join a game a few decades after it starts.

Britain: First of all, the CNAT is non-existent. Second of all, the USSR is a part of LOAN. Third of all, unless you apologize, we will not accept your threat you sent against us!

Greece: Spain will become an observer. This is probably better anyway, since they came right in the middle and have no idea what is going on.