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Hello, and welcome to the fifth installment of the Axis vs Allies series. I hope that Axis vs Allies: Reborn will be the most successful of all Axis vs Allies games in history. Thanks, and enjoy!

The year is 1933. Hitler has just taken power in Germany. The world is still in a depression. Unemployment is high. Choose a nation, and command it to success and glory. Will your nation become a superpower? Or will it be crushed? Make no mistake; war is coming ... with all its glory ... and all its horror.

It is never too late to join.

General Rules 

  1. We are going to limit the nations count to one because when a person gets two countries, they usually neglect the other one.
  2. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated . . . IS NOT IT! But you must be plausible.
  3. Nuclear programs may start in 1940.5. I, the head mod, will decide who finishes through the chance algorithm.
  4. One half year per day.
  5. We will have resolutions/stuff when the UN is created.
  6. For now, I, Pita am the mapmaker.
  7. New turns start at 21:00:00 UTC or 5:00 EDT.
  8. Game is archived every 15 years.
  9. A new image file is created for every new map, which is created every two years.
  10. After a nation has been inactive for two years, Plausibility Points will be taken away. After five years, the user will be removed from the game.
  11. You may create proxies and use them in turns.

Mod Rules

  1. Mod events must be moderated through me first by my bolding. Any mod event not bolded by me is not real.
  2. Mods must be plausible in their mod events and must not target any particular nation.
  3. Carving large empires is NOT a cause for mod targeting, unless it is implausible.
  4. Mods are moderated by me, PitaKang.
  5. Mods may be voted out of their modness with a popular vote from any user.
  6. Mods can make up their own fancy title!

Vassal Rules

  1. Unless the vassal can provide real military aid to a country, it cannot be used in an algorithm. For example, Poland can provide forced military assistance to the USSR, but Tannu Tuva ain't gonna help much. Use your head!
  2. Vassals may declare war instead of the actual nation.

Terrorist Organization Rules

  1. Any nation can create a proxy terrorist organization.
  2. Terrorists do not give any advantage in terms of algorithms.

Mods and Mapmakers

Das Mods (Mods)

  1. Canada2hy.jpg Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign.svg OreoToast555(Talk)(Sandbox) 19:08, August 1, 2013 (UTC)
  3. Supreme Archon Monster Pumpkin (talk) 23:33, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Der Kartograf (Mapmakers)

  1. Canada2hy.jpg Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign.svg OreoToast555(Talk)(Sandbox) 19:08, August 1, 2013 (UTC)
  2.             Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg    SCRAWLAND INVICTUS || REX IMPERATOR   21:21, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Die Liga der Mathematiker (Algorithmen)

  1.             Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg    SCRAWLAND INVICTUS || REX IMPERATOR   21:21, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Der Grammatik Nazi (Spell-checkers)


Map "Rules"

A few general rules concerning the map as to ensure "success:"

  1. Always copy Axis vs Allies- Reborn - 1933.5.png
  2. See the full-size version of the map to avoid pixelation.
  3. Make all nations different colors.
  4. Try to make one for each half-year.
  5. A lighter shade of a color on nations mean they are a protectorate, client/satellite state, etc. of another nation.
  6. It's not always beneficial to draw border lines willy nilly; if possible, try to find resources such as this to get inspiration.
  7. Please add to the slideshow when making maps in order to show progressive territorial changes.

Changes, Issues and Complaints

  • Yugoslavia needs to have territory in the Macendonian parts of Greece as we entered union with them a while ago (for 1936.5 map(s) onwards)


*Users with 1000+ edits and a good plausible reputation may pick these nations:

North America

North America

Central America/Caribbean

Central America/Caribbean

  • Flag of Costa Rica (state).svg Costa Rica
  • Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba
  • Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic
  • Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador
  • Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
  • Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
  • Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras
  • Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua
  • Flag of Panama.svg Panama


Western Europe

Central Europe

Eastern Europe

Lithuanian Commonwealth (Soviet Vassal - please message if you would like to play as them)

  • Flag of Estonia.svg Merged into the Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Flag of Latvia.svg Merged into Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Flag of Lithuania.svg Merged into Lithuanian commonwealth


  • Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden- Lynxes21
  • Flag of Norway.svg Norway
  • Flag of Finland.svg Finland


  • Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein
  • Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra 
  • Flag of Monaco.svg Monaco
  • Flag of the Vatican City.png Holy See - G greg e (talk) 01:05, August 2, 2013 (UTC)
    • Flag of the Vatican City.png Vatican City (Rome, Italy)
    • SV-AvignonFlag.png Papal Avignon (Avignon, France)
    • Coat of Arms of Vienna.svg Stephansdom (Vienna, Austria)
    • Serbian Cross.svg St. Paul's in Tirana (Tirana, Albania)
    • Templarcross.png Santa Maria and Universidad Catolica Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    • Vatican flag rdna verse by mdc01957-d31dtn7.png Braga Cathedral, University, and Hospital. (Braga, Portugal)
    • Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal and University (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino User:Jd2842

South America

South Amerca

  • Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina:Warman555
  • Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil CourageousLife (talk)
  • Flag of Chile.svg Chile
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Socialist Republic of Columbia (SRC): prueman88
  • Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador
  • Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru
  • Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
  • Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela


  • Flag of Liberia.svg Liberia
  • Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974).svg Ethiopia
  • Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt
  • Flag of South Africa 1928-1994.svg South Africa


  • A World of Difference Flag of Japan.png Japanese Empire -             Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg    SCRAWLAND INVICTUS || REX IMPERATOR  
    • Flag of Manchukuo.svg Dominion of Manchukuo - Scraw
    • Flag of South Korea.svg Dominion of Korea - Scraw
    • Flag of Mongolia.svg Dominion of Mongolia - Scraw
    • Flag of the Mengjiang.svg Dominion of Mengjiang - Scraw
    • Flag of Kamchatuna.png Dominion of Kamchatka - Scraw
  • Flag of the Republic of China.svg China -Kogasa
  • Chinese Communist Rebels- Ninjasvswarriors (talk) 14:34, August 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • Flag of Thailand 1855.svg Siam
  • Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal
  • Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan
  • Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet
  • 1921 India flag.svgBritish Raj

Middle East

  • Flag of Turkey.png Turkey
  • Iraq: 




Reborn - 1933.5.png

Scientist Albert Einstein flees Nazi Germany and settles in the United States at Princeton, New Jersey.

The Fujian People's Government is formed in China.

Germany withdraws from the League of Nations and the World Disarmament Conference.

Leó Szilárd, waiting for a red light on Southampton Row in Bloomsbury, conceives the idea of the nuclear chain reaction.

Winston Churchill begins making speeches on the dangers of Nazi Germany.

  • Korea: Resistance continues against the Japanese occupational forces, although fighting remains scattered and usually one-sided. Aside from military resistance, an intellectual resistance begins with the circulation of Korean grammar and history textbooks, long since banned by the Japanese. Korean children are encouraged to use their Korean names with each other, not the Japanese names forced on them. Meanwhile, the Korean Provisional Government reaches out to the Soviet Union, United States, France, the Netherlands, and Great Britain for help. A wave of suicide attacks begins against Japanese in Korea, aiming against mid to high level targets. Japanese and Japanese supporters are shot and their homes are burned down. A few bombs also go off in Japan, although attempts to smuggle in more assassins is unsuccessful.
  • Iceland: After a popular vote, we create an army. Tensions rise with Danish Greenland. Communism begins to grow in popularity.
  • You're part of Denmark, tensions would not rise.
  • USSR: Joseph Stalin, coming off a wave of successful diplomatic recognitions especially by the United States, decides to expand industry. Stalin orders the confiscation of grain from the peasants in order to support this industrial expansion, Stalin also orders for farms to be expanded as well in order to prevent large scale issues. While a possible famine may not be avoidable, Stalin hopes that he can get alleviate much of the famine by an increased farming base. The Red Army also continues some minor expansion and focuses more so on its development of military doctrine called deep battle. Development of the Soviet Armored Divisions to try to get a more mobile tank. Stalin begins looking past his One Nation Socialism view and looks to extend Communist influence to Poland hence beginning to influence them - as well as many of the smaller Eastern European Countries surrounding. However, out of all of these, only a few Communist parties catch on - such as one in Romania.
  • Secret: The Soviets send just a small bit of supplies to Korea consisting of ammunition and explosives. The shipments, however, are very small and hopefully will foster a more Communist outlook in Korea's future. Stalin orders the small scale purging of "undesirables" from the Communist Party. Stalin communes with his generals about the situation in Spain and decides to send small scale funding and support to the Socialists in Spain. Stalin encourages the Spanish Socialists to unite. The Soviets also begin supporting the Communist in Romania as well.
    • Korean Secret Diplomacy: Korea thanks the Soviet Union for their supplies and hopes to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.
  • Italy: An NAP is asked for with the USSR.  Weapons production begins to increase drastically. An alliance with Germany is asked for. Invades Albania. Supports the Fascists in Romania.
  • Switzerland: Develops armed forces. Maintains strict neutrality.
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military, and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese. Meanwhile, the Fujian People's Government is invaded by the Kuomintang.
  • Spain: After the elections of November 1933, a change in political climate occurs in Spain. The political left has fractured, and the right has united. They both occupy the extremes of each side, the left being Socialists while the right have become Radical and almost Fascist in nature. The right becomes known as the Nationalists. The Nationalists have also turned to assassinations and political violence, with 35 people already killed, 45 failed attempts, and 100 have been wounded in what are suspected as conservative political attacks. After losing many seats, the Socialists have alleged electoral fraud, but are declined to meet with President Niceto Alcala-Zamora, and instead he meets with the Radical Republican Party. From this meeting, the RRP begins removing price controls, selling state favors and removing land reforms, leading to a possibility of famine. Some of the Socialists take part in an anarchist protest which is stopped in four days by the Spanish Republican Army which employed soldiers and tanks. Carlists and Alfonsists monarchists continue to prepare even though the first protest was ended, and undergo military drills in Navarre. Monarchists soon turn to Fascist Falange Espanola under the leadership of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera in order to achieve their radical aims. Open violence has started in the Spanish streets. 1933 has become known as the Black Year for Spain.
  • USSR Secret: Stalin Authorizes the Funding of the Spanish Socialists as well as helping them organize.
  • Canada: Prime Minister R. B. Bennett proposes a customs union with the USA and Mexico. An alliance is also proposed to the USA. More people join the Communist Party, slowly gaining some support. The Liberal and Conservative Parties both gain support throughout the nation.
  • Argentina: begins to improve air force, army and navy and alliance is asked with the USSR.
    • Please learn to spell the name correctly.
  • Sweden: Sweden begins improving their military. Sweden proclaims neutrality as the only way to keep Sweden safe.
  • United States: The government of FDR looks at the militarization of Germany and the new Fascist government with alarm, but does nothing for now. The government approves the customs union with Canada. FDR begins some more of his New Deal policies, some of which are successful and some are not. The government decides to extend the occupation of Nicaragua and Haiti due to civil unrest in those areas and because of the expansion of global Communism. Pro-statehood propaganda is distributed in these countries, the Philippines, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Industries expand and the government also begins creating new legislation to overturn the provisions of the 20th Amendment.
    • Argentinian D: ask for alliance with the US to counter Communist influence in South America.
  • Romania: The nation is divided between the ideas of Communism, Fascism and Monarchism in the wake of an economic crisis. In order to gain popular support and counter the economic crisis King Carol II begins reforms increasing industrialization and trade among other Baltic nations. The Fascist Italian invasion of Albania begins to scare some people, causing increasing popular support for Communism among the people. In order to be ready for an invasion, the Royal Army grows by 25 thousand.
  • USSR Secret: Stalin authorizes a respectable amount of funding the the Romanian Communist Party and begins advising them in secret.
  • Italian secret: Funds the Fascist party.
  • Communist Romanian Party Secret: We thank the USSR for the funding and the advice.
  • Holy See Secret: Funds Catholics and their safety.
  • Germany: Newly elected Chancellor Adolf Hitler sets about stopping any opposition attempts to form a majority government and presses Hindenburg to dissolve the Reichstag and call for parliamentary elections. Which, following the burning of the Reichstag campaign on the basis that a Communist revolution was about to happen giving them the majority they were looking for. Along with that, it allowed the passing of the Fire decree suspending all civil liberties. Through intimidation and arrests by the S.A., the enabling act is passed granting Hitler the right to rule in absolute and it ushers in the start of his dictatorship. Afterwards, thousands of political enemies are arrested as enemies of the state and locked up. Hitler begins at once putting his plans into place, which included the future plans to re-militarize Germany.
    • Italian D: offers an alliance.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany will accept an alliance offer in the future but feels it is unwise to do so at the moment as it would bring about problems at the present.
  • The Empire of Japan continues to build its massive and grand military, seeking to modernize its air force and expand its navy tenfold. War is declared on China, (do I need an algorithm?) and the government works with the military to seek a solution to opposition in occupied territories. In the meantime, the number of loyal troops there increases to monitor the Koreans. The Empire also seeks to find powerful allies who could help them but also not be a distraction to them. All comers are welcome. We'll see what happens next. The Diet reluctantly reaches a decision that forces will be drafted out of Korea, Manchuria and Formosa to increase the strength of the armed forces. Propaganda is quietly filtered into the Philippines to make them revolt against the United States and become a Japanese-leaning state. The government also tries to speed up the industrialization process to be able to produce more weapons and other necessities to aid the war effort.
  • Italy D: offers an alliance.
  • The Second Sino-Japanese War wasn't until 1937.... so you only control Korea and Taiwan - not Manchuria yet.
  • Ah. Thanks.
  • The Japanese had control over Manchuria since 1932... They invaded China proper in 1937.
  • I knew I wasn't going crazy yet...
  • My bad.
  • Hungary: We begin to develop some mobilised military. Like Romania, we are beginning to differ between our Monarchy and Fascism and Fascism is gaining popularity. We continue to improve many aspect of our nation such as farm and mining resources and the amount of artillery and mechanised weapons we have.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We ask the nations of: Romania, Germany, Bulgaria and Austria for a trade agreement to better strengthen a new alliance in Central and East Europe.
    • Romanian Diplomacy:We accept the trade offer.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We thank Romania for their decision.
    • Italian D: We ask for an alliance as well - or at least a trade offer.
    • Germany agrees to a trade agreement.
  • Britain's Parliament passes the first of many laws to bring the country out of the Great Depression, while a series of construction projects to help reduce unemployment in the country. Meanwhile, Winston Churchill continues to lash out against Germany and Adolf Hitler, as well as the dangers they oppose to the world and democracy. The Royal Navy, however, steps up patrols in the North Sea and English Channel, just in case Germany would get any ideas. The Royal Air Force begins building radar stations (I'm not sure if they were used in 1933, so cross out if it is implausible.)
  • Columbia sweeping popular Socialist movement causes month long revolution. New government formed, with military dictatorship structure and primary goal of annexing Peru and Panama. Asks for recognition from USSR and States, with promise that the Panama Canal will be a U.S. holding, and sovereign entity into itself separate from and future actions from the People's Republic of Columbia, while the USSR may use any and all ports and troops may be stationed on our soil free of lease agreements on land. Free trade agreements offered with both. Alliance proposed with Argentina, and embassy exchange proposed with Brazil. The Socialist Republic of Columbia begins military modernization of military and nationalization of cocaine industry.
    • American Diplomacy: We wish to know why the previous government had to be overthrown. We further add that any attempt to annex Panama will result in "correctional" action. Peru seems a bit odd as well. Why not Ecuador or Venezuela? That makes more sense.
    • USSR Dip: We support and accept Columbia's offers but also ask that Panama be left alone as a large non-neutral nation could eventually use it against a certain nation and it would hurt trade for everybody.
  • Vatican City: We ask Catholics all around the world to donate to the Holy See. 
  • Socialist Republic of Columbia (hereafter referred to as SRC) relations with USA are terminated for now, they may use Argentina or USSR as an intermediary. The SRC will halt ambitions for Panama for now, but requests training of seven infantry divisions from USSR, and logistical support for our planned liberation of Peru. Regarding Ecuador, we have something in the works. Construction of military naval stations, one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific are underway. To be used for coastal defense.
    • American Diplomacy: As a result of Colombian actions, sanctions are enacted against the Socialist republic, with the threat of more stern action should anything new happen.
    • Colombian Diplomacy Due to crippling sanctions and our dependence on American coffee consumption, we offer to withdraw troops from the Panamanian border. In turn, we would like the USA to respectfully stay neutral in regards to South American affairs, on the conditions that America's sphere of influence, countries north of our Panamanian border will not be treated with any hostilities unless they themselves are the aggressors.
  • Republic of Turkey: We modernize and industrialize our military while we begin working on modernizing the economy. Oil begins being drilled while other minerals begin being processed. Railways begin construction to connect the country. Also, we send an envoy to Germany and Italy asking each nation for an alliance. The drilling of oil begins providing new jobs, helping the economy out even more. We begin investing in our air force, working on new plane designs. The University of Ankara is founded, and we open large physics, medical and industrial wings for it. Officially, it is a state run university, allowing the government to control what the students learn and direct them onto certain paths.
    • Italy D: accepts.
  • Australia: We have begun surveying our military force to see if they are up to requirements. Farmers have had a good harvest after a kind season. Unemployment rate has decreased from 15% to 12% after a lot of new jobs were created when the Bank Westpac opened. Future research into a new kind of aircraft has been put forward.
    • Secret The Socialist Republic of Columbia has sent a shipment of weapons and ammunition to a large but ill-equipped rebel faction within Ecuador. Similar shipments prepared for Venezuela. New heavy weapons factory is also under construction in Bogota to meet the demand for improved fire support capabilities on Peruvian border. Politburo issues order to execute political dissident Alfonso Pumarejo.
  • Mexico: Ministry of War and Marine Lazaro Cardenas announces his retirement from office to assume role as president of Partido Nacional Revolucionario. He quickly announces he is running for president on platform of social reform, nationalization of industry and national identity. Cardenas gives public speeches critical of capitalist and colonial imperialist global powers. Focus shifts rapidly within the country to infrastructure development, rebuilding a military weakened by decades of civil war and becoming a leading petroleum based economy.
    • Colombian Diplomacy: offers alliance, war games and mutual defense.
    • Mexico Dip: accepts alliance, terms: draw down troops on Peru border, limit USA navy access to ports and give access to new heavy weapons.
    • Colombian Diplomacy: accepts terms.
  • Chinese Communists: With the Nationalists attacking the Jianxi Communist Republic, Mao and his trusty band of generals had a meeting, where Mao announced that they will flee North to Manchuria and organize revolutions since Manchukuo was only a recent addition of the Japanese Empire. Moreover, the Japanese military will serve as a "guard" to protect the Communists from ROC. Of course, no one but the small group of advisors know about this decision, since they met in a secret underground bunker disguised as a mine site. Immediately, the entire Chinese army but 20,000 soldiers, which are sent to delay the nationalists set out North. They trekked through China, convincing every Nationalist soldier to join the Communists using bread and guns. As they reached Manchuria, crushing through the defenses using a Nationalist banner, they immediately start a small base in the Lesser Khingan Mountains and begins contacting some villages. Asks USSR to send some supplies over the border.
    • Ya know, I don't think this is allowed. Even if it is, the entire Communist army couldn't beat the massive Japanese offensive position. You'd be considered to be attacking the Japanese in all cases, regardless of what banner you'd use. You couldn't even disguise yourself in Japanese uniforms because there are no Japanese forces south of the current borders.


Reborn - 1934.png

In Nazi Germany the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring comes into effect, allowing compulsory sterilization of citizens suffering from a list of alleged genetic disorders.

The ten-year German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact is signed by Germany and the Second Polish Republic.

Gaston Doumergue forms a new government in France.

Night of the Long Knives in Germany: Nazis purge the Sturmabteilung (SA), the left-wing Strasserist faction of the Nazi Party and prominent conservative anti-Nazis in a series of political murders.

  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military, and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government.
  • USSR Secret: The Soviet Government sends brand new weapons to the Chinese Communists as good will with more to be provided through payment.
  • Italy: Albania is taken with little effort. Its military technology and industry begin rapid work, and a spur of nationalism begins throughout the country, and military grows in numbers. Sends weapons and men to help Franco's Fascists in Spain. Sends help to the Kuomintang in China, and helps Japan suppress Korean revolts.
    • Austrian Diplomats Invite Italy to sign the New Central Pact, an Alliance of European Fascists.
    • Italy D: declines for the time being, may join later.
  • Sweden: Sweden builds up their military and improves their economy, Sweden also begins efforts to build a powerful navy to protect the Baltic Sea. Sweden also begins talks with the Danes about a trade deal.  
  • Romania: Seemingly out of nowhere, the Communist Party of Romania is officially founded and starts to have a surge of popularity among peasants and the working class and they begin to call out for more industrial, agricultural, and social reforms in Romania. Trade with Fascist leaning Hungary, however, renewed the Fascist Iron Guard. The Iron Guard becomes popular with business owners, nationalists, Fascists, Orthodox Church members, anti-Communists, and anti-semites. The Communist Party and the Iron Guard both build up small militaries. Carol II doesn't know whether to align with one of the factions, to put down the factions by force, or to make the Monarchist faction stronger. He chooses to strengthen the Monarchist and build up his own cult of personality by starting a Monarchist propaganda machine.    
  • USSR Secret: The USSR sends Military advisors as well as Party Advisors to the Romanian Communists in order to facilitate their growth and strength as well as to protect themselves in case of a crackdown. Stalin himself talks to Carol II and urges him to join the Communist Party and informs him most royal families including Russia's own Romanov Family die in the ensuing civil wars as they are usually not supported by either side.
  • Romanian Secret Diplomacy: King Carol II considers aligning with the Communist Party of Romania. There are independence concerns, (such as becoming an Soviet Federative Socialist Republic or becoming a Soviet puppet state), and transitional concerns (such as a potential Fascist uprising by the Iron Guard.) Until these issues are resolved, Romania can't make an ultimate decision. 
  • Italian secret D: Continues to fund the Fascist party, and Carol II is urged to join it. he is shown how the Fascist recovered from the great depression faster than the West, and how it can make Romania a power without any nation using you as an unofficial vassal.
  • Spain: President Zamora fails to sign an Amnesty Bill concerning the anarchist protest that lasted four days, creating outrage from the Socialist and Communist Party, both of which have recently been funded by the Soviet Union. Talks between the Socialist and Communist Party begins with decisions of the Socialist Party changing to a more Bolshevik style and integrating with the Communist Party, and the talks prove successful. Jose Antonio Primo of the Fascist Falange Party in Spain changes the title of party leader from Chief to Duce due to increased support from Mussolini, but he fails to stage Nazi style rallies as Hitler has shown little support for his cause. The Republican government of Spain creates an anti-strike law to successfully provoke and break up unions one at a time, leading to the Communists to gain more support in Catalonia due to outrage at the Republican policies. As a small famine starts in Southern Spain, Fascist supporters there grow as outrage against the Republican polices grows. The Communist Party begin talks of a new tactic called the "Popular Front", to begin within six months. This continues the Black Year of Spain.
  • USSR Secret: The USSR sends military advisors as well as a party advisor from the original bolshevik Revolution (under Stalin's close scrutiny and approval) to organize the Communist Party further and allow for increased power of the Communist Party. A shipment of weapons and ammunition arrives with the two Advisors.
  • Italian secret D: We also help organize the Fascist Party, and we send lesser politicians to preach about Fascism. We also send arms and ammunition. we  make a speech in Barcelona, and it seems to sway some, but that is uncertain.
  • Holy See: We ask France if we can purchase the Avignon Papacy Enclave vacated in the prior years [MOD RESPONSE]  in order to have a base in more than one country. We also ask Italy if we can establish an outpost in Albania [ITALY RESPONSE]. And furthermore, seeing a large amount of Catholics in South/Central America we ask all Catholic nations to submit a bid for a new Vatican building in the New World. We ask Catholics for donations for such a project.
    • French Diplomacy: France says yes if the Vatican would announce their support of France in any upcoming war.
      • HS Diplomacy: We cannot support any nation in a war that is not just, thus it depends on the terms and conditions of the war. Can we still have the former Avignon Papal Enclave.
      • French Diplomacy: We simply ask that if we are attacked the Vatican condemn the attacking nation.
      • HS Diplomacy:The Holy See condemns all war that is not just. The object, intention and circumstances all play into that. Not all attacking nations would be committing unjust war depending on the reason, intent and circumstances. If your officials would like to meet with a Cardinal or Pope to discuss the Catholic Just War Theory, feel free to continue. 
      • French Diplomacy: Then we accept.
      • HS Diplomacy: We thank you for your time and co-operation. 
      • Italy D: go ahead.
    • Korean Diplomacy: The Catholic Church of Korea approaches the Vatican and asks for funding, since they are being suppressed by the Japanese who have outlawed Christianity.
      • HS Dip: Funding will be sent to rebuild churches and transfer any relics to safe locations.
      • Korean Diplomacy: Korea thanks the Vatican.
    • Austria asks for a second Vatican to be built in Vienna.
      • HS Dip: We will be build another autonomous Catholic city around St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna if we can have the surrounding 55 hectares to build a safe and walled compound. 
      • Austria accepts.
    • Italy D: accepts and helps fund these, hoping one to educate people of Catholicism, and also to stop the atheist Commie spread.
  • Korea: Korea continues to fight against the Japanese oppressors and asks for more assistance from the world community. Massive casualties have been inflicted on the Japanese, but large casualties have been taken by the resistance as well. Representatives approach the Vatican to seek help in terms of funding and training against the Japanese.
  • USSR Secret: The few Communists in Korea are funded and urged to unite and create their own Communist Party.
  • Germany: industrialization begins and an expansion of heavy industry in particular takes place, to help ready the country for re-militarization. rounding up of political rivals continues and persecution of Communists intensifies, also state racism against Jews begins taking place. Attempts to grow closer to Austria and attempts to influence Poland through propaganda and spies begin.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We offer Germany an alliance. 
    • Germany offers Turkey a defence pact but refuses to sign any alliances yet.
    • Austrian Diplomats Invite Germany to sign the New Central Pact, an Alliance of European Fascists.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We agree to a defense pact with Germany.
  • USSR: The continued development of farming has in fact done much good for the farms but has not prevented minor famines from breaking our in Ukraine. Stalin authorizes the distribution of reserves to help the minor affected Ukrainians. The increasingly diversified industry continued expansion and further industrialization. Military aircraft and Infantry weapons/ammunition for all types of weapons are produced. The USSR openly funds a small group of Communists in Poland attempting to generate a larger cause and allow for people to see how the Workers party of Communism truly is. Continued research and development is done on a new generation of tanks as well as new research into a New Fighter generation. The Prototypes of the Yak-7 as well as the Yak-9 are constructed and expected to be fully tested and expected to be completed and in Service by about 1939-1940.  Secret: Stalin begins sending in military advisors to the Spanish and Romania in case of civil war and party advisors that were involved in the original Bolshevik Revolution to aid in gathering many more people in the Spanish and Romanian Communist Parties Carol II is also encouraged to join the Communist Party and show support for his people for asserting his influence for riding the wave of revolution and avoiding the horrible fate most royal families have when these kinds of revolutions break out. Korean Communists are funded and urged to create their own Communist Party. Crates of Weapons are sent to the Chinese Communists as good will with more to be provided through payment by the Chinese.
  • Switzerland: Continues development of armed forces and infrastructure. Maintains strict neutrality.
  • Netherlands: The democratic government is overthrown in a Fascist coup. We begin to align with the Germans.
    • No plausible way that could happen so fast. You have to have a buildup of people against the current regime.
  • Nazi Austria

    The government of Austria is reformed into the Federal State of Austria - a nation that hopes to recreate the Austrian Empire. The National Fascist Party takes the stand in this new nation. An extreme military buildup begins! Being a very Catholic nation we ask the Vatican to build another Vatican City in Vienna. We think that the Central Alliance should be resurrected. 
  • Republic of Turkey: We modernize and industrialize our military while we continue improving and modernizing the economy. Oil begins being exported to the nations of Europe. Railways continue construction to connect the country, with Ankara now connected with Constantinople. Also, we send an envoy to Germany  asking the nation for an alliance.  We continue investing in our air force, working on new plane designs. The University of Ankara continues to expand into different fields, with military science, teaching, and astronomy wings being added to the University. We work on our military. We also recognize Hitler's new regime in Germany. We celebrate our new alliance with Italy. We continue researching our technology, building up our military, and industrializing.
    • Austrian Diplomats Invites Turkey to sign the New Central Pact, an Alliance of European Fascists.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We politely decline, as we are not Fascist (yet, LOL). 
  • Britain continues to recover from the Great Depression, but still has a long and difficult road to recovery. The Royal Navy continues to increase patrols in the North Sea and English Channel, while more naval vessels are constructed to protect British colonies from Japan. The Royal Army begins to work on a new tank design, while the Royal Air Force continues to construct radar emplacements along the English Channel. Winston Churchill continues to lash out against Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, while he begins to target Austria and Italy for criticism. Rail, road and subways are improved, while oil prospecting and drilling begin in the North Sea and North Atlantic.
    • You don't have the technology to do that right now.
    • I stand corrected.
  • United States: The United States continues to issue pro-American and pro-statehood propaganda in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Hawaii, and Alaska. The increasing influence of Communist/Socialist ideologies in Latin America is starting to concern the government. As a result, the military is readied should any military action be required. New Deal legislation continues to be in effect, but is offering little aid to the people.
  • Italy D: offers to help stop the spread of Communism in any way they can, asks for a trade pact
  • Hungary: We gain more than 80% support of people in our nation for Fascism and although minor riots break out in support for a continued monarchy, the Queen herself, encourages the transition in government. We continue to spread influence to the entire Czechoslovakian region and in particular, the Eastern side of the nation. We build up our military and economy and try to maintain as much stability in our nation as possible. Due to recent conflicts of government type, our trade with Romania comes to an end and we apologise to their nation that it had to come to this.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We accept the trade agreement with Germany and both trade and alliance with Italy. We ask Turkey for a trade agreement. We ask Germany if we can have an defence pact signed with their nation to secure a Hungarian Fascist future. 
    • Italy D: accepts.
    • Austrian Diplomats Invite Hungary to sign the New Central Pact, an Alliance of European Fascists.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We accept Hungary's trade agreement. 
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We accept Austria's offer to join the Central Pact.
  • Portugal: Portugal starts to expand light industry and military shipward. The Portuguese navy starts to patrol the Portuguese territorial waters in North Atlantic. Portugal also starts a slow military build up.
  • Pita, you did your map wrong. Manchuria is already under Japanese control. I seized land along the Manchu-Chinese border. The Empire of Japan continues to expand its military and industry, as well as seeking a solution to the problem in Korea as well as attempting maintain the Empire. More propaganda is filtered into the Philippines, pushing the people to throw off the shackles of their foreign masters and to join a great and powerful Asian empire. In Manchuria, the air force is focused on heavily, in hopes of being able to bomb Beijing and other cities. More forces from Japan are redirected into the newly seized territory in order to fortify control over the region. Japan begins to purge Communism from inside its borders, as well as other ideologies, such as Western democracy and European Fascism. Propaganda is also directed into Siam and French Indochina, hoping to destroy foreign power in the latter. The Diet continues its debates over everything, and one member proposes adding Korea to the Diet to resolve rebellion. This idea is quickly dismissed but it remains in the minds of several people.


Reborn - 1934.5.png

Argentina offers to host a new Vatican in South America

  • Italy: Funds the Vatican's building in Tirana, and the Christian community begins to grow. The Government and military continue to fund Fascist Parties in Romania and Spain, and help the Japanese in Korea. Work begins on some new weaponry, and a newer, more powerful tank, known as the D19, and a new form of SMG (similar to the MP40). Places a bid for the 1940 Summer Olympics, and work begins on a track and field stadium capable of holding 120,000, as well as other things. Once again the USSR is asked for a non-aggression pact. The industry and the military grows and improves.
  • USSR Secret D: We agree to this NAP.
  • Olympics are decided seven years in advance. 1940 Olympics were set last year.
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military, and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government.
    • USSR Secret: We continually send weapons shipments to the Communist Chinese even giving them tanks to more effectively fight the Kuomintang.
  • Republic of Turkey: We modernize and industrialize our military while we continue improving and modernizing the economy. Oil continues being exported to the nations of Europe. Railways continue construction to connect the country, with the country's railway nearing completion. Also, we send an envoy to Iraq asking if we can build a railway through their land.  We continue investing in our air force, working on new plane designs. The University of Ankara continues to expand into different fields, with the seven current wings being expanded and allowing for more students. Dormitories begin construction at UoA.  We work on our military.  We continue researching our technology, building up our military, and industrializing. Turkey's President begins to encourage the buildup of new infrastructure throughout the country, and the legislature approves the bill to fund new infrastructure. We offer the USSR a non-aggression pact. 
  • Holy See: We accept the offer to build a new Vatican type city in Buenos Aires, around the region of Catholic University of Buenos Aires. The university, and the land for the new church, and land around the university will make up an independent Catholic micronation under the direction of the Holy See, like the Vatican City. They will be known as Santa María de los Buenos Aires and Universidad Católica Argentina. Together they will made up the entity called Santa Maria. The Holy See builds dormitories around St. Stephens and continues the new church, St. Paul, in Tirana. The Avignon Papacy Enclave is purchased and facilities are being updated. All the sites of the Holy See are under the direction and governed by the Holy See. We ask Catholics around the world for donations to fund these sites and thank them for their previous donations. The HOLY SEE is looking for two more cites for regional sites to run and care for the archdioceses and their people.  We fund more Catholics for Catholic expansion in Northern France, Germany and Denmark.
    • Korean Diplomacy: Korea pleads with the Vatican to denounce the Japanese publicly for forcing Korea to sign the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905 and making Korea a part of Japan.
    • Italy D: We tell you to not denounce these actions, since Japan is a friend, and Korea will be part of the Communist community if they gain independence, which is NOT WHAT WE WANT!
    • Portugal: We are willing to give land next Braga and money to the Holy See for them to make a micronation like Santa Maria if the Holy See is willing to build on it a university and hospital next to the religious building.
      • Holy See D: We appreciate the offer from Portugal. Housing is built immediately, and the University will be built after the one in Buenos Aires is complete. 
  • Switzerland:​ Armed forces continues to develop. All borders, including France, are fortified. Bern experiences some fortification. Maintains strict neutrality.
  • Germany: Influence over Poland continues to grow, and the propaganda machine in Germany goes into overproduction stating the wrongs which were committed against Germany and trying to gain popular sport for the government. Industrial expansion continues and in secret re-militarization begins. The persecution of Communists is now at an all time high and a scared group begin plotting the assassination of Hitler, though the army catches onto the plot they keep quiet hoping that the death of Hitler will allow them to step into his shoes and use what he has began while leading Germany themselves. Germany begins approaching Austria in secret diplomacy with the hopes of creating a common union between the two German-speaking nations.
    • USSR Secret D: Stalin would like to conduct an agreement which would establish the Spheres of Influence in Europe which would most likely include our splitting of Poland.
    • Germany agrees.
    • Austrian Secret: If there is a split Austria would like the south that was part of Austria Hungary.
    • USSR D: This does not include you. This is between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Austria reserves no rights to this territory, whatsoever.
    • It would be beneficial for you both if you involved Austria.

Hungarian Fascism AVA

  • Hungary: After one and a half years of tension in our nation, Fascism finally comes into complete power and riots have completely ceased. The people of Hungary are happy to welcome the new future for our nation as a Fascist state. Our monarchy is now no longer in charge of our nation and we have appointed a new leader for our nation, "Abal Kato". Because of our change in government, our interests have changed such as trade with the Eastern and Southern nations an our relationship towards them. We do however, want to keep a close relationship with these nation for the time being. We encourage nations such as Bulgaria to become Fascist as well. We continue to spread influence to the Slovakian region in hope that they will join us. We give a chance for Czechoslovakia to hand over the Slovakian region to us.
  • USSR Secret: We continually influence Hungary and help the recruitment of individuals into the Communist Party.
  •  Italy Secret: sends supplies to the new Fascist state and helps in their work of influencing.
    • You can be Fascist and a monarchy at the same time. I think that is what happened OTL, sort of...
    • A nation could be both a monarchy and a Fascist state true but it had limitations since the monarchy could impede the Fascist leaders should they decide to. Mussolini, himself stated, after he founded the Italian social republic in 1943 that he could now do things that he couldn't do before. Nkbeeching (talk) 13:12, August 4, 2013 (UTC)
  • Korea: The rebellion continues across Korea, with more suicide bombings and assassinations. Most are in Korea, although a few Japanese businessmen including the president of Nissan are killed in Japan. The money from the Vatican is secretly used to support rebel activities, although the façade of rebuilding churches and supporting Catholic activities is continued.
    • USSR Secret: Communists are armed with non-Russian weapons purchased and sent to the Korean Communists. 
  • United States: FDR continues with more New Deal legislation, but the Great Depression still holds the nation back. Pro-American and Pro-Statehood propaganda is still being issued in the Philippines, Hawaii, Alaska, Nicaragua, and Haiti. FDR begins to discuss among his cabinet the possibly of aiding Korean insurgents to undercut Japanese efforts in Eastern Asia and the Philippines. This is secret, don't assume I'll pick a side. The government calls of the embargo of Colombia, but warns Colombia not to test its luck a second time.
  • Austria: We demand that the Bohemian part of Czechoslovakia join us. we ask for a conference with Hungary surrounding the Future of the Balkans. We ask that the German leader, Adolf Hitler to become Austria's very own Imperial General we remind Italy that we are their client state. we ask Hungary to think about merging to recreate Austria-Hungary. The New Central pact is still proposed with We ask Hungary, Germany, Turkey and Italy being invited. We propose defense pacts and trade agreements with Hungary, Germany, Turkey and Italy.
    • Austria Secret An invasion of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia are planned. The Czechoslovakian invasion is set to begin in 1938 and the Yugoslavian one soon after. We ask Hungary, Germany, Turkey and Italy for supplies.
    • USSR Secret: The USSR heavily influences one of the repressed Communist groups and helps supply them in order for them to unite and recruit more to the Cause of Communism.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We accept an alliance and trade agreement with Austria and we inform Austria that we are already in the Central Pact. We do, however, wish to not merge out two nations.
    • Hungarian Secret: We ask Austria that an invasion plan on Czechoslovakia so that you can gain the Bohemia/Moravia area and we can gain the Slovakian area. We do accept to help aid Austria to supply them in an attack on Czechoslovakia.
    • Italy Secret: We will send aid, but we still won't join this Central Alliance, or may be as an observer.We will also help keep down any possible beginnings of non-Fascist parties, specifically Socialist parties.
  • USSR: The nation continues its industrial and agricultural expansion as well as its military expansion. Stalin proposes the modernization of Russia's existing defensive line by the military. The army accepts this generally fast and begins work at once. The Stalin purges of undesirables in his party and military continue (like OTL). The Soviet Union openly supports the Communist Party of Poland. Seeing Fascism rise continually Stalin locks down the borders and searches most people from Fascist nations attempting to gain access so they don't contain any subversive material. The USSR continues major military modernization outfitting many soldiers with newly built and semi Tweaked Mosin Nagant rifles to streamline their production and make it much faster to produce the rifle. The rifle still maintains its prestige and power and is tested alongside its previous counterparts with no fall off in ability. The development of a sub machine gun is looked into to help modernize the Soviet army a bit more. The designing of new automatic rifles is looked into as well. The Red Army expands its presence in the Mongolian Peoples Republic following their leaders untimely death and his replacement calling for a larger Soviet presence in the area.
    • Secret: Stalin continues to support the Uniting Spanish Communists, as well as the Communists in Romania, China and Korea. The Soviets begin helping locals who believe in Communism in Hungary and Austria. Austria is especially focused on, with the oppressed or overlooked peoples being swayed to Communism. Bulgaria is highly influenced towards Communism with Soviet Commissars of the Party even making an entrance into the country to preach Communism to the populace. The Invasion plans for Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are planned, as well as an extended operation into Poland. The Mongolian leader is killed in the Purges after being tricked into going on a holiday on the Black Sea (This is exactly like OTL. A Stalinist takes leadership in Mongolia (like OTL). His Name is Khorloogiin Choibalsan and this makes Mongolia pretty much a Vassal of the USSR.
  • France: Gaston Domergue, President of France, orders the military to mobilize in a drill-like fashion - but actually orders them to attack Belgium. Citing the oppression of the Walloons, France invades, and makes quick gains in their surprise attack. Meanwhile, our industry begins to grow, due in part to new innovations in automobile technology. Domergue promises a system of effective transportation by 1940, so new roads begin construction, with up to six lanes on both sides of the freeway. The Maginot Line begins reconstruction, as many consider it outdated. New fortifications are built, which are meant to last under extreme bombing. Plans for the line to extend into Belgium are made.
    • No. Not happening. He's just a president, not a dictator. And no, France is not becoming a dictatorship.
  • Netherlands: We see an opportunity with this surprise attack by France against Belgium. We fund and support Flemish nationalists and reserves are mobilized in case there is a military intervention is needed. The transport system is upgraded in Indonesia and the military is still expanding. We ask to buy weapons from the USA and we are still seeking alliances with Great Britain, and the USA. The Semi-Fascism party, the so-called "Militaire-Socialisten Factie" is winning popularity, it is a very pro-military party.
    • Italy Secret: We send aid to the Fascist Party, but also help the government against the French.
  • Romania: Feeling pressure from both the USSR and Italy, King Carol II decides to please both the Romanian Communist Party and the Iron Guard by having both industrial reforms and rapid industrialization. The propaganda program for the Monarchist Faction is a moderate success with King Carol II securing his image. Since King Carol II secured his image he begins to build up the Royal Romanian Military. Despite King Carol II securing his image both the Communist Party and the Iron Guard continue to grow in strength and numbers. Many urge King Carol II to pick a side as war is inevitable between the factions.
  • USSR Secret: The USSR begins to support the Romanian Communists more heavily with Weapons shipments for the obviously coming Civil war. Dissent it sewn through the iron guard as a spy leaks documents saying that many of their prominent members are Communists (The documents are forged)
  • Spain: Franco is put in informal command of the military effort against the revolt in Asturias, where the only successful revolt against the Spanish government through a general strike was successful. His army killed men, women and children and carried out summary executions after the main cities of Asturias were retaken. About 1000 workers are killed, with about 250 government soldiers dead. The failed rising in Asturias brings an end to possible peace in Spain, with the Republican government being changed. Months of retaliation and repression follows; torture is allowed on political prisoners. Moderate groups become sidelined, with two-thirds of groups siding with the Socialists (Communist) Party, and one-third siding with the Fascists, with Franco's actions causing outrage rather than praise as it had OTL. Farm workers wages are halved, and the military is purged of Republican members and reformed. Franco becomes the Chief of Staff of the

    The flag of the Spanish Popular Front (Axis vs Allies : Reborn Map Game)

    military, but they do not purge Socialist members of the military since they fear it will lead to an all out civil war. The emergence of the "Popular Front" is marked by the unifying of Spanish leftists and centrists. The major parties of the Spanish Socialist/Communist Party, Workers Party of Marxist Unification, Republican Left, and the Republican Union party are all united under the Popular Front, and their numbers grow. They are lead by Diego Martinez Barro. They gain support from Galician and Catalan nationalists, the Workers General Union, and the National Confederation of Labor. This begins the Second Black Year of Spain.
  • USSR SecretStalin engages in personal correspondence with a Communist Spanish general telling him if civil war breaks out that he must take his loyal troops and support the popular front in order to liberate Spain from its failing government and Francisco Franco. Arms and munitions will be supplied as will strategic military advisors. A goodwill crate of weapons is sent to the popular front reiterating Soviet Support. We highly influence Catalonia going as far as to having Soviet trained Spanish Commissars in the area, The oppressed in the area are recruited for the Communist Party. 
  • Italy Secret: continues funding the Fascist Party, and influences Catalonia specifically, thinking that they will be a deciding factor. Arms and ammo are sent to the Fascist side.
  • Portugal: We begin to create new schools and universities everywhere in Portugal. We make new ships. We start to make anti-aircraft fortifications on the coastline. We ask Spain for a military alliance. (It would be fun to know in what Tier Portugal is.)
  • The Empire of Japan continues its rapid industrialization and militarization. The Diet erupts into a fiery debate over the topic brought up a few months ago. Favor grows more and more to make Korea and Manchuria part of Japan proper and to respect them as prefectures and give them the same rights as all ethnic Japanese. The military seems to be in favor of this as well, as it would reduce the internal fighting they have to deal with and end guerrilla wars for the most part. The Emperor seems to be publicly undecided, but most (correctly) assume that he supports the idea. Meanwhile, troops are redirected from the Manchu-Chinese border to the Mongolian borders. More propaganda is filtered into Indochina and the Philippines, and we continue to approach Siam on becoming a vassal. Communism and Fascism continue to be purged from inside the borders, and some members of the Diet also propose opening up the borders to foreign religions so as to gain greater footing on the world stage. Propaganda is also filtered into Hawaii this year, as well as all American and British territory in the Pacific Ocean, most notably Guam and the rest of Micronesia. 
  • Midway didn't have an indigenous populace. It was purely a naval base and wouldn't be subject to propaganda.. there are literally zero people there other than the US military.
  • Thanks.
  • Great Britain continues to recover from the Great Depression, while more British forces are moved into the British East Asian Colonies, particularly Hong Kong and Singapore. Development of a new tank continues, while construction of radar emplacements along the English Channel and North Sea are finished. The Royal Air Force is expanded and three new airfields are planned across southern England. Winston Churchill continues to lash out against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.


Reborn - 1935.png
  • Italy: Work on tanks, firearms and a new bomber continues. The Air Force is heavily focused on, so it can "rule the air". Recruitment continues, and the military is vastly growing. The stadiums in preparation for the 1940 Summer Olympics continue.
  • Hungary: We finish making some artillery divisions. We continue with influence to the entire Slovakian region. Our military is on an all time rise and we continue to develop new military weapons. New farmland and mining areas are built and produce a lot of money for Hungary. 'We ban the Communist Party in Hungary after recent conflicts. 'We gather a lot of Communist people and place them in camps for those who are revolting against the Fascist government. We hope to not raise tensions with the East and ask that they grant access for the Communist people in Hungary to leave to the Soviet Union. We continue with more military drills and begin to make a larger air force to use in a potential war. We continue to keep a strong bound between Italy, Austria, Turkey and Germany. We thank any Fascist nation for their support during the past few years.
  • USSR Secret: Many of the Hungarian exiles are trained in military tactics, and existing soldiers are trained as officers. They are supplied with non-Russian weaponry and moved back to Hungary to start a revolution. The Hungarian Communists are highly supported by the many that decided to remain in country. A Communist revolution has officially broken out in Hungary.
  • USSR: The Soviets gladly accept the many Hungarian Communists including their party leader. The USSR continues its large scale development of military equipment such as new fighter aircraft the Yak-7 and Yak-7 to be in production by 1940, a new tank dubbed the T-34 slated for full production by 1940, and a sub machine gun hot off the drawing board yet but with designs showing promise. The Red Army deploys defensive positions within Mongolia as the Pro Stalinist Leader requested equaling out to about 250,000 troops which could be easily backed up by the USSR's Far East armies numbering in the millions. Certain Industries are built up in the Urals more for contingency than for actually building need. The factories are tooled for many things including war and agricultural tool production. The Soviet military continues fortification of its defensive line modernizing its weaponry. The USSR openly uses major connection to influence Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine while sponsoring the Polish Communist party heavily. The PPD-40 Enters full production. Portugal is fully embargoed and trade ships are heavily armed in case of possible aggression on our trade ships from them. We tell the Portuguese any attempt to interfere in our dealing with Communist Spain will be considered hampering of diplomatic proceedings and military force will be used.
    • Secret: With the Hungarian exiling of many of their Communists especially towards Russia Stalin cant help but take advantage of the situation, The Hungarian Communists are all trained by the Soviet military and led by a few of the Hungarian military members which have also been exiled as Communists. With the possibility of thousands of oppressed workers and people in Hungary. Thousands of Hungarians are sent into Hungary secretly using the Red Army's preparations in Eastern Europe to get to Hungary Faster. The Communist front, while supplied by the Soviets, is not openly recognized as The Communists secure the countryside and go to war with the Hungarian government. The Communists in Romania are also highly supported and their rivals are continually plagued by letters or lists dictating members in the Royal military, and the Iron Guard who may be Communist or otherwise. This is done to weaken their chain of command. The Communists in Spain are sent more weapons including some Soviet planes and tanks if the Communist general decides to remain with Franco. Following months of planning the USSR seeing Communism coming up everywhere highly supports and finances Communist Parties in the Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Korean Communists are continually supported as are the Communist Chinese under Mao Zedong. Ho Chi Minh is continually educated and trained in Moscow and prepared for his eventual return to Vietnam.
  • Mongolia: The Mongolian Economy under years of Soviet leadership has successfully been rid of Buddhism and the military under the Red Army has received much training. The population of Mongolia begins to recover. (FYI, Mongolia was pretty much a Soviet Vassal at this point as in 1934 their leader was purged by Stalin and replaced by a Pro-Stalinist. Please refer to my previous turn).
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military, and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government. However, the Kuomintang begins to lose a few battles to the Communist Chinese, and are being slowly pushed back.
  • Germany: The German government and people are shocked when Hitler, while doing a tour of Berlin, is attacked by Communist fanatics and ends up passing away from a series of wounds. The military takes affirmative action and in a bloodless coup taking power and suppressing the Communists swiftly, using the institutions established by the Nazis, they officially accept the Nazi rule but they control the movements of the party and begin attempting to keep a control over the S.A. the industrialization and re-militarization continues, and Germany continues to influence Poland and begins exerting influence over Luxemburg. the MP 35 (OTL MP 38) is produced and begins being distributed throughout the rearming German armed forces.
  • Communist Spain: The second Black Year of Spain does not reach a full year. The continued repression of the Socialist (Communist) Spanish Party under the "Popular Front" leads to a coup d'etat in the communities of Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja, Navarre, Basque, Cantabria, Asturias, Galacis, Balearic's, and Castille and Leon by the armed Popular Front, supplied by the Soviet Union. A little over a third of the Spanish Army revolts and they are quickly moved to Socialist Spain. The General Secretary of 

    Spain as divided between the Communists and Republicans

     Communist Spain is Dolores Ibarrui. Its Head of State is Manuel Azana, and its Head of Government is Jose Diaz. The first act of Communist Spain is to fortify the border between itself and Republican Spain before starting a campaign of Socialist Reconquista. They also start a conscription program for anyone 18 years of age or older increasing the army's ranks considerably in their territory due to a large Communist/Socialist following. Open violence occurs in Republican Spain against any Communists and vice versa. Soviet supplies and advisors are used extensively to arm the population and its military, as well as adapt tactics to defeat Republican Spain. No major military action has occurred against Republican Spain as of yet, but both are at war.
    • Portugal: The Northern Communist Government of Spain is illegitimate. We ask you to surrender to Republican Spain. We will embargo and blockade you until then.
    • (There is no nationalist Spain, only Republican and Communist Spain...For now...)
    • Austrian Secret: We try to convince the Fascists to rebel. Supplies are sent to the Fascists.
    • I changed it for republican
    • I meant that there may be a three-way civil war soon...Heheh..Heheh..Heh
    • German Diplomacy: Germany begins sending funds and men to fight under the republican banner along with observers to see how the fighting is going to determine German tactics for any possible future conflicts involving Germany.
  • USSR Secret: Communist Spain is fully supported as military equipment is sent en masse including T-35 Tanks, a Full complement of the newest Mosin Nagant rifles majority in a normal configuration with other in a carbine or sniper variants. Another Full complement of PPD-40's are sent to the Spanish. Prototypes to be tested are sent in small numbers to the Spanish Communists such as the Prototype T-34 tanks and a Prototype automatic rifle known as the AVS-36 which can go between Semi automatic and fully automatic. (The next year is its slated full production time these are prototypes). 
  • Austria: The President is shot and killed by a Communist assassin in a military parade. We do an official investigation into theses acts and we find that it is the group the Sword and Sickle. The Sword and the Sickles headquarters is invaded. We ask Hungary if we can invade to support you. We continue Influencing Bohemia and begin influencing Yugoslavia. We tell the world that an invasion of Hungary will be counted as an invasion of us. An army program named "Your Army" or "Ihre Armee" begins. Ihre Armee I where we have local armies kinda like militias in each town. Each one is called for active service for one mouth a year and has weekly drills. Every man from 16 to 35 is required to register.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: Why would this even need to happen? First of all, we don't have a president. We are a Fascist nation. Second of all, we hardly regard these minor breakouts of Communists that are easily suppressed by our nation as a revolution. Your support is happily accepted but there is absolutely no reason to invade my nation. We have been easily able to suppress their civilian and insurgent attacks and it is little for us to worry about.
    • You have zero ways to trace it back to the Soviets and have no way of doing an investigation because it's not your nation. Also, you can't control anything in his nation or discover secret things like that without a mod event or something. #LivinLikeFeudal (talk) 04:15, August 5, 2013 (UTC)
    • TY for changing it so it wasn't such a misunderstanding #LivinLikeFeudal (talk) 04:32, August 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • Portugal: We mobilize. We fortify our border with Spain, especially northern Spain. We start making weapons and light military vehicles. We build more ships. We blockade Communist Spain and we embargo them. We build more AA on the coastline. We ask USSR to denounce Communist Spain. We ask a military alliance with France against Communist Spain. It would be very helpful to know in what Tier Portugal and Communist Spain are.


  • Portugal : For refusing to denounce Communist Spain, USSR will be embargoed by us. Every USSR ship or airplane seen on Portuguese territory will be fired upon. A military USSR ship or airplane on Portuguese territory will be considered an act of war. We ask any other free nation to embargo USSR as well.
  • There is no way to embargo the USSR. They are a self-contained and self-sufficient economy.
  • They do export. Embargo is still possible.
  • There are no existing diplomatic relations or otherwise between Portugal and the USSR. He literally can't embargo them.
  • Sure they can. America has an embargo against Cuba and they haven't had relations with each other since the '50s.
  • Netherlands: We send support to Portugal against Communist Spain. Furthermore, there are some riots against the semi-Fascist party in Amsterdam and the police needed to use force against both sides. The semi-Fascist party is still getting support in the north but in the south the right-wing parties are winning popularity. Infrastructure is being improved in the colonies and we begin working on light armored vehicles and the military is still growing in size. Secret: The Flemish nationalists are armed and planning a coup against the Belgian government within a half-year with support of the Dutch government.
  • Republic of Turkey: We build up our military and continue researching new planes, with the Holster I, (like OTL Me262) continuously being researched, although it will be years until completed. We modernize and industrialize our country while work continues on the economy. The University of Ankara has its first class graduate, and they take up fields within Turkey. Many go towards the military as a majority of the graduates were trained in Military Science. The second group was trained in Physics, with those graduates forming the Turkish Association of Atomic Physics (TAAP). TAAP soon begins working to unlock what makes up an atom, as to benefit the scientific community. The President begins encouraging immigration to Turkey by Middle Eastern and European immigrants, hoping that within a year immigration will rise. We finally connect the entire country by railway, and we begin construction of airports in ever city or town above 15,000 people. Construction on telephone lines begins to connect the country and allow instantaneous communication. 
  • I don't think Turkey had the technology to do this.. could I get a mod please.
  • They can, but not nearly to the extent that they are stating.
  • United States: The New Deal legislation for this year is proving to have some small effect. Fortifications are constructed in Outlying American Territories (e.g. Hawaii, Philippines, PCZ, etc.). Propaganda about becoming a state is still being issued in the Philippines, Hawaii, Alaska, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. The government considers allowing aid to go to the Netherlands if the Netherlands aligns itself closer to the Western democracies (Britain, France, America) instead of the Fascists. The government also invites a representative of the Korean resistance to Washington to explain what would happen if Korea won its independence. The navy begins construction of several new ships.
    • German Secret Diplomacy: The German High Command which is now using the Nazi government as a puppet requests that the U.S.A. ease its anti-German position as The German military wishes to slowly restore a conservative Germany, and focus on the real threat to the so called western Democracy as well as to the rest the world, Communism. the German ambassador proposes a common front against Communism - not through an alliance, but rather through similar policies aimed at curtailing the Soviet Union and Communist movements.
    • American Secret Diplomacy: We would like that as well, but we do have several questions. How conservative of a Germany are you hoping to achieve, what will be the fate of minorities in your nation, and how closely will you align with other Fascist nations?
    • German Diplomacy: The German government hopes to restore the old Prussian and Kaiser Reich ethics and morality so as to eventually do away with the demagogues currently in power,  along with ending the restrictions of the treaty of Versailles. The minorities will be treated fairly if they accept German rule (I have German-Jewish heritage so remember, I'm not going to kill off the Jews) and we hope to create a strong alliance against Communism if possible with both Fascist and democratic countries. If there is resistance to our plans from the Fascist powers we will willingly go to war against them as well.
  • Holy See: We continue to build in Braga and Buenos Aires, as well as Albania. We ask nations meet in a conference before taking an military action. Funds are sent to Korean Catholic Church. We ask Belgium if we can buy the cathedral  and surrounding land in Antwerp. We also ask Brazil for a similar offer in Rio de Janeiro or Brasilla. 
  • Romania: Many have urged King Carol II to join a side for years now and King Carol II has finally made a decision. He decides to combine the ideas of Communism and Fascism into Ultranationalistic Communism. The nation is renamed to Ultranationalistic Communist Romania (UCR) with its leader still being King Carol II. A classless society is formed with everyone getting equal pay and the economy becomes state run. Loyalty to the state and loyalty to the leader, King Carol II is hailed to be the two most important things.  Massive industrial reforms and industraliziation begin. The URC is tolerant of religion and anti-semitism is not allowed. Anti-Semites, Extreme Communists, and Extreme Fascists begin to riot in Bucharest and they are forcefully put down by the URC military. The URC begins to build up its military.
  • Britain continues to recover from the Great Depression, while more exploitation and drilling of oil in the North Sea continues. Development a new tank, nicknamed the Cruiser Mk. VIII tank, continues with a prototype constructed. The HMS Hood receives a sister ship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and is immediately deployed to Hong Kong, along with troops to re-inforce the colony. The Royal Air Force is expanded. Winston Churchill lashes out against Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.
  • Hitler died a while ago.


  • Korea: Resistance continues against the Japanese.



Democratic nations like Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia resist the demands of Fascist nations around them and appeal to the League of Nations.

Tensions between the Soviet Union and Japan reach a boiling point after Japan invaded and defeat the Mongolian People's Republic.

Consider the lack of Belgian activity (i e, that player has never posted here). Can the Holy See get a response on the purchase of the Cathedral of Antwerp and its surrounding area. The HS is willing to build a university/hospital, and other accommodations in the area if given enough land. 

    • Belgium says yes.
  • Italy: Continues work on the stadiums for the Olympics. Invades independent Yemen. Continues military focus, specifically on the air force, and a smaller, faster bomber is in production. A prototype of the D-19 is created. ASKS TO BUY SYRIA FROM FRANCE.
    • You can't invade Yemen. It's just not logistically possible for Italy.
    • I know I'm not a mod but I have to speak in defence of Italy. If they could fight Ethiopia why not fight Yemen? They had access through the Suez Canal so far as I'm aware unless the British player cut Italy off. It's inadvisable to invade Yemen. It would provide you with little gains and a lot of problems in the long run when retaining an empire. Nkbeeching (talk) 23:41, August 5, 2013 (UTC)
    • No, Italy already had Somalia next to Ethiopia to have supplies and stuff. Yemen is just... there.
    • mmm - Fair enough. I'll keep quiet, then Nkbeeching (talk) 00:42, August 6, 2013 (UTC)
    • I OWN that area, it would be another colony that I have to cross a sea for. If Moses can fucking walk through it I can fly and send boats over it! NO EDIT CONFLICTS ALLOWED (talkNOPE
    • I don't think so. Plus Yemen is too close to British territory. They might not like it.
  • Germany: The military continues to de-Nazify the country while using the party as a front until they are ready to dispose of the populist movement. Hitler's memory is used by the propaganda machine showing what a true patriot wanted for the country focusing on his wishes to restore German pride and position in the world while avoiding the Jewish question. The military hopes to restore the Jews to their place in German society since the German Jewish population represent a large part of the best professionals in the country. The military begins taking an interest in the recent physics papers that have been appearing and begin hoping to round up scientists to work on projects that could be beneficial to the country, largely rockets and turbos (still in ideas far from ready for experimentation and designing) although rumors of other ideas start floating around in the German scientific community as well. The military tries to build a pro-military, nationalistic state from the ruins of the Nazi platform, the SS is slowly being fazed out and being replaced by military police. The government demands that the Treaty of Varseilles be revoked as it is an unfair and untruthful paper that stains German history and pride. The remilitarization of the Rhine begins, and military expansions begins in earnest and openly with the government stating it is to protect against the growing Communist threat and for self-defence. New tank designs are being made along with plane and armored vehicle designs. The government begins entering negotiations with Crown Prince Fredrick Wilhelm to restore the monarchy and help unite the German people. However, these are only ideas for the moment as the military contemplates the best government structure to build up to ensure their power in the government and hold the population loyal to the state and the military. Influence over Poland, Lexumburg and Czechoslovakia continues to grow. The idea of pan-Germanism is resurging in political circles as well. Support to Spain continues with more volunteers and observers going there.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We ask for an alliance with Germany.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany proposes a defence treaty.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We accept the defence treaty.
    • Portugal: We ask for German military support in northern Spain.
  • USSR: Stalin openly denounces the Exiling of Hungarian Communists as oppression to people in the country, not just oppression to Communism. Development of the Yak-9 and Yak-7 Fighters continues as does development of the T-34. The promising designs look full bent on fully replacing many of the Soviet Union's tanks. King Carol is openly supported by stalin by adopting Communism and his finesse of ridding himself of Fascist leaders by taking it himself. The Soviet Union continues to influence Eastern Europe such as hundreds of thousands of people in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, and Poland are brought into the fold of Communism and an election brings Lithuania and Latvia close to Communist control. Estonia remains highly resistantStalin seeing his Communist teaching gain ground in Eastern Europe orders the invasions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, using the prepared infrastructure to bring about the reclamation of these areas. Stalin announces that without Russia that these areas are dying economically and can not survive and will eventually serve to be a massive issue to the many people in Europe. Stalin openly condemns Hungary for its execution of the Communists and prepares military action as they were executed publicly in front of thousands. The successful invasion of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia had led to their collapse very fast after the crushing defeat near their respective capitals. The USSR begins a counterattack against Japan. The Soviet Union succeeds in its counterattack against Japan forcing them out of Mongolia very handily.
    • Secret: Michael Svechnykov a military theorist lined up to be killed by Stalin for purges is saved last minute by Commander Georgy Zhukov, while risking his life to save the man Commander Zhukov asks his general to allow Michael to live. While Zhukov is a pivotal commander for the Mongolian forces he is ordered to meet with Stalin in Moscow. Very scared of his possibility of death from Stalin he walks into the office and is greated with a Smile. Stalin congratulates Zhukov on saving the man and says that while most would be "sent away" for such actions Stalin sees promise in Zhukov, he agrees and Stalin says that by 1938 he will be a general. For the time being Zhukov is to resume his post and also facilitate the development of an unconventional group as a special forces unit. Georgy Zhukov's actions have single-handedly allowed for the formation of the Spetznaz Special forces units which are put under training immediately cut out from the best of the Soviet troops across the country. A buildup of agriculture in Ukraine has led to a surplus from harvest which is being put towards a Ukrainian grain reserve. Some is still sent to the grain reserves in Russia proper. Manufacturing of the PPD-40 continues as development of other high powered weapons of this caliber are put under way. 
    • Portugal: We denounce the invasion of the Baltic countries.
  • Mongolia: The economy collapses as Japan invades the country and the government flees to the USSR (not Tibet).
    • 'Your influence is not that powerful. These countries did hate you. They won't turn that easily.
    • The Soviets did actually control Ukraine.. they've had it since 1921
    • German Diplomacy: Germany warns against Soviet annexation of parts that used to be part of the German Empire, areas which Germany plans to reaquire at some point, Germany proposes restoring the borders of pre-WW1 borders to Germany and Soviets.
    • USSR Dip: We will agree to this, but any military action towards us will not be tolerated.
    • Romanian Diplomacy:We ask for an alliance with the USSR.
    • USSR D: We accept.
    • Don't you have bigger fish to fry? Mongolia is sheer desert, anyway. The only real reason Japan wants it is because GREATER ASIA FTW.
  • Netherlands: We ask for an alliance with Germany, for expansionist purposes.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany has no expansionist agendas - only a wish to restore German pride and lands.
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government. The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back more.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany offers to train the Chinese army and requests a trade agreement with China.
  • United States: The United States fears the expansion of the Soviet Union intensely. As a result, America's military begins undergoing war games to enhance its readiness. More fortifications are built in American territories and the West Coast region as well. Propaganda is still issued in the Philippines, Hawaii, Alaska, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. Diplomatic and economic pressure starts to be applied in the countries of Central America, so as to perhaps forge a strong republic there capable of supporting American interests. Some senators are proposing a Caribbean military alliance to project American influence in the world. A nuclear research program is started. Supplies are sent to the Netherlands and Germany to support anti-Communist efforts. The American government even supports the remilitarization of the Rhineland, although it also insists that the sovereignty of states in that area are not violated. The American government reiterates its offer to the Koreans.
    • Korean diplomacy: Korea explains that an independent Korea would be a shining center of democracy in a decidedly un-democratic East Asia. We would be a valuable US ally thanks to our strategic position.
      • American Diplomacy: We are glad to hear of this, but we are curious as to what government you would utilize. Would it be a full republic, a Communist one or a restoration of the monarchy of 1910?
      • Korean Diplomacy: It would be a presidential republic.
      • American Diplomacy: Seems fair. Medical supplies and munitions are secretly en route.
    • German Diplomacy: The government accepts American support and proposes the formation of an anti-Communist association.
      • American Diplomacy: Perhaps. We will see if you can get more on board.
    • Japan seeks to forge a Pacific front to prevent against the evil forces of the Soviet Union and their allies.
    • Portugal to USA: We ask for your military support in northern Spain
  • Hungary: The many "trained" Russians that return to our nation are captured and are executed in front of our streets. The people of Hungary are gathering large amounts of Communists and are killing them and are raiding their homes due to these recent conflicts. Our government tries to settle these attacks on Communists' homes. We are now no longer letting anyone escape to the Soviet Union. We continue to spread enfluence to Slovakian region and we continue to remain strong alliances and trade with other Fascist nations. We give Czechoslovakia the chance to hand over the Slovakian region to the Hungarian government.
  • They aren't Russian. They are trained Hungarians that were sent back.
  • USSR Dip: The execution of the Communists in your streets is an issue and Stalin asks your current government step down.
  • Romanian Diplomacy: We dennounce Hungary's actions of publicly killing Communists.
  • Korea: The resistance against the evil Japanese continues while other nations are still begged to provide weapons. The Communist Party of Korea grows in influence, now having over 7000 members. A suicide bomber also attempts to kill Emperor Hirohito with a hand grenade, but ultimately fails. The Diet is also attacked with a bomb, and a few Diet members are injured although none are killed.
  • I am PURGING Communism. Is this hard to understand? At least pick another group to get strong,
  • USSR Secret: The Communists in Korea are armed with aircraft and tanks in order to gain more followers being one of the most powerful factions of Korean Independence.
  • Switzerland: Seeing the de-nazification of Germany, border fortification is slowed. Development continues. Maintains strict neutrality.
  • Australia: We have begun trying to improve the economy and are asking for trade alliances with any country willing to keep a mutual intention. We are currently trying to reduce the amount of homeless people in the streets to zero, the Government has started building shelters and is also starting a program to get them into jobs.
  • UCR: Industrial reforms and rapid industrialization continue. King Carol II looks for ways to secure his image as a strong leader among the Romanian people. Carol II soon sets his sights to the nation of Bulgaria and believes that the UCR is the only nation that can bring stability to the Balkans. The Romanian Military mobilizes and invades Bulgaria.  
  • Yeah, no. Moldova has been a part of your country since the end of WW1.
  • Yugoslavia: closes its borders to the North and proposes an alliance with the UCR if war breaks out. We also begin to build up our army and Navy in aid of defense. We also begin to strengthen our economy by creating jobs and encouraging trade.
  • Romania: We accept the alliance offer and advise Yugoslavia to not to give in to Austria's demands.
  • Chinese Communists: We march to Shanxxi from Hebei and establish a revolutionary base there. We begin attacking Nationalist forces.
  • The Diet of Japan explodes this year as the news that the generals in Mongolia were unsuccessful. The Diet decides that the the greatest threat to Japan lies in the Soviet Union and we seek alliances with enemies of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, the Diet also votes this year to adopt a disgustingly foreign concept and create a constitutional monarchy akin to that of the United Kingdom. The newly formed Japanese Empire (rearranged the words in English and Japanese) creates Dominions in Korea, Manchuria, Mengjiang, and Formosa, with locals being placed in power in place of Japanese people. Flow of propaganda into the Philippines ceases and this propaganda is re-routed into Indochina, Siam and Dutch Indonesia. New tanks are developed this year and they are more heavily armed and armored to prepare for the next offensive into China. Mongolia is abandoned and it is declared that an ally of the Soviet Union is an enemy of Japan and an enemy of the Soviet Union is a friend of Japan. The use of ruthless tactics is deauthorized in Manchuria, Korea and Formosa, although it is still done under the radar in Mengjiang. Japan threatens to withdraw from the League of Nations unless their member states cease the flow of arms to rebels in Korea and other locations. The purging of the Ainu people also stops. (Too late for this?).
    • Portugal: We would be happy to have you as ally.
  • Austria: We continue influencing Yugoslavia and the region of Bohemia. We demand that Yugoslavia hand over Dalmatia, Slovenia, and Croatia. To revive us from the depression a program called Heil Austria is formed. Heil Austria is where the people that are out of work can find work, building Tanks, Airplane, Battleship parts, roads and Farming. A Habsburg restoration grows in popularity as the 23 year old Otto von Hapsburg is named Imperial General. We ask the Holy See that an holy army is created with the training center outside of Vienna. We ask that the army is called the Palatine Guard? a Jewish man named Johan Schmidt is named President. We ask Italy and Germany for a defense pact.
  • Austrian Secret: Spies are sent to Bohemia and Yugoslavia for battle plans.
  • Portugal: Portuguese armies are moving north. We industrilize more. We start making more military vehicle. We guarantee the independence of Finland, Afghanistan, Iran, Poland, Romania and Turkey from URSS. We ask for military support, or at least economic support from every free nation to fight Northern Spain. We guarantee Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Jamaica from Colombia. Paramiliy group are beeing formed. We make more AA fortification.
  • Great Britain: Prime Minister Winston Churchill, although suspicious of the changes in Japan and Germany, decides to recongize the new governments. Meanwhile, the HMS Queen Elizabeth continues to maintain its presence in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the British government continues to research its new tank, while a nuclear physics (physics, not weapons) program is established to research the idea of nuclear physics and how it functions. Meanwhile, Britain begins to look into internal problems in its colonies of India and other colonies. Meanwhile, forces are moved to its British Colonies in the Arabia, paritcullary its coloneis near Yemen. Forces in its Caribbean colonies are also increased, particullary Jamaica, British Guyana, and the Belize.
  • Republic of Turkey: We build up our military and continue researching new planes, with the Holster I, (like OTL Me262) continuously being researched, although it will be years until completed. We modernize and industrialize our country while work continues on the economy. TAAP continues research into the atom, hoping to discover what sub atomic particles there are. The President's encouragement of immigration causes an immigration boom, and the population begins to rise. We give these new immigrants public schooling as is entitled to all citizens and legal residents free of charge. We continue construction of airports in all towns and cities above 15,000 people. . Construction on telephone lines continue as to connect the country and allow instantaneous communication. 


These are not mod events, Whoever is mapmaker please update map with all of last turns changes, etc. Thank you. #LivinLikeFeudal (talk) 21:13, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

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Open war now rages across Eastern Asia between Japan and the Soviet Union and their respective vassals. Japanese officials are furious when they discover Soviet tanks and planes in the hands of Korean insurgents.

I don't want war with the Soviet Union until WWII starts.
Then make a peace treaty with them. Or who knows, this could be the start.

The Yemenite royal family flees to Saudi Arabia and sets up a government-in-exile there. The Bulgarian royal family flees to Britain.

Turkey, Greece and Czechoslovakia  begin readying their militaries from fear of Fascist or Communist attacks.

  • Hungary: Abal Kato, our Fascist leader, announces the state of Hungary in a "mass change" position. This means that the whole country is evolving faster than ever and we are advancing nearly at the same rate as our Austrian allies. Our peoplke with jobs sky rockets and we have lots new farming and industrial facilities for people to work at. We continue to develop our military and industry technology. The amount of people getting new jobs cost our government a lot of money, thus slowing the construction of new military guns. Due to all the Communists from Hungary involved in conflicts, we begin to make concentration camps for these masses of people and it becomes increasing popular with the people under our Fascist government. Kato after the making of these facilities had done a new speech in front of Buda-Pest called "a new people, a new future".
  • UCR:With the recent victory over Bulgaria we vassalize them and King Carol II becomes more popular with the Romanian people. The actions of Hungary (exiling, public killing, toturing) against the Hungarian Communist Party has not gone unnoticed and must pay for their actions. The only way to pay for the horrible act is war and thus we declare war on the nation of Hungary.. We mobilize our military and invade Hungary. We devote our entire industry to the war and call upon all of the Comintern to help us.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: Not only does this issue not concern your people, but you have also made a crucial mistake for attacking our people. We have many Fascist and central european allies, thus declaring war on all of Europe. Your military is very weak after only just defeating Bulgaria and we take this to our advantage, making our forces completely mobilised. We have had lots of military and economical aid from Germany, Italy, Austria and Turkey and we are fully capable of wiping out your weakend nation. Not only do we have our own military capable of wiping you out, we also have defence treaties signed with Germany and you have gone to war with the German nation itself now. Our newely built artilary guns open fire on your nation and our mobilised infintry can easilly secure your towns while our division encircles your units and cities. Consider re-thinking about what you have just done.
  • Austrian diplomacy: Troops are sent to help Hungary.
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government. The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back even more.
  • USSR: Stalin orders total domination of the Japanese in Asia wishing to force them to the negotiation table. Their aggressive actions have forced the USSR into conflict and Stalin never wished for this. The Development of the T-34 commences faster as the T-35 is considered a failure. Development of the Yak-7 and Yak-9 are continuing at a quickened pace in order to facilitate its construction by 1938-39 instead of 1940. The Soviet military secures Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with relative ease but the country is given a choice in either forming the Communist Lithuanian Commenwealth, or Joining the Soviet Union. Many choose joining the Lithuanian Commonwealth rather than the USSR to maintain some autonomy. The Lithuanian commonwealth is formed as a Vassal state to the USSR While many remain unhappy about being conquered the relative ease and low death rate, as well as the offer of semi autonomy has left them in awe. The military, however, is purged, or reformed to include only Communists and is under heavy supervision and control by the Red army. Stalin declares war on Hungary as well but waits for an opportune moment to strike.
    • Secret: The USRR continues its training of its new Special forces divisions with the affectionate name Spetznaz. However, the GRU is more officially used. The Korean Communists are urged to rise up and move north to meet the Soviet Armies, while the Chinese Communists are urged to Move on Japan as they will reap the full benefits from Soviet support in a war on Japan. The Red Guard, Stalin's most elite and powerful units, are sent to train the armies of Communist Spain.
  • USSR D: The USSR wishes to Talk Diplomacy with Japan in regards to our further escalating conflict.
  • No, you attacked me. You're also losing in the algorithm.
  • You deleted my previous algo.....#LivinLikeFeudal (talk) 00:55, August 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • I didn't delete it, I corrected it.
  • United States: FDR warns the Communists not to take another step in another country. He further states that it is time for America to become "the Arsenal of Democracy" and to help those nations who are in need of protection. Many former unemployed are now hard at work producing munitions or war vehicles. Such supplies are sent to Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. The government still issues pro-statehood propaganda in the Philippines, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. A provisional government is established in Haiti and is hard at work repairing the legal and physical structure of the nation. Economic and diplomatic pressure succeed in convincing El Salvador and Honduras, as well as Nicaragua, to try a united Central America once again. Work still needs to be done to ensure Costa Rica and Panama will join as well. Fortifications are still built in outlying territories and the west coast. The economy of the nation rises a little, suggesting to a few hopeful that the Depression is ending. Scientists in the Atomic Research Program are now looking into ways of synthisizing Uranium. Extra troops are ordered to Alaska due to fears of Soviet expansion.
    • Japan asks the United States for some small help and in exchange will support American efforts in the Caribbean and Central America.
    • American Diplomacy: Granted. Medicine and small arms en route.
  • Germany: the German government continues open remilitarization, and objects the recent military actions carried out by the Soviets. German troops begin building up along the eastern fornt in case Russian aggression continues farther west, conscription is re-instated breaking another clause of the Versailles treaty. The Nazi party continues to crumble to pieces as the military dismantles it while using it as a front to pretend it is still in power, though at this point it is obvious the military is in power, though the population remains supportive of the military efforts. A new party the conservative alliance is formed and begins preparing for promised elections in 1938. Germany declares the plans to expand and strengthen Germany's internal market to help improve the national economy, with the contiuned industrial expansion these plans are facilitated by the large national production to help build up internal commerce. Military and civilian infrastructure begin expanding creating new jobs. Support for republicans in Spain is increased, as is aid to Chinese nationalists.
  • Switzerland: Neutrality and development.
  • Republic of Turkey: We build up our military and continue researching new planes, with the Holster I, (like OTL Me262) continuously being researched, although it will be years until completed. We modernize and industrialize our country while work continues on the economy. TAAP continues research into the atom, hoping to discover what sub atomic particles there are. The President's encouragement of immigration causes an immigration boom, and the population begins to rise. We give these new immigrants public schooling as is entitled to all citizens and legal residents free of charge. We continue construction of airports in all towns and cities above 15,000 people. Construction of telephone lines continue as to connect the country and allow instantaneous communication. We do slightly mobilize, but we state it is only in a defenisve action, and we will not start any conflicts.
  • Australia: We have begun to improve our military by developing long range artillery and building more air force bases to improve our military prowess. We are trying to increase the number of jobs available for the unemployed and have decided to try a new mining program, we are currently making plans to construct a mining base in Western Australia. It will be mining Coal, iron and hopefully Uranium which we would be willing to sell to other countries with nuclear capabilities in the future in trade for an alliance and sharing of technology.
  • Chinese Communists: We succeed in pushing the Nationalists out of Shanxxi and we begin distributing land and resourvces among the peasants. We raise 500,000 soldiers into the PLA and we declare war on Nationalist China officially. The capital is set at Xian and is named the People's Republic of China. We ask for supplies from Soviet Union, Romania and Mongolia.
  • Yugoslavia: We use our increasing army to place a military presence in and Dalmatia and Croatia; a Maginot line is also set-up across the whole of the northern border. A conscription policy is introduced in some cities. Furthermore, we invest in the country by upgrading our transport infrastructure and Merchant Navy and upgrading Montenegrin ports. Yugoslavia also (for now) declares itself Neutral-with-Arms in the fight between UCR and Hungary, unless a cry for help is heard from UCR.
  • Yugoslavian diplomacy secret: We reach out to Austria, offering the northern half of Slovenia in return for a peace coup. 
  • Austria: We continue influencing Yugoslavia and the region of Bohemia. As a compromise, we demand that Yugoslavia hand over Slovenia, and part of Croatia to get a port. The economy grows a lot as German tourists take tours. Ihre Armee is mobilized with troops going to the front lines. All the new tanks and everything continue to be mobilized. The number of babies grows because the Austrians need stronger armies.
  • Portugal: Portugal declares war on URSS, UCR and Northern Spain but we don't attack yet. We send logistic support to Hungary and Japan. We ask support from everybody who is against Communism for an invasion of Northern Spain. More paramilitary groups are formed. We blockade Colombia. We make new fortification.
  • Netherlands: We crack down on counterfeiters hard as our government gets gradually stricter (albeit more functional).
  • Holy See: We continue to build up our most recent purchases, including in Albania, Braga and Antwerp. Further funding is sent to the Korean Catholic Church, and massive amounts of missionary efforts are made in Turkey and the European USSR. 
  • Manchuria; We begin attacking Communist forces in and around our territory.
  •, no, sorry. Manchuria is part of Japan proper now. See the Japanese government change in 1935.5
  • Oh okay, sorry, I'm new, I'll play San Marino instead.
  • The Japanese Empire fights back against the invading evil Communists. Communismm is outlawed in Japan and its dominions thanks to this new war. Manchuria manages to hold its ground and advances its borders a bit and the new tanks and airplanes help bomb Vladivostok (main Soviet base in the region) and cut off the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Kamchatka Peninsula is captured after the fall of Vladivostok and Mongolia becomes a Dominion. The military begins purging the illegal Communism within Mongolia.
  • Poland: The Polish government offers the port city of Danzig to the German army in exchange for an alliance (against the Soviets).
  • Britain continues what it was doing last turn. Naval and air force expansion continues. The Bulgarian Royal Family is accepted in Britain.


With the war in Hungary now in full swing, Czechoslovakia rejects any demands from Austria or Hungary. The war has reached a temporary stalemate.

What happened to the mods, what happened with the events???? Why hasn't there been a map in about a week or new posts for turns? If this doesn't improve, I'm going to leave. Aternix (talk) 02:57, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

  • Republic of Turkey: We build up our military and continue researching new planes, with the Holster I, (like OTL Me262) continuously being researched, although it will be years until completed. We modernize and industrialize our country while work continues on the economy. TAAP continues research into the atom, hoping to discover what subatomic particles there are. The President's encouragement of immigration causes an immigration boom, and the population begins to rise. We give these new immigrants public schooling as is entitled to all citizens and legal residents free of charge. We continue construction of airports in all towns and cities above 15,000 people. Construction of telephone lines continue to connect the country and allow instantaneous communication. We do slightly mobilize, but we state it is only in a defenisve action, and we will not start any conflicts.
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government. The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back even more.
  • Hungary: We plunge our military forces into the Transylvanian region of Romania. The Romanian government doesn't take back the attack and we continue to move our forces into their nation. Our artillery pieces are already full set up in areas of interest in Romania and Bucharest is completely besieged and surrounded by our forces. We have had extreme amount of ccassualties through the time of invasion and it took months to get to any major city but because of their distribution of forces out in Bulgaria. They had only just won against the Bulgarian government and as a result, a lot of their military is weakened allowing us to progress through their nation. We give Romania the chance to surrender now and for them to have the Walanchia region left for their nation and the major Moldovan area to be put under the Hungarian government. We thank our allies for their support during the invasion against Romania. We ask Germany to conduct an invasion to free the occupied Bulgarian area and to possibly help give the nation freedom. Kato announces the nation for Hungary in a "complete state of war" anyone over 15 has to help out for the war effort to protect our nation against the Romanian aggressors.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We ask any nation to help support the invasion process against the nation of Romania.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany secretly sends volunteers and supplies to help Hungary.
    • Do an algorithm.
  • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: We offer Eastern Slovenia and the Croatian County of Istria in return for a peace treaty. We also reach out to anyone who can prompt an end to the war between Hungary and Romania. We wish to establish a friendship with Italy.
  • Italian D: Accepts.
  • Yugoslavia: We establish a strong military presence along the northern borderlands of our country. All of our existing tanks are moved to the north and factories in all cities are made to work at an increased pace to make more tanks our navy is also growing. We also enter union with the Macedonian parts of Northern Greece. 
  • Italy: We are outraged at Austria and Hungary, and are worried about Austria's growth. We place major sanctions on the two.
  • PRC: We continue to battle the Nationalists as we promote agriculture in Shanxxi. Mao Tze Dong sends hate mail to Japan, calling them evil and retarded. We ask Nationalist China to surrender and hand Chiang out in exchange for the people and buildings to be untouched by the PLA.
  • The Japanese Empire pushes the Soviets back to a defensive position. Mongolia becomes a Dominion, as does the Kamchatka Peninsula. The military prepares for another offensive into China. Militarization and industrialization continue at fast paces.
  • Germany: Germany declares neutrality in the current conflicts occurring across Eurasia, but warns Austria about intervening in Czechoslovakia, claiming any attempts to invade them will lead to war with Germany. Militarization ab¡nd industralization continues. the expansion of Germany's internal market continues, and influence over Poland continues, and influence over the Netherlands, and Czechoslovakia begins. The Nazi Party continues to collapse under military interference in its internal affairs and the S.A. and S.S. are disbanded. Elections are moved forward to 1937 with the Communist Party being banned and the largest parties being the German Workers Party and the German Conservative Alliance. the militarization of the Rhine continues, to movee forward with defence being set up on both sides of the river and along the border with France and Belgium. Tank production is nearly ready with the new panzer designs finally being made. all scientific projects are continued.  Anti-Communist propaganda is increased and Germany officially offers all nations who struggling against Communism an alliance to counter the growth of the Soviets and of the Socialist movement. aid to the Chinese Nationalists grows as does that to Republican Spain.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: We ask Germany for economic co-operation.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany will agree only if Austria ceases trying to annex Czechoslovakia.
  • Austria: We continue influencing Yugoslavia and the region of Bohemia. We accept to Yugoslavia's compromise. With water now in our hand we begin the creation of a Navy. The economy grows as new company's are chartered. Bohemia finally decides to join us after years and years of influence and weakened government. The number of babies grow because the Austrians need a stronger army. Heil Austria begins talks of disbanding because of the strong economic growth. The Schilling begins a slow route of deflation.
  • You do realize Bohemia is a part of Czechoslovakia, right? Nkbeeching (talk) 16:37, August 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • yeah, not that fast.
  • Switzerland: Development and neutrality.
  • German Diplomacy: Germany proposes a free trade agreement between Germany and Switzerland, and Germany promises to protect Swiss neutrality at all costs.
  • Greece: The military is built up. Many in Greece continue to feel the effects of the Great Depression. Many Nazi/Fascist groups appear in the Greek political scene. A trade pact and alliance is sent to Austria. 
  • Bulgaria in-exile: The government flees to Romania and supports the war effort. Our surviving armed forces regroup. We discover to have 24,500 infantry most armed with Karbiner 98,000 rifles, 34 Hotchkiss H35 tanks, three Avia B-534, and all five Drazki-class patrol boats escaping.
  • Are you the Royal government? If you are, you already fled to Britain.
  • San Marino We donate funds to the Holy See.
  • United States: The United States continues its fortification projects in outlying territories. Statehood propaganda is still issued in Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Philippines. The government considers a military invasion of the Soviet Union but is waiting to see what happens. Economic and military cooperation between the Central American states is becoming closer due to American pressure, but no federal union is in place. Haiti is beginning to turn itself around, with a stable government and military in place. Poverty is still a large issue.
  • Soviet Union: We set up a defensive line at the bottleneck of the Kamchatka Peninsula, holding the Japanese from advancing any farther. Joseph Stalin is killed by exploding artillery as he visits the front, killing him and leaving Georgy Malenkov, who immediately begins to halt some of Stalin's more extremist policies. He asks the Japanese to enter peace talks. Secret research begins into the atom. Research continues on tanks and research into the possibility of jets begins. The military is built up and we send more troops to the front with Japan. We declare neutrality in the War of Austro-Hungarian Aggression against Czechoslovakia, and we secretly send tanks and weapons to aid the Czechoslovakians fight their attackers. We ask the Germans to help stop the Austrian and Hungarians attack. We embargo the Austrians and Hungarians.
    • Gains of Japan

      The Japanese Empire will only accept peace with the USSR if the Kamchatka Peninsula, Soviet Inner Mongolia and territory lost in the last Sino-Russian War is given to Japan. The last demand can be avoided if the latest designs of Soviet tanks and planes are given to Japan
    • Soviet Diplomacy: We ask for a map.
    • Here is the map drafted by the Diet and military of Japan. The territory gained by Manchuria and Mongolia is non-negotiable, as is Sakhalin.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: We grudgingly accept.
  • Holy See:  We complete many of our projects, a university continues to be built in Antwerp.. We ask Brazil for the chance to purchase land in Rio de Janeiro with a view of the statue [MOD RESPONSE] Small gains and conversions are made in the missionary areas of Albania and Turkey. 
  • Britain continues to develop its military and civil infrastructure, as well as recovering from the Great Depression. The new tank design is accepted by the British Army and production of the new tanks will begin next year. Meanwhile, secret British support is sent to those attempting to liberate Bulgaria. Internal issues in India are looked at and hopefully a solution could be drafted. Research into nuclear physics continue. (Is it possible to begin jet engine research, or should it wait until the 1940's?)


  • Yugoslavia: With peace reached between Austria, the Borderline relaxes, we now accept some trade with Austria. Although much of the military presence is still in the north, the attitude is much more relaxed. Yugoslavia continues building up its already impressive navy. The borderlands between us and Hungary are still closed and the Maginot line is still in place. Troops which haven't been moved to the south are mostly situated here. We also reach out to Italy, suggesting a strong alliance between Yugoslavia, Italy, Romania and possibly, Greece. Conscription rules are dissolved in some southern cities.
  • San Marino: We declare neutrality in the current European conflict
  • I'm leaving, too inactive. Aternix (talk) 09:52, August 10, 2013 (UTC)
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government. The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back even more.
  • The Japanese Empire and its other realms (Manchuria, Korea, Mongolia, Formosa, Mengjiang) launch a second massive invasion of China. Communism is outlawed in the Dominions as well. Troops move in from Mengjiang, Mongolia and Manchuria in the north and Formosa and Japan proper from the east. Beijing is estimated to be captured by the next year and China is expected to collapse under the weight of a future third invasion. More industrialization and militarization expands into the new territories and propaganda is continuously filtered into Indochina and Siam.
  • Soviet Union: We build up our military industry, etc. We send 100,000 troops to aid Czechoslovakia and declare any future aggression by Hungary or Austria against them will result in a declaration of war. 
  • Germany: Germany demands Soviet withdrawal from Czechoslovakia, and claims it will protect the small republic itself. German industrialization and economic expansion continues. The German armed forces continue to go up in numbers due to conscription, and the German war machine slowly builds up, as more of the heavy industry is readied for war production. All projects are continued, and warplanes, along with u-boat production is started once more. Germany pulls its support for China as it sees it as a losing battle and begins supporting Japan more, sending advisors and equipment to Japan. Germany offers a defence pact to Finland, in case of Soviet aggression (RNG someone). The elections are held and the Conservative alliance gain a majority of 60% officially bringing about the return of conservative nationalists to the Reichstag after years in the wilderness, supported by the military the new government begins pressuring Poland for the return of lands ceded to then after the great war, and officially invites Fredrich Wilhelm of Prussia to assume the title of Kaiser in Germany, which is accepted by the crown prince, bringing about the return of the Kaiser Reich.
    • Japan refuses aid from Germany.
  • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: We offer a Non-Aggression Pact to Germany, in case either has to step in with the war in Romania. We hold talks with Italy, regarding an alliance if war has to be fought. 
  • German Diplomacy: Germany accepts the nap, and offers an alliance to Yugoslavia, along with promising to protect their territorial integrity.
  • Argentina: Continues to improve military. We begin to influence Brazil.


AvAReb 1938.png
  • Argentina: Continues to influence Brazil. Military continues to be improve. (When can Brazil and I unify?)
    • Never. You're not strong enough to be doing the influencing.
    • ​I signed up as Brazil, and I would start playing, if someone would be so helpful as to add me to the map and the tier system.
    • Consider it done.
    • Many thanks.
  • China: The Kuomintang builds up the military and continues fighting against the Communist Chinese and the Fujian People's Government. The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back even more.
  • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: We accept the alliance with Germany. We offer an NAP with Austria if we have to fight with Hungary.
  • Yugoslavia: We continue to build up our army and navy and open the border with Austria to minimal security. The Maginot line stays in place on the border with Hungary. We strongly advise Hungary to either withdraw or cease fighting the Romanians.
  • PRC: We ask all men in occupied China to rise up to fight against the Japanese as we send spies, military advisors and provocateurs into Manchuria and Mongolia to urge them to fight against Japan. Our main army continues to combat RoC as now we have captured Wuhan in one of the losing streaks of battles of RoC. Lin Biao is given orders to assault Chongqing.
  • Look, you are extremely weak at the current point. You have focus your power on one region. Either you fight the Republicans or you fight the Japanese. Also, I fail to see how you can get anything into occupied China past the heavily militarized border. Also, most of the area that Japan has captured is not Communist.
  • Brazil: Due to influence exerted by Argentina, the government begins a counter-influence campaign, using lots of propaganda and parades and such. Under the leadership of Getúlio Vargas, the country begins to resist the influences of both Communism and Fascism, instead leading the country towards a more capitalist approach. Alliances with the United States and Western European countries are asked to be reaffirmed.
    • German Dip: Germany offers a trade agreement with Brazil.
    • Brazil refuses, not wishing to expose its people to Fascist ideals.
    • Read previous turns. Germany is an extremely conservative country now. The military did away with the Nazis a while back.
    • Brazil still refuses.
  • Germany: Germany continues to demand the return of lands ceded to Poland in the post great war. Industrialization and economic expansion continue, influence over Czechoslovakia, Austria and Luxemburg continue. The official return of the Kaiser is declared to the world, and the restoration of the Reich is announced. In a ceremony all previous noble titles are restored.  Military expansion continues with the army numbering 3,000,000 and with reserves being conscripted. The idea of pan-Germanism grews stronger. 


I hope someone starts World War II now or within the next four turns.

  • San Marino Minor protest against the Fascist government begins.
  • PRC: We again ask all men in occupied China to rise up to fight against the Japanese as we send spies, military advisors and provocateurs into Manchuria and Mongolia to urge them to fight against Japan. Our spies are disguised as surrendering peasants. Our main army continues to combat RoC as now we have captured Wuhan in one of the losing streaks of battles of RoC. Lin Biao is given orders to assault Chongqing.
  • Argnetina:asks to buy 100 panzer 2's from Germany and we ask Germany for an alliance. We continue to influence Brazil.
  • German diplomacy: We offer to sell 20 panzers but no more and we accept the alliance offer.
  • Argentina D: agrees and we ask if we can have the designs so we can make our own panzers
  • German Diplomacy: The German government respectfully declines stating it needs to keep its war designs secret.
  • Arngentina D: asks if Germany wants start a joint weapons program.
  • Yugoslavia: Following the collapse of the Romanian government, the Yugoslavians step in and begin governing the country with the sole aim of restoring peace to the Balkans. The first action is to grant Hungary the region of Transylvania. We also free Bulgaria and we establish a Communist government which begins running the country. We also establish a Communist government in the remaining Romania. 
  • Brazil: Continues to (easily) resist influence exerted by Argentina. Under the leadership of Getúlio Vargas, the country continues to resist the influences of both Communism and Fascism, instead leading the country towards a more capitalist approach. Alliances with the United States and Western European countries are asked to be reaffirmed.
  • China: The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back even more.


  • China: The Kuomintang continues to lose more battles to the Communist Chinese, and is pushed back even more.
  • San Marino: Anti-government protest continues.
  • Yugoslavia: Strongly advises Hungary to stop the fighting in Romania, even after Bulgaria was granted freedom and Hungary extra lands. We continue building our navy, army and artillery and establish strong friendships with Bulgaria and Romania.