Alternative History



  • Egypt: Egypt formally declares Sudan a protectorate in exchange for it giving independence for the troublesome south. Fighter bombers go on a mission to destroy the Assad’s ever growing empire as they commit atrocities in Hama and Homs. A car bomb explodes in Aleppo, killing 16 rebels. Syria's rebel air forces and SAM missiles destroy about 60% of the Egyptian aircraft as they enter the Allowaite region. The air war is called off, but special forces and the navy are prepared for war, and 25,000 reservists are activated as front line troops. Only Deir ez-Zor and Al-Hasakah Governorate are in democratic(ish) rebel controlled and get Egyptian aid. Jordan and Israel express grave concerns over the situation. Egypt builds 16 fighters and 25 medium tanks. Industrialization and irrigating continue. Test oil and gas drilling occur in the Nile Delta and Black Sea coast. Egypt lays claim to a few miles of the north coast of the big island in the bay that is east of the Antarctic Peninsula. A flag is raised and a sign erected, but it is not formally colonised, Egypt is too busy elsewhere.

I’m doing an RNG for NU to form the Kalmar Union.

  • Region Zealand, Copenhagen and related islands = 7, Yes.
  • Jutland Peninsula = 8, Yes.
  • Bornholm Island (that island between Sweden and Poland) = 3, No.
    • Err ... Kalmar Union= no.

98% of Denmark joins with only tiny Bornholm island saying no to membership.

  • Peru: I sincerely apologize for the late join, that being said: Peru finds itself fallen behind the world powers due to lack of advancement in recent years. The people take to the streets in a new movement that will change the way peru is run forever. A necessary overthrow of the government takes place putting a new leader in charge, Andre Menendez. After taking power he institutes temporary martial law. Government owned factories pop up everywhere creating jobs. Menendez institutes a soft drug tolerance policy, similar to the Netherlands, to help open up a huge, newly legal cash crop, marijuana. Peru opens up a new policy on economics first. Menendez sets in a new type of government in which it is very neo communist. A government campaign often called "back to the fields" arises, putting unemployed people at work in tobacco, marijuana, sugarcane and coffee plantations, raising the production by almost 1/3, however, this makes a large amount of the population essentially peasants. Unemployment is at an all time low. Menendez Promises to Ease up on rights of his people, become more democratic, and become capitalist when Peru becomes a power in this world. Peru's economy is on its way to stability.
    • Welcome to Peru's player!
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: Shocked by the sudden appearance of a extreme leftist government on the southern border of the border New Granada Officials close off the borders in Nueva Granada and the Amazonian Republic from the new communist regime. the embassy in Lima is also temporarily closed until the grand assembly can decide what actions to take.
    • Peru Diplomacy: Although we cannot stop you from wanting to disconnect from us, we do wish to keep peace, and would rather not deal with this in any manner but a peaceful one. We urge you to reopen the embassy. I feel as if peace talks should be in order to prevent an unnecessary outbreak of yet ANOTHER war in South America.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: We are willing to open our borders and the embassy under the condition that no leftist agitators enter Nueva Granada or or associated states and we request that a democratic government be set up if one is Nueva Granada would be more then willing to fund the Peruvian industrialization process as well as grant it entrance into the S.A.D.F.T.T. which would greatly aid Peru financially.
    • Peru Diplomacy: There will be no problems with leftist agitators, considering we don't even allow most citizens to leave. We will have to stay communist for now, although are young country is open for change in coming years.
    • Nueva Granada shall keep its embassy in Lima open but until a democratic state is established in Peru a closed doors policy will be sustained towards the Andean state, we will not support a dictatorship be it left wing or right wing.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We ask if Peru wants to join our Left Wing Alliance, Secretly of course. We will announce ourselves when ready.
    • Peru Diplomacy: We accept your gracious offer
  • Nueva Granada: Rebels funded and armed by the N.G. government pull off one of the most important events in the Brazilian intervention, on the 3rd of august 1975 a wide spread revolt across Rio de Janeiro happen with the presidential palace being seized by pro-republican rebels killing the "president" of Brazil along with most of his government plunging the country into further chaos, taking advantage of the disarray and confusion in the Brazilian chain of command N.G. armed forces launch three massive assaults in Para and into southern Brazil along with an amphibious assault that is launched against Sao Paulo south of Rio in an attempt to completely end the conflict with in the next year and a half. The Republic of Mato Grosso is declared out of the former Brazilian provinces, N.G. officials request that Chile hand over the areas of Mato Grosso over to the new state. the power plant in Bogota is nearing the end of its middle stages and many in the city look at the structure with pride, and they think about N.G.'s struggle to advance down its own path and how far it has come since the chaos at the beginning of the XX century over 70 years ago. Production of new APC's (armored personal carriers) begin.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile agrees.
  • Australia: Recognizes the new Government in Peru, and offers any monetary assistance needed. Also, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji become protectorates of Australia. A referendum on becoming a republic is defeated with the monarchists on 63%. Australia will remain a monarchy at least until the next referendum in 1999.
    • Peru Diplomacy: We thank you for welcoming us and gladly accept your offering, promising to back up Australia and be on its side from here on out
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: requests the aid of Australia on a diplomatic front to help Nueva Granada keep good relations on an international level during the intervention.
  • Iran: It watches Peru with interest as a potential friend to the Persian nation. It continues rebuilding the nation that is torn from-war, programs are being made to get people jobs.
    • Peru diplomacy: We thank the Iranians for welcoming us and will gladly befriend you
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the nation offers to fund Iran and sign friendship treaty with it if it backs Nueva Granada in its foreign operations, a treaty to establish a trade group between oil producing nations is proposed to control the prices of oil and gas.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We ask Iran if they want to join our new Left Wing Alliance, Secretly.
  • Chile: The recent events in Brazil moving to the Chilean armed forces to act quickly. The Navy begin amphibious assaults in southern Brazil to support to the N.G. forces. The troops in Amazonas advance faster into the Brazilian territory and capture several of deserters Brazilian units. Civilian in the zone receive aid. However, some loyalist Brazilian soldiers hide in the middle of the people and try to attack to the Chilean Officers implanting bombs in the camps. Chilean Military inform to the Nueva Granada military about this threat. While, in the Antarctic the third base is completed, and the fourth base reach to a 50% of advance. Also, defensive troops are moved to the Peruvian border.
  • Germany: Germany mobilizes its military and forcefully annexes the small nation of Luxembourg, and quickly sets defenses up by building an North Sea Wall to save the mainland from attacks on Germany by any country. Meanwhile, another satellite is launched and the military is modernized, and construction on an nuclear-powered aircraft carrier begins.
  • Britain: Now fearing about the events in South America, they take on the side against Nueva Granada. They begin aiding the Latin American nations against it and try to persuade the Axis to help.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: Nueva Granada Demands British neutrality in the South American conflict or relations between the two states will sour greatly, the embassy in London is closed down and steps are taking to protect the British embassy in Bogota until the British diplomats leave N.G. soil, the government promises London that no British citizens will be harmed but requests they take steps to evacuate their nationals.

      The proposed AMEA flag.

    • Egyptian diplomacy: Syria is a hot topic in the Arab World at this moment! Egypt will talk about setting up the 'Arab and Middle Eastern Alliance (AMEA)' at the Aswan summit next turn. The Arabs and will Middle Easterners hold talks on a security, defence, trade and cultural issues. The new alliance will be a new force not aligned to communist CANT, democratic Axis or neutralist LOAN. Iran, Italy, Bulgaria, Britain and Greece, along with the appropriate grey nations (Tunisia, Oman, etc.) are invited to the Aswan Summit!
    • British Diplomacy: Then Granada, stop being such an aggressor.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: we will finish the Brazilian intervention establish several democratic states and our acts of "aggression shall end" we only wish to purge Latin America of its last dictatorship and now that we are this far we cant turn around we will finish what we started over a decade ago in Brazil.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile is a Axis member, and we decide to take part of this intervention for save civilians and to re-establish the democracy in Brazil. We want the new Brazilian states be really democratic and independents.
  • The United States improves its economy. President Rockefeller resigns due to having severe health problems, and is replaced by Vice President George Romney, who continues the American space program. Romney also pushes for a referendum to occur in Puerto Rico to determine whether or not it should be the fifty-second state.
  • Peru: It develops mining, new roads now made and has literacy campaign.
  • Balkans: The Prime Minister and the King arrive in Syria, where they meet with Assad. The Prime Minister offers military support if Assad promises to have free elections and rights to minorities. Can someone do an RWG to see if they accept? The military expands the colony in Antarctica along the northern coast, bringing the population to 25 permanent inhabitants. The Military is also put on alert in case Germany tries anything else.
    • Peru Diplomacy: Is concerned by the Nordic Union expanding to Canada.
  • Poland: More industry is built up, and more green power plants are made. A new hippie movement forms in Poland, since it had never took before, many become hippies, or at least want to save the environment. Meanwhile, Poland proposes, secretly, to form a new Alliance of Left Wing Nations dedicated to progress.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany will join this SECRET Alliance SECRETLY.
    • Poland Diplomacy: Secretly, we let in our first member. SECRETLY.
  • ROCJ: Indochina is successfully captured and integrated into ROCJ. A small colony is established in Antarctica. The military is expanded and a Eastern Asian Trade Agreement is offered to Korea and Tibet.
  • Tibet: Is against the actions in Brazil and so supports Britain in this issue. it continues to expand its Antarctic base and its navy, which is now up to three ships. As a environmentally friendly and left wing nation, Tibet SECRETLY sends a request to join this SECRET alliance. it also accepts the trade deal with ROCJ. preparations for the Olympics begin and research on the Mars probe continues and Peru is offered a trade agreement to help it get on its feet.
  • Peru Diplomacy: We will gladly accept a trade agreement.


  • ' ' Pol Pot died in his jungle hideout on May 1st 1961 malaria and yellow fever.
  • 1976

Egypt: As a final pre-peace talks message to the Assadite regime, to get him into an arm lock on talks with the rebels (in which we probably don’t need a Random.Org now), Egypt’s navy clashes with the Syrian fleet. Syria narrowly wins. Fighter-bombers manage to hit several military targets in Syria to intimidate Assad, but with heavy losses on both sides. Assad starts talks with the King and the democratic Syrian opposition. Elections are scheduled in Egypt and Syria for 1977.0 Egypt’s’ telecommunications, electricity supplies, irrigation systems and sewers are further improved nation-wide. 12 MiG 17 and 20 MiG 19 type fighters, ten medium tanks and a corvette role of the Egyptian production line. 25,000 of the 100,000 remaining reservists are activated and are stationed in Friendly Jordan. Ties become closer with Jordan and North Sudan. Egypt sets up the Arab and Middle Eastern Alliance (AMEA) at the Aswan summit. The Arabs and Middle Easterners hold talks on a security, trade and cultural issues. The new alliance will be a new force not aligned to communist CNAT, democratic Axis or neutralist LOAN. The summit result is listed below.

The AMEA flag.

  1. Egypt- Yes.
  2. Israel- No.
  3. Iraq- No.
  4. Jordan- Yes.
  5. North Sudan- Yes.
  6. Benghazi- Yes.
  7. Royalist Libya- Yes.
  8. Syrian - Undecided.
  9. Algeria- No.
  10. Tunisia- No.
  11. Turkey- No.
  12. Western Arabia- No.
  13. Eastern Arabia- No.
  14. UAE- No.
  15. UIR- No.
  16. Oman- No.
  17. Yemen- No.
  18. Bulgaria- No.
  19. Morocco- No.
  20. Greece- No
  21. Italy- ?
  22. Iran- ?
  23. Bulgaria-?
  24. Britain (because it has Cyprus and Malta)-?

(will the players for Greece, Britain, Bulgaria, Italy and Iran give their opinions on membership, please.) Due to the lack of support, it collapses and the status quo remains. Egypt plans for elections and proposes a vote on the political assimilation of North Sudan soon ( Italics= still talking. Afghanistan may be invited next year.

  • You are aware that Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Britain are all part of the Axis, right?
  • I was trying to buy them off, if the players don't want my alliance It does not matter.
  • Okay.
  • Balkans: The Balkans now consider themselves an ally of Syria, and they offer support in the form of medical supplies and food. The King and Prime Minister then travel to Israel, where meetings are unproductive, and then they travel to the United Islamic Republic, where they also make a successful meeting that confirms an alliance. Both states are expected to implement some form of Democracy sometime soon. A bombing occurs at the CNAT headquarters in Budapest, leading to fears of political violence.
  • Iran: Iran continues rebuilding and putting people back to work, opening new businesses, and reorganizing their military. They watch the events in their own region quietly.
  • Poland: More industry is built. More Green Power Plants are made and more Coal Power Plants are shut down. Meanwhile, we ask Iran to join our new Left Wing Alliance, Secretly, of course. Also, We let TIBET into our SECRET alliance of LEFT WING NATIONS. Sorry 'bout the caps, but I want Tibet to know that I saw it's post and have let it in.
  • Nueva Granada: The marines sent to Sao Paulo capture the city after four months of dirty urban warfare, and they dig in until the main Nueva Granadan contingency is able to connect with them, the offences launched into Maranhao, Tocantins, Goias, and Sao Paulo for now make great advances due to the disarray caused by rebels throughout coastal Brazil, a plan to push south into Parana is made for after the capture of Rio if it is seen as necessary by the high command of the invasion forces an extra 50,000 regulars are planned to reinforce the 360,000 soldiers already fighting in Brazil.The Fuerzas Independientes begin sweeping operations throughout occupied Brazil to take out resistance left to the republican rebels and Coalition forces, with hundreds getting rounded up and sent to detention camps throughout the amazon until the Intervention is over. the Colombia First Party holds a rally in Bogota, Atlantico, and other major cities in Colombian Proper calling for the subordination of other nationalities to the Colombian interests, but the rallies are publicly denounced and general looked down upon due to the increasingly anti-democratic nature of the organization and its stout nationalistic rhetoric, the police allow the rallies to go on though citing that they are peaceful at the moment and that few are are attending them, with the only supporters being old conservative stalwarts and fascists but the police are on high alert in case the rallies become violent, other movements like the Latin pride who support the government and its actions and cite the importance of Granadan and Latino unity in the face of the ever changing world, and bread before guns who request more money be put into agriculture and not in industry citing Nueva Granada has turned from its traditional roots towards a cheap copy of the western nations have also began public meetings but are also generally ignored. The industrial complex is overhauled and yet another modernization and expansion of Nueva Granadan industry begins with the application of recent electronic breakthroughs such as the computer to better organize it. A second nuclear plant is put under construction outside of Caracas despite the incompletion of Bogota's power plant but the government explains that it is all preplanned and with no problems as of yet in the first power plant's construction they feel they can go ahead with the next stage of the plan, the government begins subsidizing the nations extensive tobacco, and coffee plantations to keep their domination on the market alive.
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  • ROCJ-Ask SECRETLY to join the SECRET Left wing alliance. Infrastructure is improved. ROCJ is on the verge of become worlds biggest economy. Cheap goods are traded around the world.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We secretly let the ROCJ into our secret Left Wing Alliance.
  • Australia: Aide is sent to Peru and Nueva Grenada, and many Australian investors invest in those countries. A new class of super-tanks is constructed, this one almost one and a half times the size of the Diprotodon class. (BTW, HOW LEFT-WING DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO JOIN THE LEFT-WING ALLIANCE? COMMUNISTS HAVE HAD QUITE AN INFLUENCE IN AUSTRALIA ...)
    • Polish Diplomacy: Just to where you have more left wing policies (protecting the environment, welfare, stuff like that) than right wing (less government)
    • Nueva Granada diplomacy: we thank the investment put in by Australia but it is not needed in the Nueva Granadan Proper but the investors are being redirected the large possibilities that now exist in Amazonia, and Mato Grosso, and we formally request Australia's entrance into the war in respect to the LOAN laws.
  • Britain: It officially declares war on Nueva Granada to end their aggression over South America. They call for their Axis Allies to help destroy this mad brute and restore democracy in the continent.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: Following the British declaration of war the Grand assembly also declares a state of war with Great Britain and formally renounces its Non Aggression pact with the any axis nation that supports the U.K. war effort but does not revoke it with nations that remain neutral. Nueva Granada's puppet states follow suit with the amazonian republic mobilizing its new army.
  • Germany: Germany sends humanitarian aid to Nueva Granada, and SECRETLY sends military aid and resources to Nueva Granada. Germany publicly opposes Britain's move, as it has no business in the Western Hemisphere. Meanwhile at home, the Nazis Party is re-instated, and immediately begins to get supporters. The Government, not wanting an Civil War again, reluctantly allows the Nazis to have an seat in parliament.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: we formally request German entry into the war on the ground of LOAN treaties seeing as both members are part of it.
    • How do you secretly send military aid? Military aid is pretty obvious.
    • Simple. Package the weapons and ammo in containers labeled potatoes and water.
    • Sneaking in broken up stuff. Military helicopters look pretty much like civilian ones when they are disassembled for shipment, and if you add a couple of civilian logos to the boxes...
  • Tibet: Tibet supports Britain, and sends aid to the war, also it cut off trade with Neuva Granada. the Olympics will be held in six months and all of Tibet is preparing. Tibet builds its first submarine at their Antarctic port. Their Antarctic territory continues to expand. A call is made for the members of the axis to discuss its official policy on the Nueva Granada issue.
    • Egyptian Diplomacy: Egypt calls all the members of the South American war to a peace summit in Luxor.... Nueva Granada, Chile, the UK, Brazil, Germany and Tibet are invited to talk things over in 1976.5 in Luxor (if they want to).
    • Nueva Granada diplomacy: we accept the offer but our conditions are the following, the republics of Amazonia, Mato Grosso, and Para are accepted as independent states, the rest of Brazil we will withdraw from but a democratic government must be installed in Rio.
    • OK, sounds good. We liberated Libya and Benghazi and get the point of the republics of Amazonia, Mato Grosso and Para.
    • The proposed map at the Luxor peace deal, which will become fact if most of the world agrees to it.

Nueva Granada: we are also willing to pay for damage caused and aid in the reconstruction of infrastructure.

    • Egypt: We liberated Libya and Benghazi, so we get the point of the republics of Amazonia, Mato Grosso, and Para. You don't need to pay up, if nobody else says so, I hope they take it in good faith to.
    • Tibetan diplomacy: I agree that Amazonia should be free, and I'm willing to concede to a democratic government (providing all parties, even fascist, are represented) but we need to negotiate over the other two countries' independence as I believe they should still be part of Brazil (please try to be diplomatic as refusal would mean war between LOAN and the Axis)
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy:we are willing to negotiate Mato Grosso and Para but Amazonia stays independent under Nueva Granada Influence.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: We inform to N. G. Government the we believe that Rio Grande (the region in South Brazil) should also be independent.
  • Greece: Joins Britain in fighting Nueva Granada. in a speech to the Axis, the Greek diplomat says: "Nueva Granada has been a thorn in our side for the past 30 years. Let us fight against them as our fathers did in WW-II" they start a defoliation program to hinder the movement of the army in the brush.
  • India: (I'm back bros' - time to bring out the big guns) India finally withdraws all of its troops from Iran after the long war with the country to bring democracy to the country.
  • Chile: Chilean government express a initial neutrality in the declared war, since that Chile is part of the intervention in Brazil. President Perez Zujovic order to the Axis delegate Acuña begin talks with the conversations with the other Axis members for resolve this crisis before the combats begin. Chile is part of the Axis Alliance since almost 30 years ago. The General Schneider is order by the President that the Chilean troops in Brazil stand-by in the occupied territories and that they only concern about the care of the people. By this time, the troops who landing in south Brazil has completed the occupation of all Río Grande del Sur, territory which that Chilean government might be one of the independent nations. The Navy cancelled a new landing in Recibe. The Antarctic bases receive more supplies, and Chilean islands in the Pacific receives more resources for improving his infrastructure and local economies. National polls show that the majority of Chilean population (near 78,5%) supported the intervention in Brazil.



  • Egypt: The election rallies start, it's hectic, intense and heady as posers and leaflets go every war to spread the party's messages. Gen. Hosni Mubarak, Gen. Hussein, a conservative preacher Imam Mohammed Omar Aswari and liberal doctor Abdulla Hussein Selah are the four candidates. An unexploded pipe bomb was found near the president's car and some say it was connected with the resent bombing at the CANT H.Q. in Budapest. Egyptian troops are recalled from Syria. 30 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) are made. Egypt tells everyone to back off since N.G. was willing to compromise. They sign a mutual defence pact with NG and send humanitarian aid to Nueva Granada. Egypt begins criticizing Equatorial Africa and said that it was discriminating agents the Muslim minority. Egypt demands the founding of a independent state in northern OTL Chad. Jordan and Israel finally join AEMA, but everyone else (who's grey and not a member) gives a big "no" and buggers off, for good. N. Sudan rejects assimilation in to Egypt and sticks with a protectorate.

    The proposed new borders in OTL Chad which will help protect the Muslim Tombu and Arabs from the Christian and pagan Bantu.

    Egypt calls all the members of the South American war to a second peace summit in Luxor.... Nueva Granada, Chile, the UK, Brazil, Greece, Germany and Tibet are invited to talk things over in Luxor (if they want to). Egypt concludes the war in Libya to be over, but the occupation of Tripolitania will continue.
  • Poland: More industry and infrastructure is built. More Green Power Plants are built. We announce to all Left Wing Alliance Members that we will be meeting to discuss our plans. The discussion will take place on the talk page until we find a more permanent home (i.e. our own alliance page).
  • Australia: Sends an expeditionary force to Nueva Grenada (which consists of a division of Airships, three super tanks, some infantry and a small navy squadron), and takes its side in the negotiations, as per LOAN regulation. We also ask Peru to join the LOAN.
  • Britain: It agrees to the Luxor Peace Agreement, hoping that Granada would not be as aggressive as before. Britain declares war on Botswana in order to rebuild their already reduced empire.
  • Germany: Germany agrees to respond to the Peace Talks. Meanwhile, the Nazis Party seizes power in the government after an military and civilian-backed group seizes control of the government. The Fourth Reich is established, but the leader states that any and all alliances, treaties, and other agreements between Germany and all other countries will continue. The military is expanded, and another nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is launched from Hamburg. Germany officially withdrawals from the United Nations, and declares the organization defunct. The Gestapo and Waffen SS, which has been reinstated, seizes the USSR Embassy, and is later demolished to make way for an parking lot. Reforms in the Judiciary part of the government, and that all major crimes are punished by death penalty, and minor crimes results in lashes.
  • Nueva Granada: Nueva Granadan delegates at the Luxor summit are willing to negotiate the situation but hope that their proposal made the year before will be accepted with Amazonia, para, and Mato Grosso remaining independent states but again changes to the plan can be decided with in negotiations again an offer to pay for the Brazilian reconstruction is made. All troops are ordered to withdraw to the central amazon which remains the largest concentration of N.G. influence, as the forces withdraw from parts of Para and from Sao Paulo the armed forces leave tons of military hardware in the hands of republican rebels in the hopes that with this a democratic regime in Brazil will be established. To counter any possible invasions a national raft is ordered with any fit man between the ages of 18 and 36 being called to armed duty and the 300,000 strong reserve force is put into active duty as some of the more hardened active units are returned to the n.g. proper and fresh units are sent to the former Brazilian interior. The newest APC run of the lines and are immediately put into active service with the threat of war looming, the digitalization of Nueva Granadan Commerce continues as computers continue to be introduced into civilian life. The Bogota Nuclear reaches its completion and will be operational within a year. The civilian Government in a controversial act pass the power share act giving vast amounts of power to the armed forces so that the war can be better handled and the security council promises a return of all vested power at the end of the crisis.
  • Equatorial Africa Republic:Declares leftist rule in the south of Equatorial Africa. It is in the [Gabon], [Moyen Congo] and [Ubangi-Shariland], but not the full CAR, French Sudan or T'chad. A national park is created around Impfondo and Bitam. Education becomes compulsory for children ages five to 15. Most children in the Gabon and Congo department start their school lives by attending Nurseries or "Crèche", then Kindergarten known as "Jardins d'Enfants". At age five, they are enrolled in Primary School, "École Primaire" which is made up of six grades. The next level is "École Secondaire", which is made up of four grades. [Filariasis] parasitic disease is a major problem. Port Gentil is enhanced and Soviet aid is requested. The regime is moderately-Marxist and applies to join up to the CNAT grouping.
  • Nordic Union: The NU asks Britain if it can but the British Guyana from the UK. Denmark is again asked if it would unite with the NU to form the Kalmar Union. The NU establishes bases in Antarctica in the large bay/gulf in the western part of the continent. The NU also admits Nunavut into the NU as a state. I did an RNG for Denmark joining the NU to form the Kalmar Union with 1-6 NO, and 7-10 Yes, and Denmark accepts (8), and the NU and Denmark unite to form the Kalmar Union. (Petang dos not think it's cannon) Denmark immediately joins a state in the KU. The new KU wishes to attend the Luxor conference.
  • Balkans: The Balkans announce that it has no intention of getting involved in any conflicts at the moment. Factories in the nation start producing various new vehicles for the armed forces while the military (secretly) starts working on a biological weapons program. The government asks all nations to leave it alone if a war breaks out, as it is unlikely that the Balkans will choose a side. It also reminds other nations that is has a considerable nuclear stockpile and will use it if the nation is attacked.
  • Greece: the Greeks wish to attend the conference at Luxor. they finish developing chemicals for defoliation in case of war, however, they keep them in Greece as not to further irritate the situation. most Greeks support an open war against NG. meanwhile, the Greeks establish a small colony in Antarctica. it is currently only manned by scientific researchers, and the Greeks don't expect it to have a much higher population than the current number of scientists living there.
  • Chile: The Chilean representatives arrive to the Luxor Summit, and inform to Nueva Granada delegates that Chile support of the creation of the Rio Grande state in southern Brazil. The Ministry of Public Works begin the first works in infrastructure in the former Bolivian territory belong to Brazil, which since a several months is part of the Chilean territory. The refugee camps receive more supplies and the population in the occupied territories in Brazil also receive aid. However, the Chilean troops begin to prepare to leave from Amazonas, Para and other Brazilian territories occupied. Chilean officers organized along with republican Brazilian the delivery of weapons and also provide his experience as aid. The first nuclear power plant built in Chile since several years is now fully operational, and the government consider built another plant in Bolivia or southern Chile. The two new Antarctic bases are now completed: Base Arturo Matte Larrain and Base Almirante Blanco Encalada. The President Perez Zujovic implement new economic measures for improving the national industry.



  • Egypt: A mine explodes under a ferry in Port Sa'aid, killing ten and injuring 8. Forensic scientists connect it with the pipe bomb and CNAT HQ bombing in recent times. The King of Iraq is also toppled in a coup by the Iraqi Ba'ath party, who's leader Saddam Hussein, who wants the banned Egyptian Ba'ath party legalised. Egypt sends in several assassins, but they are soon liquidated by the élite Iraqi's secret service, so Egypt asks if someone could sort out Iraq for them. A non-aggression treaty is offered to the Kingdom of the Balkans, Chile and Nordic Union. Desalination plants, Shadoofs, Irrigation sprinklers and karez tunnels are normalized I Benghazi, Cairo and Nubia. Gen. Hosni Mubarak, Gen. Ali Hussein, a conservative preacher Imam Mohammed Omar Aware and liberal doctor Abdulla Hussein Selah hold a final political rally and voting begins-

The results are-

  1. Gen. Hosni Mubarak= 44%
  2. Gen. Ali Hussain=36%
  3. Imam Mohammed Omar Aware= 10%
  4. Dr Abdulla Hussain Selah= 10%.
  • .Iran: Worried about Egypt's external interventions, it decides to fully "turn on" it's military, after most military operations had been shut down to rebuild and save money, which had worked well. They warn Egypt to not intervene in any Iraqi affair, unless the Iraqi attack first, it will not tolerate any kind of attack on the nation. They begin upgrading military weapons and vehicles to modern-standard from Indian captured vehicles from the war years ago along with aid from years ago by powers like Germany. Tehran is completely rebuilt to more modern standards.
  • In the United States, President Romney presides over several successful space missions. However, he is less charismatic than the previous president Rockefeller, so his popularity is not as good. Meanwhile, success occurs when the last segregated school, which had resisted the integration efforts and was in Louisiana, is integrated, ending the long period of racial strife in the United States. The US declares an economic boycott against Germany, and calls for all nations to join them in opposing the Nazis.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the embassy in D.C. is requested to present to American representatives a plan for greater Inter-American relations and trade formally inviting them into the South American Democracy and free trade treaty.
  • Egyptian diplomacy: A non-aggression treaty is offered to the Kingdom of the Balkans, Chile and Nordic Union.
  • Balkans: Michael I offers the Iraqi Royal Family safety in the Balkans, and (according to the RNG, 1-5=yes, 6-10=no, 2) the Iraqi Royal Family is sent to the Balkans, and they take up residence in Bosnia. Relations with Iraq decrease because of this. The Military is still put on high alert, and border fortifications are built along the German and Soviet borders. The non-aggression pact from Egypt is accepted.
  • Nueva Granada: Nueva Granada Delegates emphasize that all offences in Brazil have ceased and have returned to Amaxonia, Western Para, and Mato Grosso with a large contingency returning to Nueva Granada in case provoked, no more offences will be launched seeing as the main objective of supporting republican forces in Brazil, securing the independence of oppressed people and toppling the dictatorship of Rio have been achieved, officials are willing to negotiate a settlement as long as Amazonia is recognized by all parties, Mato Grosso pending diplomacy, and para unknown at the moment, the army will be left on high alert as stated before, and diplomats remind Greece and Britain that while a war is possible it will probably end up affecting millions either directly or indirectly, and that the Nueva Granadan armed forces are well equipped, well trained and better styled for tropical warfare then the European nations we will cease any aggressive stances from now on, but request that tensions cool, again n.g. diplomats state that they are willing to compensate for damage caused. The first rockets are built in Nueva Granada but tests are stalled so not to raise issues during peace talks. training of Amazonian forces begins as well as supplying them with the latest equipment from Jose industries. new laws are passed granting greater political voices to native American in Nueva Granada. New mechanized agro-based industries are opened with Jose industries holding large shares of all new companies. secret services begin operations hand in hand with the F.I. to counter any possible British, Greek intelligence operations that might take place in Latin America. The government declares a complete lack of interest in Antarctica focusing more on domestic and regional issues a move that most Granadans support.
  • Britain accepts the peace process and allows the war to end. They continue to invade Botswana and manage to take the western part of the country.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the embassy in London is reopened, and the Nueva Granadan Diplomats thank the cool head of the diplomats of Britain in comparison the Greeks. We request to the know the Final stance of the U.K. on the three break away states of Brazil will the British allow them to remain independent under the protection of Nueva Granada, and Chile.
  • Germany: Germany continues to build up its military, and states to the word that the Nazis are not what you think they are. These Nazis believe in an strong economy, strong military, remaining friendly with countries, and does not hate against Jews, and hereby condemns the economic boycott, and here by cuts off all types of relations with the United States.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: Spain asks Germany for an alliance and trade agreement.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany agrees for each, and SECRETLY asks Spain if they want to join the Left-Wing Alliance with Germany and Poland.
    • Spanish Response: Spain accepts and asks Germany to help Spain develop its military.
    • Germany: Germany agrees, and sends all modern plans of carriers, rockets, weapons, etc. to Madrid.
  • Spain: General Franco dies and leaves his son Alfonso Franco as his successor. Franco begins economic reform and creates the Spanish Common Market. Tariffs are decreased to promote trade with other nations. The navy beguins expanding in order to protect its overseas colonies. The Spanish Army begins expanding into Morocco but, due to lack of experience and stiff resistance is halted halfway into the country.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: Spain asks for trade agreements from the US, Germany, and Britain. Spain also asks Germany for an alliance
  • Tibet: The Tibetan Olympic games were a huge success with Tibetan tourism having gone up by 35% because of it. Tibet signs the peace treaty, happy to have avoided conflict. It publicly supports the new Nazi party out of good faith, but increases the number of heaven's shadow agents in Germany just in case. the Tibetan navy now consists of two submarines and five ships, and they begin on the first Tibetan aircraft carrier, the H.N.V (holiness's nuclear vessel) Dahrma.
  • Australia: Is glad that an agreement has been found in South America, and pulls out its troops. A new aircraft carrier is built, hopefully completed next year. The Nazi party in Germany is kept in ASIO's sights. Australia asks Britain, as the "mother country", if it wants/needs any help in Botswana from Australia.
  • Equatorial Africa Republic: Recognises Amazonian, Western Para, and Mato Grosso. A non-aggression pact is sought with Spain and Egypt. A new hospital and sewerage plant open in Bangui. Is the USSR going to let us in to 'CNAT', we are (middle line) communist to. Gorillas, chimps and elephants are a great tourist attraction. A tourist hot air balloon bursts as it hits a strong jet stream, so the people in the gondola basket fall to the ground and are hurt. The EAR bans hot air balloons from going up until the storms had passed them by after two months. The EAR parliament orders massive educational reforms, French and USA run ‘colonial era’ fruit factories are nationalised, the building of a new hot air balloon safety facility, and for a national literacy campaign to take place.
    • CNAT disbanded a little over twenty years ago when all members were conquered, collapsed or left. The New Left Alliance is still available though.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: we thank the E.A.R. recognition but it's Para as a whole but that state is undecided as of yet, and the N.G. diplomat informs the EAR that CNAT has been dissolved for over 20 years now and we will willingly open diplomatic relations with the state but we stop there seeing as we have a policy of not dealing with dictatorships but possible changes in the future may be made
  • Poland: The Polish Military is expanded, along with the air force. More tanks are made for the army. National Draft of everyone between the age of 18 and 22 begins. Meanwhile, we announce that the Left Wing Alliance's name is officially: The New Progressive Alliance.
  • Korea: Korea continues to expand their industry and military, and the Ghost program is further expanded. They now have operatives in Iraq, Egypt, the Kalmar Union, and other secret places.



  • Egypt: Recognises Amazonian, builds a major new civil and military bunkers in Cairo, Aswan and Benghazi, and fortify the Libya-Algeria border. Egypt builds two new sewerage works and a oil-fired power station in Cairo and one Sewerage works at Alexandria, Suez city, Giza, Port Sudan and Aswan. Suez city also gets several hardened bunkers and air raid shelters made. 10,000 reservist troops are recruited and 5000 reservists are made full time. A draft of everyone between the age of 19 and 22 is mooted. Egypt announces that it will never use, make, store, test or condone nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
  • Britain: Gives away Lesotho and Swaziland to South Africa as bribery to not intervene in the South African conflict. Thye begin to invade Zimbabwe. The new Brazilian states are recognized.
    • Australian Diplomacy: Australia asks Britain, the "mother country", if they want or need any assistance in their African Invasions.
    • British Diplomacy: Not much.
  • Australia: Australia puts up a bid for the next Olympics. We are planning on having it in Sydney. A new town, New Brisbane, is founded in the Antarctic territory. On Hainan Island, plans are laid to put a man on the moon, in order to finally complete the Space Program's mission.
  • Switzerland: Has elected new president Roland Gibsen. Meanwhile, the infrastructure is being improved by building new tunnels through the mountains.
  • Egyptian Diplomacy: We would like a free trade agreement and non-aggression pact with the E.A.R., Bulgaria, Greece and Iran.
    • Greek Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Nueva Granada: With the war over and the recognition of the three Brazilian break away states the national draft is cancelled and the reserves are demobilized half of the active force returns home while the rest begin sweeping and counter insurgence operations throughout the Amazonian region. the first test launch of a Nueva Granadan Missile is done with rocket being launched into the Pacific, the rocket has been considered a pass but a costly one but the program will continue. The Nuclear plant outside of Bogota is completed and connecting it to the electric lines will be done with in the next few months. Tobacco production and sales soar through the roof as do all other products due to the emmense market now availible in the amazon and a contract with Para, Mato Grosso, and Amazonia have been made giving Jose Industries a right to be the only arms industry in the countries. A new family plans to support single parents. The governors and delegates of the Province Atlantico pass a Law legalizing Brothels in the province but all other provinces stoutly refuse to follow suit.
  • Kalmar Union: As Denmark agreed to unite with thwe NU last turn, the KU will take the NU's and Danish place on the map and n the game. The KU will attend the Luxor Conference. Canada is asked if the KU can but the rest ofNorthern Canada (the Northwest Territories), for 50 years of iron and any toher resources foud in these lands after the purchase, using 1-5 for No and 6-10 for Yes, with a 7 being the Result. The request to buy the Yukon as well is declined with a 4.
  • Stop buying things. By this point, Canada would be very suspicius of your motives.
  • No. What happened? Canada would never see all that... and in fact, the KU would never form. I think we need a mod rollback of the creation of the KU.
  • Can you just roll back that nation, because I really don't want to redo my moves again.
  • There is no way a country in 1977 would sell land like that. Also, you would be is so much debt right now.
  • I see your point. I didn't unite with Denmark or buy any land after that. The NU will still exist.
  • Balkans: The Navy is greatly expanded this year, with the Battleships KBS Stephen Dusan and KBS Vladimir, along with the aircraft carrier KBS Zalmoxis. A few more bases are built along the coast of Antarctica. The Department of Technology reveals plans to send a Balkan national to the moon by 1985. Relations with the Republic of Iraq are cut off.
  • Poland: Manufacturing industries are built up, along with infrastructure. We announce to the Progressive Alliance, that we now have our own page. (Wait a minute for me to set it up). We will discuss plans there. Also, our miltary is built up.
  • Greece: The Greeks are suspicious of the NPA, and ask Poland if they are still loyal to the Axis
  • Tibet: Is now completely eco-powered, celebrating the NPA by knocking down the countries last coal power generater. builds another nuclear powered ship the HNV Himalaya, the largest gunship in the Tibetan navy so far.
  • Noridc Union: The NU begins a period of self-imposed isolation.


  • Egypt: It finally encourages friendly Jordan and Israel in to protectorate ship and assimilates a doubtful N Sudan in to an economic, monitory and military union with Egypt. The remaining 75,000 reservists are activated and 100,000 new reservist recruited. A Benghazi-Tobruck-Alexsandria-Cairo-Luxor-Khastoom-Omderma-Port Sudan railway and motorway is built. Port Sa’aid, Port Sudan, Haifa and Alexandria get new ports. Factories are built in most of the Egyptian and Libyan Towns. 30 fighters, 30 fighter bombers, a mine layer, two mine sweepers, a parole boat, six supply ships, three Landing ships, seven corvettes, four frigates, one cruiser and a destroyer are built. The oil Drilling in the Red Sea is small, but useful. Many military and civil anti-nuclear, chemical and bio-weapon proofed air-raid shelters are built in Gaza, Shrite, Bengahsi, Tobrok, Port Sa’ad, Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, Omdurman, Khartoum, Luxor, Aswan and Port Sudan. Egypt's eyes turn towards Africa and the Sahara Desert. Factories are biult in Luxor, Cairo, Televia, A'amman and Asyut industrialization continuous. Cairo airport is expanded. I give control of Egypt to Monster Pumpkin after I found my account was hacked and got a computer virus and quit this site, as of logging out today.
    • British Response: They are concerned about Egyptian expansion, and especially care for Israel.
  • Spain: Spain resumes its offensive into Morocco and after bitter fighting, takes the small nation. Production begins on carries and battleships as well as jet fighters. Spain begins plans to invade Western Sahara and troops are massed on the border. Spain develops its first nuclear missile and stations it in Gibraltar. The Army size is increased and nuclear submarines are built
  • Nueva Granada: Reconstruction of the Brazilian state and its separated states begins with high levels of funding from Nueva Granada and the government official recognize the new government in Rio and offer a hand of Friendship the President of Nueva Granada will be traveling to Rio himself next year to speak with the new government of Brazil along with the provisional leaders of every member of the S.A.F.T.T. the power plants in Bogota is fully operational and already 30% of the city's energy is provided by the plant. plans to make a type of ammunition using depleted uranium is put into place and the project is being funded by Jose Industries. The government officially begins trading firearms to Nigeria and funding its government to help stabilize the African nation firearms as well as technological blueprints are sold to the African state to make a local powerhouse in Africa, talks begin with Algeria to aid the arab nation as well.
  • Korea: Korea continues to grow economically, as well as militarily. They announce that they will be developing nuclear power slowly over the next decade, in order to protect themselves. Korea requests American help in building their first nuclear reactor, to be located outside Inchon.
  • Britain: Britain manages to conquer central Botswana and attempt to advance east.
  • Greece: the Greeks are suspicious of the NPA, and ask Poland if they are still loyal to the Axis. They also inquire about the Loyalty of Spain and the Nordic Union.
  • Germany: The Waffen SS manages to capture three spies from the Axis, and tries them at the German National Court and all three are found guilty of espionage. All three were given execution sentences via firing squad. One nuclear-powered carrier, three destroyers, five missile cruisers, a minesweeper, and thirty fighters are constructed to help support the military. Germany tells Egypt that any action against Israel and Jordan will result in military action.