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Hello, and welcome to the fourth installment of the Axis vs Allies series. The last few games, while they were successes, only one did finish and the UN pages and Diplomacy pages were not used very often. I hope to change that this game. Also, I hope all you guys know what I'm getting on with Axis vs Allies, Axis vs Allies: Reloaded, then Axis vs Allies: Revolutions :).

Now, to the game: The year is 1933. Hitler has just taken power in Germany. The world is still in a depression. Unemployment is high. Choose a nation, and command it to success and glory. Will your nation become a superpower? Or will it be crushed? Make no mistake; war is coming ... with all its glory ... and all its horror.

It is never too late to join.


1. We are going to limit the nations count to one, as that when a person gets two countries; they usually neglect the other one.

2. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated . . . IS NOT IT! But you must be plausible.

3. Nuclear programs may start in 1940.5 We will use to determine who starts it first and who gets it. Also, it will take at least four years to develop nukes if you are one of the “Big Cheese”. (US, Germany, Soviets, Japan).

4. One Half year per day.

5. Make a profile on the Diplomacy Page.

6. You can be an occupied nation and declare independence.

7. We will have resolutions/stuff when the UN is created at United Nations Page.

8. For now, I am the mapmaker.

9. New turns start at 00:00:01 UTC.

10. We go by half-years.

11. As for nuke use, the last game was ruined because of implausible use of nukes (admittedly, I was one of them), so while I won’t be making a “rule” on nuke use, USE YOUR HEAD! And moderators will be able to roll back edits.

12. Game is archived every 15 years.

13. On the United Nations page, which will be created around 1945-47. There will be a Security Council, with five permanent members, and ten impermanent members. To keep things simple, the impermanent members will rotate on Mondays. It is a three year term. Look at: United Nations Rules for more information. For the non-permanent Security Council, I will decide every turn with

Mods and Mapmakers

Das Mods (Mods)

  1. Der Führer PitaKang
  2. Der Reichsführer CrimsonAssassin
  3. Der Reichsmarschall Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría

Der Kartograf (Mapmakers)

  1. Der Führer ChrisL123
  2. Der Reichsführer Vivaporius
  3. Der Reichsleiter 1.png Imp (Say Hi?!)
  4. Der Reichmarshcall IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1.pngRegen Flag.png Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum.

Die Liga der Mathematiker (Algorithmen)

  1. Der Führer Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum.
  2. Der Reichsführer PitaKang
  3. Der Reichsspektur Vivaporius

Der Grammatik Nazi (Spell-checkers)

  1. Der Führer EoGuy
  2. Der Reichsführer PitaKang


AvAre 1982.png

 Map "rules"

A few general rules concerning the map as to ensure "success:"

  1. Always copy the full-size version of the map to avoid pixelation.
  2. Make all nations different colours.
  3. Try to make one for each half-year.
  4. Coloured circles on nations mean they are a protectorate, client/satellite state, etc. of another nation.
  5. It's not always beneficial to draw border lines willy-nilly; if possible, try to find resources such as this to get inspiration.

Changes, Issues and Complaints

Issues cleared.AP (talk) 19:35, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

Except (not meaning to sound rude) the fact that the North Republic (Iceland) brought Greenland.

I updated the map to included the Icelandic possessions (Greenland), Turkish protectorates (former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Hungary), the released African colonies (French Central Africa, West Africa, Nigeria, and Madagascar), and fixed issues with the map such as the weird misplaced color pixels. Vivaporius says: "I don't need a slogan!" 01:01, November 14, 2012 (UTC)

I don't have a color on the Map. I'm the Netherlands-Althistoryman11.

I took 18% of Italy Warman555

You mean "I'm being frakking implausible and going on an implausogasm?" IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1.pngRegen Flag.png Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! 23:45, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

Three minor issues. One: it looks like the Faroes are controlled by Denmark (The North Republic bought it from France) Two: (on my screen anyway) it looks like Sweden is the same colour as the North Republic. Three and less majorly: Antarctica is not shown as claimed by anybody. Would it not make sense to colour it in? Thank you David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk) 10:23, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

: ADD THE CAR TO THE MAP! 16:10, December 19, 2012 (UTC) R Beal

Scraw, I did the algorithm the best I could. Warman555
The war itself is implausible. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1.pngRegen Flag.png Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! 06:05, December 15, 2012 (UTC)
Add the CAR to the map-R Beal.
The area of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are independent from the U.S. AND Canada.

Why are the Faroes shown as Danish? I have they have been part of the North Republic for quite some time. Besides which they where French before I brought them! David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk) 09:25, December 24, 2012 (UTC)

However, put Laos on the list. Read the way the game is Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia don't exist. They have been replaced by the Kingdom of Indochina, a Japanese satellite and the Japanese Prefecture of Tonkin. Nk
Denmark retires and give up to the North Rep. I have to go for my map game.Laptop_Zombie 03:53,
December 23, 2012 (UTC)
How the fuck did Malaysia conquer Indoasia logarithm was never made! Warman555


North America

Latin America

  • Venezuela: -
  • British Honduras:
  • Honduras:
  • El Salvador:
  • Guatemala
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama:
  • Colombia:
  • Ecuador:
  • Peru:
  • Argentina:Rdv65 (talk) 02:57, September 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • Chile:
  • Bolivia:
  • Paraguay:
  • Uruguay:
  • Brazil: Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:35, September 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • French Guiana:
  • British Guiana:
  • Dutch Guiana: Dr Cow Andrew (talk) 23:13, May 31, 2014 (UTC) One of the Mapmakers Masters in Paint
  • Mexico:
  • Dominican Republic:


  • Soviet Union: Enclavehunter (talk) 03:41, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Union of Sovereign Soviet States (ex-USSR)- 15:04, January 2, 2013 (UTC) Account making and setting up in the next few days.
  • Germany:(DeanSims: Talk) 13:45, November 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • France: 8:07, February 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • Great Britain:warlordrommel
  • Italy: huntraun65
  • Poland:
  • Finland: I Am Walrus (talk) 00:16, September 17, 2012 (UTC)
  • Norway:
  • Sweden: Inferno826
  • Denmark:Laptop Zombie done, given up
  • Belgium:
  • Netherlands:Althistoryman11
  • Luxembourg:
  • Spain: theboss12345
  •  Chechoslovakia
  • Portugal:
  • Ireland:
  • Hungary: Stewdio333 (talk) 23:57, September 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Romania: Dustin2557 (talk) 13:30, November 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • Yugoslavia:
  • Albania:
  • Greece: Trevornator01
  • Turkey: ((ლ(() (ಠ益ಠ) ((ლ(() 19:59, September 10, 2012 (UTC) (Destroyed)
  • Bulgaria: Kunarian (talk) 16:34, September 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Austria: Lynxes21
  • North Republic: David Rain (Sometimes ...) (talk) 10:03, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

Far East


  • Pakistan -کارگران جهان متحد شوید! 07:14, December 27, 2013 (UTC)
  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tibet

Middle East


  • Australia: exen99
  • New Zealand:
  • Fiji:
  • Tuvalu:
  • Naru:
  • Vanuatu:
  • Solomon Islands:
  • Kiribati
  • Tuvalu
  • W. Samoa
  • Palau


  1. Fed up with all the bickering and backbiting by some players, the CAR's player R. Beal retired, but now comes back.



  • Global Events: A Brazil-based terrorist group, A Mão Sangrenta, (Bloody Hand) begins worldwide operations. No one knows that it was really them who caused the reactor to blow up in Western Brazil. Madagascar joins the Union of South African states. The Soviet Union shows signs of economic depression and internal dissent. (Enc hasn't posted in a long time and if he doesn't post soon, the Soviet Union will collapse earlier than OTL) The Gorbachev government begins to make limited reforms. (I intend to do something like in New Union.) Meanwhile, people in both Germanies begin to campaign for unification.
  • Canada: NATOC is currently discussing expanding/renaming itself to allow for international expansionism. Super-Highway across the nation is finished. The prototype for the Antarctic nuclear generator is to be tested this year, and to be installed in power plants by 1984.
  • CAR: David Dacko orders the building of several new churches in the southern CAR. Trade talks are offered to the USSR, Australia, Burundi, Ghana, the USA, the W.A.R., Libya and the Union of South African States (mods can chose if the grey NPC states agrees or not). Japan’s small reactor in Bangui is nearly completed, but is quietly closed down and scrapped after the Brazil accident caused several notable anti-nuclear protests in Nola and Bengui that year. 100 troops and 50 teachers are recruited. 1000 priests and 200 mullahs take up their spiritual mission. A new Lignite-fired power station is built in Nola and its bigger brother will be completed in Bira in six months’ time. The Kinshasa-Bangui railway link is said to be the most critical railway link in Africa. A mutually beneficial freight and passenger line from Cameroon port of Kribi to Bangui, via Yolande and Nola is passed into law (mods can chose if the Cameroon agrees or not). A suspicious fire burns down the new Bangui Central Bus station and one fireman dies. Security is strengthened in the capital, in Nola, at ex-president Bosaka’s jail house and around the Uranium mines.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: Are you still offering traditional art, the Hungarian Cultural Program plans to increase attendance at the Republican Museum in Budapest, despite the collapsed economy.
  • The US continues its important superpower stuff, and we work on our space program. The design for our Mars Rover is completed and we begin construction. It will be finished and launched in 1984. Meanwhile, Geraldine Ferraro wins the Democratic nomination, and chooses James Carter as her running mate. Meanwhile, Half-Nelson Rocka Fella gets the Progressive nomination, and selects Rob Dole as his running mate. We agree to let the Germanies unite if the Soviets agree.
  • Japan: With the Soviets showing signs of weakness Japan considers a possibility of taking the rest of Karafatu and possible restoring outer Manchuria to its historic owner but all plans are shelved for the time. The war in China is coming to a close and Japan along with the new East China Government offer amnesty to all insurgents who surrender. Emperor Akihito in a public speech vows that Japan will keep its word on withdrawing from the new state of East China and promises full economic support to the new free state. Economic growth continues in east Asia as the Market is once again amongst the strongest in the world, and annual earnings are at the highest they've been since the pre-war. East Asia promises to remain within the East Asia market but says it will withdraw from the military alliance something Japan accepts. The space program is back on track and the space station resumes construction while another communication satellite is launched. research into fusion continues along with the other scientific programs. Aid is sent to the new South African government and financial investment in the economy of South Africa begins. Research into alternative means of fuel begin mainly bio-fuel and solar energy, and security around all nuclear facilities are heightened but will not be ended as nuclear energy is the primary source of Japanese energy. A political campaign begins to alienate the ultra-nationalists and it is largely successful as many agree that the age of militarism and expansionism is at its end and the empire should embrace economic dominance over military control.
  • Zaire: The government continues to modernize the states within the AEC, and connect the cities outside of Zaire to one another. The AEC council votes to include recently conquered Zimbabwe within the organization, and Kenya is offered yet another to join (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; 1 yes), which it finally accepted to join. Using the combined resources of the alliance, the AEC votes to start its own space program, and build a space station of its own as a symbol of African power and unity. Economic reform in Burundi continues swiftly, and the distribution of wealth continues without problem. The AEC begins to turn its eyes north for members to join the alliance and share the wealth coming out of the progressive member states.
  • That's implausible, RNG or no RNG. And the space station? As if space program isn't stretching it enough. Wait until the 1990s to start, expect to finish in the 2020s.
  • Iear- He could join Argentina's program.
  • Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt all have active space programs, and Nigeria (note this, NOT South Africa) already launched three of its own locally-built satellites. And you stated yourself that the nations would only join Zaire for cultural, linguistic and ethnic reasons. The eastern half of Zaire speaks Swahili, and that's some 10-15 million people. It's perfectly plausible (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi all members of Zaire), and you have no issue with me acquiring them before. What's the matter now? ~Viva
  • I agree over the Swahili kinship and culture thing. 15:23, December 25, 2012 (UTC) 
  • Brazil: The affected areas of the Western Brazil are scouted by the scientists to study the damage of radiation levels into the Environment, and how much it may affect, some of those wonder what was the reason of the failure pushing the government to open an Investigation into the Accident, but this is ignored by the President as the elections begin, and in the end this is what makes him lose, as his main opposition Joao do Santos exposes this, leaving him in a bad position in the eyes of the Brazilians. Joao thanks to this, wins the Elections, and promises the Brazilian people further rights in politic including that the inhabitants of the Amazonas regions can vote with greater ease that in the past, he as well begins the construction of the Pacific Amazonas Via to connect the regions of the Brazilian federation to the Conquered areas of Peru. The President declares that democracy has returned to Brazil, and that the next Elections from president will be in 1984
  • Hungary: President of Hungary, Pál Losonczi, passes away at the age of 60 (much younger than OTL, where he lived to 85). Since Turkey fell in 1972, the Hungarian economy has begun to slide, and now, with reports that the Soviet's economy is in danger, Hungary has entered a level of recession, not seen since after World War I, especially with the Soviet Union sending less money than before. Slovenia remains Occupied by Hungarian troops, which has been repeatedly under attack by Slovene rebels and Croatian mercenaries. The planned Hungarian Coast Guard, which would be Hungary's first Naval force since Austria-Hungary fell, does not go to well, due to the difficulty of bringing over Soviet and Turkish Frigates to the sea, especially with reports of Greek and Croatian strike attacks on the ships.
  • CAR D: A mutually beneficial freight and passenger line from Cameroon port of Kribi to Bangui, via Yolande and Nola is passed into law (Whilst every one is moaning about S. Africa, I'll do a RNG on this valuable line instead of asking a mod).(RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; 2 yes). Trade talks are offered to the USSR, Australia, Burundi, Ghana, the USA, the W.A.R., Libya and the Union of South African States (mods can chose if the grey NPC states agrees or not). The CAR is starting up the Gbaya kinship propaganda mill again and begins to subvert a few of their tribal brothers in Cameroon!

Proof from Wikipedia on the tribal thingy-


  • Global Events: A Mao Sangrenta begins attacks in coastal areas of Brazil. Car bombings occur in Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. In another one of their plots, they stage a nuclear "accident" at a nuclear power plant in Patagonia, Argentina. Communist hardliners attempt a coup against Mikhail Gorbachev; they fail but, in the confusion, Gorbachev is killed throwing the Soviet Union into chaos. On a positive note, a man named Nelson Mandela is popularly elected as President of the Union of South African states. He is a natural-born leader that will advance his country even further as Africa's leading economic power. Meanwhile, Boris Yeltsin seizes power in the Soviet Union. With the help of Boris Pugo and Gennady Yanayev, they reform the USSR into a triumvirate dictatorship, with the three of them holding ultimate power. In reality, their designs are to reform the USSR and its allies/satellites/puppet states into one massive socialist republic. (Note: not the same as the USSR. More like OTL China.) In Romania, a massive anti-communist revolution starts up. Both sides refuse all foreign aid. Sweden and Norway enter a union when the King of Sweden dies and his daughter, the Queen consort of Norway, inherits his throne. When she and her husband die, their eldest child, Harald, will inherit both thrones as per the Acts of Union passed by both Parliaments. In Africa, the nations north and west of the CAR ask to join it.
  • Okay, now this is just powergaming. You coming up with excuses to keep Zaire from expanding, and then coming up with p*** poor reasons as to why they would want to even though I haven't threatened them. ~Viva
  • Dude, as soon as any nation starts gobbling up other nations, the nations that haven't been gobbled join forces to either A: beat the schist out of them. Or B: Help each other. JOIN or DIE. ~ Ben Franklin
  • Fine. I'm just ticked at the half-a**ed excuse used by the mods to make them, and then the lies that I'm forcing them to join, especially when I took Kenya peacefully, as with the other nations, but then it's somehow implausible for reasons that have not been explained. First it's perfectly okay, now it's implausible. ~Viva
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai releases the second issue of Garden of the Sun; Miko, Koishi and Kogasa continue finding some clues, and their trail leads all the way close to Tierra del Fuego.
  • CAR: More cars and vans are made. The burnt down bus station is rebuilt. Nelson Mandella is hailed as a hero in the CAR. The union offer is taken up and so the Cameroon (the Gbaya propaganda is still in use) is invited as is the Chad, EG and STP. The sparse northern provinces of 21, 6, 7, 4, 9, 5, 1 and 17 on this map [[1]] leave Chad in a nationalist Islamic way, since they are Arab, Berber, Tombou and Sudanese Arab types and they boast their pro-Libyan and pro-Sudan credentials. Chad's Province 9 rioted and joined the W.A.R. since it's all Francophone OTL Niger types. The largely Christian south becomes a client state. The states of North, Adamawa and East [[2]] join their Gbaya brothers in the CAR and the rest becomes a client state, save for Extreme North,  who joins South Chad. Anglophile Northwest Province riots badly and joins Nigeria on grounds of culture, tribe and creed. Ties with San Tome and Principe are strengthened if they want it. Equatorial Guinea just gets shirty and moody, they say nah, not interested. A Mão Sangrenta leader is shot in Bangui. The CAR says its expanding is over, so it stays plausible. A new drive begins on a Bangui-Kinshasa motorway to go via Brazzaville and Nola. The Mokambo Copper mine project on the Mufulira, Zaïre is awesome and David Dacko says he thinks that it’s Africa’s greatest.

New ATL CAR Nola town churches are:

  1. Beata Virgo Maria
  2. Ave Maria
  3. Christo et Doctrinae
  4. Christus nos liberavit
  5. Christus Rex
  6. Claves Sancti Petri
Road links to N'Djamena and Bertoua are enhanced. 21:18, December 25, 2012 (UTC) R. Beal
The rail link to Cameroon's coast is started and will be finished in 1981.
  • I don't see why Zaire could not join the Argentine/Brazilian space program, if they agree.
    • Why all this bickering at Christmas? 14:57, December 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Read this on major Zaire mines- [3].
  • I will only be here for the game and thus only need an IP for the period, unless it's a legal must to have accounts. 12:36, December 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Yes it is. You must have an account to play the game. I was not previously aware that you were using your IP. Also, did you hear about the nations that want to join you?
  • Argentina: The government is shocked about a second nuclear incident in South America is such a small period of time and order an investigation to be made. However, the government begun to suspect that the one  who plan the recent terrorist attacks in Brazil are responsible. The security is increased.
  • The United States continues work on its magic things. Mexican illegal immigrants begin crossing the border. Meanwhile, the NASEA works overtime on the Mars Rover, because we think we are pulling ahead of the Soviets. Alexandra Ferraro wins the election. Meanwhile Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gives a Progress speech. He talks about how America is making progress. Segregation ends in half of the states that formerly had it.
  • Hungary: The Government has gone through a massive reorganization, with the crisis of Losonczi's death, and the Soviet Union having gone into a massive reorganization. There are now three claimants to the leadership of the Democratic Republic of Hungary. One is a veteran of World War II, Árpád Göncz, who believes that the "de-Losonczation" of the country is the only way the fix Hungary, and strongly believes that the best thing to do, is to declare full Neutrality, similar to Austria and Switzerland. There is also, Károly Németh, who while he wishes to keep up the one-party power, he believes that some liberties should be granted, in order to improve the economy, or else the nation will fail. (I'll mention the third "heir" later.)
  • Brazil: It's shocked at the attacks in the coastal regions, and the president feels that the Accidents in the coastline are not accidents, but without further proof he says nothing of his conclusion to the press. Nevertheless, he does state in an Interview, "it's been known since the Attacks from this enemy. Nevertheless, we must not stop, not slow down, not quit our Attempts to Peace." While this, the military moves along the nation with this events as the fear in the population is fairly big. While this, the projects of the Space command continue ongoing in a secret location to avoid being hit by the terrorist, and the Antarctic civilian training stations continue, while the satellite Pombo arrives at Venus and sends images from its atmosphere, and what seems to be its surface after sending a small prove through the atmosphere, while the Space agency awaits for the other satellite to reach Jupiter in a few years
  • Moved to the talk page.
  • Zaire: The government reaches out to Ethiopia to join the AEC (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; 3 yes), to which they agree. Zaire seeks to solidify its position and oppose the South African attempts to scare other nations into its union by creating lies about Zairian intentions. Zaire threatens to force South Africa into its alliance if it continues to distort the nation's image in Africa, and reaches out to other nations to support its growth. With Zaire proper, and the original members of the AEC fully modernized with the luxuries of economic growth and the industry to support it, the government turns to its other members to continue to invest in local development. Angola, Zambia and Tanzania are targeted for economic development, with Angola's oil industry in modernized to compete with oversea corporations. The tin and copper mines of Zambia are exploited to further local growth, and Tanzania's rich farmlands are the focus of the government's work to feed the rest of the alliance. The government begins sponsoring the construction of a communications satellite (if Nigeria could build one in 1974 according to Wikipedia, then the second-most industrialized nation in Africa certainly can), and request of Japan if they can send it into space. AEC citizens begin demanding true unity of Africa, and are calling for a war of unification, especially given the threat of a strong power in South Africa. The AEC states that it will vote on the matter in 1981, and will consult Brazil, Argentina and Japan on the subject too.
    • Brazil: We ask an alliance with Zaire.
    • Zairian R: We agree to the request.
    • Now that's just implausible. You can't expect the oldest nation on the continent to bend back and join your Empire just with an RNG. The USAS did not make up any lies, you are making up the lies about them.
    • You still didn't answer my question as to how I was threatening nations to join me. And you as the mods controlling the USAS would be the ones making up lies about Zaire since you would have no proof I threatened anyone. And Ethiopia joined Turkey, and you said nothing of it. What's the excuse this time? And why is Zaire an empire (when it is the leader of the African Economic Community), but the USAS, NATOC, and E.A.S.T.P. are alliances when the last two were formed militarily (and somehow didn't rebel)? ~Viva
    • What the f( )k man? Don't you understand English? How many times are we going to tell you this? You did not threaten them, they FEEL THREATENED. IT'S CALLED PARANOIA. And, Ethiopia didn't join Turkey straight on. That was an organization/alliance. This time, it's just joining the nation in its entirety. You are an Empire. You are making them part of your nation. The EATSP and NATOC are just alliances. Like the CSTO or CIS or OTL NATO. The USAS is a bunch of people willingly joining up together. The USAS is like marriage. The NATOC is like a business partnership. The EATSP is like making your kids living in your house. Yours is like a foster home, or Oliver Twist's orphanage: "taking" kids in, but really setting them to become your little minions and possessions.
    • YOU JUST SAID I THREATENED THEM IN THE LAST TURN!!! Do you not remember that? And you threaten them, you do. They're not blind. They saw your subterfuge and sneakery that you used to force other nations into your union." To force other nations into my union. How on God's green earth can you not recall that that's what you said? And the AEC is an alliance. When I partitioned Angola, South Angola remained a member, while North Angola was absorbed into Zaire. And are you blind? For Christ's sake, there is a reason I INVITE nations to join, and then VOTE on subjects of importance. Japan took over China, yet it is not considered a possession but a "member" of the EATSP. How did I force them to join and then give them the right to vote if they're puppets? I let nations join my country willingly and I'm an empire. The U.S. and Japan ruthlessly invade, annex and force nations into their "alliances" and their members join "willingly". It's biased and you know it. ~Viva
    • Aha. You don't understand ambiguity. "You threaten them" could mean two things. A: You are directly threatening them. Or B: They feel threatened. And the bare absorption of North Angola is enough for that. And your "'invitations" somehow always end up in you getting a yes. Japan re-gave China independence as an ally. Not something you tend to do. And for f( )k's sake, I only invaded Mexico. And only because they invaded Texas. Jesus man, you just look at what benefits you.
    • Aha, you don't understand reading the past turns. Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, and Rwanda all said NO the first time, and the second they said YES. And even then I did the RNG's over time. I don't recall seeing you do any RNG's for the nations that "willingly" join the NATOC. And YOU the mods, said that I THREATENED the nations into joining. If you're going to use ambiguity for the word, make sure people know that that's what you're doing, or do what normal people do and actually word it correctly so that readers don't read the wrong thing. Regardless, you said what you said, and I refuse to believe that it was ambiguity you were alluding to. And Japan still controlled half of China which was effectively transformed into a puppet state. When I made all of Turkey's MEDC members autonomous allies which gained economic and military benefits, you stated that it was the politicians that I was dealing with, and not the people who hated me, even though I focused my efforts on rebuilding my relations with them. However, the Chinese, who hated Japan through and through, somehow loved Japan enough to co-operate fully with them as an ally despite the fact Japan invaded them three times OTL and ATL wise (twice before the game, and a third time during the game). Don't try to feed me those lies. ~Viva
    • Dude, have you read nothing about the Chinese gang wars? And you obviously don't understand our words after I've clearly laid them out and explained to you several times over. And the NATOC? You know that's the Icelandic alliance, right? LOL fail.
    • um -- if I may interject - the EATSP is a military and economic alliance and the reason I was able to make it was thanks to Japan's role in the independence of East Asia from the European powers. Despite the fact that Japan is the largest and most influential member, it is effectively a true alliance based on co-operation and mutual trust unlike OTL Japan's Co-prosperity Sphere, and I just made a massive war and uprising in China that was a large scale revolt by angry Chinese against Japanese supremacy which is ultimately ending with Japanese withdrawal from East China - not to mention Korea broke away from the alliance. You can't say the EATSP is implausible it is one of the more plausible organizations in the game, plus now it will slowly evolve into a more economic bloc. Nk.
    • Well, according to AP and Scraw, the nations I conquered with Turkey hated me despite the efforts I put forth to make them allies, like what you did in Asia. I created the MEDC to serve as an alliance with all of the nations I conquered to serve as equal members with Turkey at the fore. The same thing you did with the EATSP. However, for some unexplained reason, while the EATSP can continue with little issue in regards to rebellion (bar China), Turkey which outnumbered all of the MEDC member states combined, can't control them, while Japan is able to both become a superpower and grew without mod interference. Turkey controls half of the world's oil, develops one of the largest militaries in the world, builds an alliances for the member's benefit, and does its best to keep them happy, and it collapses. Nothing of the sort for Japan. Mod bias regardless of how they try to dance around the fact. ~Viva
    • Yeah, but again, the nations you tried to "help" didn't want your "help" in the first place. And the Balkans and the Middle East will always be exactly what they are: overly independent. Like college students.
    • Here is where you went wrong. I think Viva is that you conquered them and made yourself the symbol of their common hatred like what was inevitable in China which I've dealt with now but the rest of East Asia was under western colonization something my Japan fought against. While yes, I do exert lots of influence over my allies, I let them retain autonomy and Japan was actually a liberator in the case of South East Asia. While yes, Manchuria was established through conquest the path I took is one where an actually sovereign Manchurian state was created opposed to the OTL Manchuria. ultimately a different path then OTL Japan or your Turkey. OTL tried to establish its own empire, while you're in game Turkey forced other nations to become your ally. I have no opinion on the mods but I was able to create events within East Asia along with the Korea-Japanese rivalry that Pita created so all in all the events in East Asia were without any real mod intervention. Nk
    • You're right Nk. However, I doubt Mexico would want to remain with the US after all the wars it fought to remain independent. Thus, I don't they would want American "protection". Regardless, what I say can't change the mods' bias. I concede. ~Viva
    • ?| You realize Mexico is still independent, right?
    • Oh yes. What's left of it that is. ~Viva
    • I was only talking about East Asia. I have nothing to do with North America. In this game I'm sticking to East Asian politics which is the area of direct Japanese interests.
    • I'm trying to do the same with Zaire and stick to Africa, but nothing can ever be easy now, can it? ~Viva
    • Well, you're getting any hate from me, man. As long as Japanese economic interests in Africa remain undisturbed it's all good.
  • Fed up with all the bickering and back biting by some players, the CAR's player R. Beal retires and hands control of the CAR (Nation Page-Central African Republic (Axis vs Allies: Revolutions Map Game) to User:OreoToast555 who can run both it and Canada.
  • Sorry, once you leave no one can control your nation.
  • Korea: Korea continues to help Libya with their development, shipping more nukes. The nukes are kept secret, although it is considered likely that they will be discovered soon. The SOG also goes over to Libya to train with the Libyan spec ops groups.
  • Japan: The final D.A. stronghold has falling after years of bloodshed, and as promised, Japanese troops are withdrawing completely from China and as a sign of good will the cities that were annexed in the aftermath of the Second Sino-Japanese war are returned in exchange to the new Chinese state renouncing all claims to Formosa and the Empire of Manchuria. Across China, the people celebrate the end of Japanese Rule in China. The Flag of the Rising Sun is publicly burned in many parts of the new nation, and the new moderates now known as the Progression Party of China (a social democratic party) promises that the current government is only a Transitory Government until proper elections can be held and the new state goes about attempting to restore normalcy and stability to the region after over 60 years of instability and Japanese rule (since the 1911 revolution China was a hell hole in my point of view) and also begins dismantling the institutions set up by the Japanese puppet regimes, but economic co-operation is inevitable due to the large amount of Japanese investment in China. To slowly re-establish Chinese control over their internal market is a major goal of the government (from this point onward East China is for the Mods to deal with. I've set up the nation for their usage in events. There you go, but Manchuria is still joined to the hip with Japan and all together benefits from that, as does all of Japan's satellites due to co-operation and mutual trust.) Despite the withdrawal from China the shift in Japanese policies is considered by the majority of Japan and its allies as a positive step forward - the end of the violent era of warfare in the Orient. The withdrawal is declared strategically important and necessary for the future stability and peace in Asia, while Japan continues to send aid to the reconstruction of East China in hopes of restoring economic stability and healing the wounds caused by previous events. The final death count of the war is beyond 120,000 casualties - mostly Chinese civilians. The war machine of the empire is slowly cranked down as the large numbers of troops are decommissioned to a sustainable 3,500,000 active and some 2,000,000 in reserve distributed throughout East Asia to help defensive protocols for the EATSP in co-operation with allied forces. Elections are approaching and the current Prime Minister shaking over his role in recent events withdraws from the elections, leaving the liberals in need of a new cabinet. Economic growth continues and aid to Africa continues. All science projects continue with the Fission project and the space program the centre of efforts.
  • OK.


  • Global Events: In Northern Africa, Libya enters a large civil war. The rebel factions are led by one Muammar Al-Gaddafi and he threatens to inform the Japanese and Americans of the Korean aid unless the tyrannical government agrees to loosen up a bit. The Soviet Consuls sign the New Union Treaty, reforming the USSR into the Union of Sovereign Socialist States, a loose union of several socialist-democratic states. The whole thing is very hard to explain, but it's the same thing as in New Union. Meanwhile, Finland and Mongolia join the new USSR, and East Germany is given the go ahead to rejoin West Germany, but East Prussia must be ceded to Poland and Königsberg to the USSR. The Baltic states have also joined this new USSR. Meanwhile, the Romanian Civil War ends with the formation of three separate nations: Romania (middle), Wallachia (south) and Bessarabia (north).
  • Korea: Korea now has 21 nuclear missiles in Libya, and more are coming. Special operations start being carried out in Europe, blowing up a few banks before withdrawing. Meanwhile, all nukes in Libya are placed on hair-trigger alert.
  • In the US, an independent merchant delivers a message to the federal government of what they think may or may not be Korean military forces in Libya. Meanwhile, our space station and Mars Rover (Alexander) are nearly completed. Military/infrastructure buildup continues. Alexandra Ferraro is inaugurated this year. West Germany is given the go-ahead for unification with East Germany. Malcolm Little, an African American leader, is found maimed and dead in the state of Baja California. We suspect Mexicans...
  • What was Malcolm X doing in Mexico again? ~Viva
  • Did I say anything about Mexico?
  • Baja California is in Mexico. Christ's sake... ~Viva
  • Right...looking at the map shows me that it's a US state.
  • Ugh. Just forget it. ~Viva
  • What? Baja is a US state. Look on the map. >.> (Another great derp moment brought to you by AvARe: Priceless. Sponsored by MasterCard.
  • Zaire: The AEC votes to postpone military actions against the USAS for the time being, with the outcry from the populace growing greater as fears of a strong neighbour begin to circulate throughout the country. Elsewhere, the government continues its development of the local natural resources to fuel industrial growth, with much progress in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The oil fields in Angola are beginning to come to full production, and a number of railway expansions are begun to connect the Angolan cities to those of the neighbouring member states of AEC. The government authorizes the construction of a space program launch centre, and plans to begin launching its own satellites into space. For the time being, the government relies on the Japanese to handle the launches for them. Nuclear missile silos are completed in the Congo rainforest to house the missiles given them by Korea. Factories are constructed in Burundi and shipyards built in Kenya and Tanzania to support the Eastern Fleet. Zaire states that it will have an operational aircraft carrier by 1985, and that it will be built in Dar es Salaam where the Eastern Fleet is located. Diplomatic relations are extended to Nigeria and Cameroon, and economic aid is sent to Ethiopia, Somalia and Chad to support the growth of African industries and economies. The goal is to prevent Western interference in the development of African nations, and remove any bastion of Western imperialism on the continent.
    • Jap D: Japan hopes to increase investments in Zaire to gain better profits and will continue to send aid an professionals to help develop Zairian infrastructure and living standards. Japan will take no part in any military campaigns in Africa and is only interested in economic possibilities in the region.
    • Zairian R: Zaire thanks the Japanese government for their kindness and assistance, and appreciates that aid. We wholly understand and accept their views of African military campaigns and will not drag you into them. On a side note, we wish to request of you temporary usage of your launch pads to send our satellites into space.
    • Jap D: Japan agrees to let the Zaire Republic use the launch pads for a fair price.
  • Canada: Final version of the nuclear generator in development. New prime minister is elected.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the third issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • 'Sorry. I would like to continue, but this is beyond belief. I go away for one day and come back having missed two turns. Not only that but each of these turns has incorporated a large argument. I thought this might be a map game that would succeed for once, something I could enjoy, so I put a lot of effort in. But I will resign now. To members of NATOC I am particularly sorry so I will leave some hope. If the community wants me to come back, please say so and I will do.' Sometimes goodbye is a second chance. David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk)
  • Don't worry, Dave. I hope that the arguments will stop since we have come to an understanding of what went wrong and how to fix it. The fact that I had to move two massive game turns to the archives proves that this is a successful game. Stick around, it's all good. :) ~Viva
  • What he said. And you missed two turns because of your time zone. No big problem.
  • Japan: Investment in Africa continues to grow and the nation manages to make a deal with Nigeria to begin developing the nation's rich oil deposits (I'm not looking to intervene in Africa or even influence it I'm only making trading and corporation deals so it should be OK.)  while the economy in East Asia returns to its booming pre-war status. The elections happen with a surprising result the Liberal coalition is able to retain their spot in power but with a minority government of barely 45% with the Worker's Party becoming the official opposition with 43% of the Diet seats and the Conservative party now on the verge of collapse due to their previous alliance with the ultra-nationalists holding a mere 10% of the seats. Now the Liberals have to gain the approval of the Socialists to pass any major laws or make any important decisions creating something of a cold war with in the Imperial Diet. Military policies continue to be shifted from an offensive protection of East Asian interests to a purely defensive on and Japanese involvement outside its major allies and Japan is completely ended with troops withdrawing from India and Burma and being redirected to Indonesia, Indochina and the Japanese Proper, a new national security plan deemed the Eastern Fortress is created based around the strategic defence of economically important components of the East Asian Economy, the increased surveillance the of West Pacific, and increased reliance on fast response operations. Fission research continues but no breakthroughs are made and the project is proving extremely difficult as it is nearly impossible to contain the immense energy produced by the reaction. The space program, however, continues at a good pace. A bullet train will be built in Manchuria to help transportation in the nation. A raid on the home of the remaining leaders of the Ultra-nationalists finally ends over 40 years of civil disobedience carried out by the remnants of pre-coup Japan, with the leaders being sentenced to life in prison for treason.
  • Argentina: Welcomes the Soviet change to a more democratic government and the German possible reunification. As the Korean crisis and the cold war seem to arrive to an end, the government decide to give the priority to the nuclear reactor investigation and ask the secret service to do their possible to find who are responsible of the destruction of the nuclear reactor. The security in the government office and in the critical area which includes the nuclear reactor is re-inforced. We declare neutrality in the Libyan civil war.
  • People, there are only 64 days left in gameplay. Congratulations on a great 96 days of playing, and here's to another 64!
  • Brazil: After a year and a half of investigation it is discovered that the nuclear was provoked, the president João's fear has been confirmed, and the military moves to the western areas near the cities to quell any uprising or new terrorist attack. While this, the developers of the space station continue developing the station in secret facilities hidden throughout the nation and the Antarctic stations continue their training for 1995 - 2005 begin. While this, a rocket is launched with the first Brazilian tribulation on it and the development of a faster ship begins, roads continue to be built between the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast and the military is built up to fight the organization. The news of German unification is welcomed and the civil war in Libya is seen as a not important matter.


Global Events: A Mao Sangrenta finish their last act for a while; they stage a nuclear failure of the power plant in Kinshasa, Zaire. The result is devastating, given that it was in an urban capital city. With the Brazilian government onto them, they move into eastern Peru, particularly the Puno area but no one knows this.

  • I'm not trying to start anything, but why would a Brazilian terrorist organization target an African nuclear facility a continent away? What political and social impact would that have back home? Think of it like 9/11. Only until al Qaeda struck America did we do anything about them. ~Viva
  • They are worldwide. Only based in Brazil.
  • Okay. But what is their goal exactly? Are they the al Queda for the game? ~Viva
  • What the hell is al Queda? Do you mean al Qaeda or al Qaida?
  • Stop acting like a fool. Just answer the question. You know d**n well who I'm talking about, typo or not.
  • Yes, they are the al Qaeda.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the third issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Hungary: Both candidates to ruling the Democratic Republic are assassinated by the end of Summer, where a new President, Peter Szálasi, takes power. Being not only a Stalinist, but also believed in Fascist Hungarian policies, promises in his first televised speech, that Hungary will rise from the ashes, in what he proclaims as the Főnix (Phoenix) Era. The GDP of the Hungarian Military is to be tripled, from 5% to 15%, while other services receive a further secret downgrade. He also plans to put in new policies by the end of the year, including turning Szlovénia into the breadbasket of Hungary, which is the first rule, in order to gain popularity power with Hungarians, before the hardships follow.
    • Zairian D: Zaire would like to invest in your nation, and aid you in the expansion of you growing economy after the fall of Turkey. In return, we wish your aid in the event we may enter a conflict in Africa. No direct military aid required if you so choose not to, but supplies and medical aid are just as good too.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We accept Zaire's offer, as we need another ally from outside Europe, especially with the current status of the Soviet Union and Romania.
  • Zaire: The government states that the nuclear failure in Kinshasa has been contained. Thankfully, the uranium rods were in the process of being switched out, and were not in the reactor at the time of the failure. Additionally, the government too is safe, having been away in Burundi, and state that additional security to keep the nuclear reactors safe will be pursued. However, 13,903 people are being treated for radiation poisoning due to their proximity to the reactor at the time of the failure. The plant itself will be shut down, and a second one built outside of the city limits, and so to with all other reactors in Zaire. Elsewhere, the military continues its expansion, and the Eastern and Western fleets of Zaire are expanded to green-water fleet capacity. Zaire launches its first group of satellites into space in Japan, and continue work on building their own launch pad, which is expected to be completed in 1987. The AEC votes to begin drawing up plans as the outcry for a war with the USAS grows larger as the nation to the south continues to present itself as a threat to the AEC and its interests.
  • Read the event. It is a planned, Chernobyl-like event. Moreover, the Union of SS is not threatening you so stop warmongering.
  • I can get ready to declare war on any nation I want. It's called politics. Bush did it, Obama did it, and virtually every nation on Earth has done it. And to MY people the USAS is scaring them. So I can attack if they are scaring MY people. So I'll warmonger as much as I d**n well please. And really, why would the terrorist target a developing African nation instead of a larger, closer target like the United States? Would that be much more plausible?
  • No, simply put. If anything you are scaring them, which is why they formed the Union anyway. It's safe to say that most people are tired of the controversy you stir up in the game. You did it with Turkey and now you're doing it with Zaire. So stop.
  • Let's be honest now, only you and Scraw are the only two complaining about it. And there are no rules saying I can't attack other nations. Just you and Scraw. And it appeared the R. Beal and David left because of the fighting and not my wars, considering Beal was actually supporting me. So until there is a rule saying I can't declare war, which would be implausible and biased, I'll march until I can't march anymore. And I refuse to allow a strong nation on my border. Period.
    • To quote David Rain Sorry. I would like to continue, but this is beyond belief. I go away for one day and come back having missed two turns. Not only that but each of these turns has incorporated a large argument. I thought this might be a map game that would succeed for once, something I could enjoy, so I put a lot of effort in. But I will resign now. To members of NATOC I am particularly sorry so I will leave some hope. If the community wants me to come back please say so and I will do.' Sometimes goodbye is a second chance. David Rain (Sometimes ... ) (talk) R. Beal.
  • They refuse a strong nation on their borders too. The reason they united. And David left because he felt like he missed too much.
  • Argentina: Continue the investigation about the nuclear incident. The navy begun to be upgrade as we are nearly ten year late and the technology is outdated. A new class of carrier began to be built to replace the old one. A new version of the Gauss cannon is developed which costs less in energy to fire and the government is promised that the new nuclear energy could be perfect for it. Some coast defenses are upgraded with Gauss cannon and an experimental nuclear battleship began to be build.
    • Zairian D: Zaire would like to acquire of the Argentine Republic its help militarily in the event of a military conflict here in Africa. We shall repay you kindly for your help, and will grant you access to our vast natural resources at a bargain price should you accept.
    • Argentina D: We agree to support you militarily in some situation where our reputation shall stay intact, mostly in defense or topple a dictator but we are willing to provide you supply, ammo and weapons in the case of a war, so we agree to a limit military alliance.
  • Brazil: President João do Santos, realizes that the coincidence of two major nuclear failures in South America are not coincidence and secretly warn that it might not just be a failure but a terrorist attack, but states that this is only a conjecture and that this news should not be commented to the people unless sure. While this, we make our own progress with the Gauss cannon, with 5% of energy saving and using a harder Projectile, of Tungsten. While this, Troops Continue sweeping the western areas of Brazil. While this, the Satellite Traveler I arrives at Jupiter sending the first images from the planet to earth though it's not at the planet moon system, the satellite is close enough to take impressive pictures of Jupiter and its Moon system. While this, the Government wishes to update the network system and begin funding Technological projects all over Brazil to bring a new era to the Nation, the military is upgraded and the Navy build its 15 carrier, while the Antarctica station continue training the Astronauts for a Mars tripulated mission by 1995 - 2005, and an untripulated mission is launched to orbit the Moon, and establish a possible landing place for Brazil, investigation on super-conductives continues.
    • Zairian D: We wish to establish a military alliance with you in the event we may be involved in an armed conflict here in Africa. Any form of aid that may be used is requested, and in return we shall provide you with plentiful raw materials mined and processed here.
  • The United States continues its stuff. Military buildup begins to slow down. The last piece of the American Space Station is launched. Meanwhile, Mariner 11 leaves the vicinity of Uranus and heads for Neptune. Two new moons of Pluto are discovered.
  • What? This would require a PoD in the depths of time! Pluto only has one moon.
  • Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Pluto has SIX moons. Charon, Hydra, Nix, and three other moons with numbers only.
  • 1993 ROS/2011 P 1 and S/2012 P 1 are 2 of numbered ones. 21:37, December 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Japan: Economic and scientific advances continue. while security is tightened across East Asia.
  • North Republic: The re-elected Government announces its intention to form a blue water navy. This garners much support amongst the people. NATOC is rebranded the 'Interpower Stabilising League (ISL)' and opened for non-superpower applicants the world over. (Wait a while page will be created soon) The first scientists arrive in Brazil to begin helping with the space station.
  • Denmark: I re-state that Denmark is given to the North Republic. I do this voluntarily, not just because I left. It's because I want to. You can look at the examples of BMSPG in 1984 and Egypt in 1986.6 (partially) and 1989 (fully) (given to Baltonordia) and the USA in 1984.6 (to the USE) at Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game) and its archive. Those users do it voluntarily, not because of any rules.
  • Moreover, I think he might have a case because of the history (ok I may be biased but)  Denmark used to rule Iceland, and in OTL own the Faroes and Greenland. It's not like say Egypt and Colombia. We share culture and history. I am willing to wait a few years to let calls for unification grow if people want a movement. David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk)
  • The whole thing is implausible. David can PLAY as Denmark, but he can't merge it with his nation. 


AvARe 1982.png
  • Global Events: French Guiana gains independence as the Republic of East Guiana. The former German/Dutch colony of Guiana, Neudutchesland, invades the REG. Meanwhile, Besarabia joins the USSR. The deals are closed in Germany and the celebration of the reunification of Germany is celebrated everywhere. The Berlin Wall is taken down. Tibet and Nepal unite into the nation of Greater Tibet. The Uyghuristani region begins to rebel against the rule of the Republic of China, with the support of the USSR and East China. An anti-communist wave of feelings rides across Eastern Europe following the Fall of the Berlin Wall and a motivating speech at the Brandenburg Gate by President of the United States Alexandra Ferraro. A Mao Sangrenta slips under the radar in their new base in Eastern Peru. However, some cells remain in Western Brazil but they are also lying low. Some nations in the AEC feel that last year's devastating nuclear failure in Zaire is a sign that the nation is incapable of leading them into the future. Some of those nations consider leaving.
  • Ah, so that's your plan. You reveal your true colors.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the third issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Canada: Continuous testing of the nuclear generator prototype in Antarctica. Expand air force, building more fighters and bombers. Internal Infrastructure (Highways/Rails/Fuels) upgraded. Asking the U.S.A. to allow a private corporation to build a pipeline to the U.S. to supply oil from the Athabasca Oil sands. Offer support to Brazil to find the terrorist organization. Tighten border security to non-US/natoc/Australia citizens. Support the Berlin Wall's removal.
    • The USA agrees, as long as it has access to the supply.
  • Hungary: President Szálasi, in a surprising statement, especially considering his hardline Stalinist beliefs, confirms that the One-Party Rule of the Democratic Republic will end, and labels that the country's future is not in Socialism, but as a Nationalist right-wing state. On March 1, 1982, a date which is now known as Szövetségi Ünnep (Federal Day, or Holiday in Hungarian), the Democratic Republic of Hungary ceases to exist at 12:01 AM, and becomes, Magyar Szövetségi Köztársaság (Federal Republic of Hungary, or more literally, Hungarian Federal Republic). The President plans to make multiple reforms to the country, and promising of a powerful Greater Hungary. The new jet fighter, based off the older Turkish and Soviet models that remain in the Air Force, the M-82 Zivatar (Thunderstorm), is planned to be brought into the Air Force in numbers of 100 per month, with offers to sell them to Zaire in advance. Multiple tanks, based on Turkish tanks, called the FEG T-81. begins being put on sale, with those not sold being added to the Ground Forces. A new armoured vehicle, the FEG Gyors (Swift), (based off the OTL OT-64 SKOT APV, only faster, though not as strong), begins production, which due to its lightweight design, while not as strong or tough as the tanks or older APV's in the Army, is definitely among the fastest armoured cars ever constructed, or at least in Eastern Europe. With Romania in ruins, seeing the chance to take back  the President orders the Honvédség to make a quick strike at Erdély (Transylvania), and reclaim the lands for Greater Hungary, starting with striking the Bihor and Arad Counties within the first week. In a public announcement, Szálasi has promised to undo the damage the relationship Romania forced upon Hungary caused "by that fool, Losonczi" and informs that him and the Romanians are the reason for the damage to Hungary's economy. The Soviet Union, specifically, the Bessarabian SSR, are asked for assistance to help Hungary in the fight.
    • Zairian D: We agree to the offer.
  • Japan: The Japanese Empire continues to expand its investments around the world mainly in Africa. and an interest in the minerals coltan and lithium begin to grow in the electronics industry for future usage. Military operations continue to be downscaled. Scientific research continues and the space station is nearly completed.
  • Argentina: Asks Zaire and Brazil if we could share all our current and future dates about the terrorists to improve our knowledge about the organisation. The secret service receive the mandate to infiltrate the organisation and search for cell in Argentina. The republic of east Guiana is recognised and the country who attacked it is ask to stop or face consequence. Paraguay is invited in the Latin American confederation (1-yes) help begun to be send to Paraguay.
    • Zairian D: We'd be delighted to share our data on the terrorist attack (which makes no sense whatsoever), and aid those who have suffered in destroying this threat to international security.
    • You guys don't know if it was a terrorist attack yet. What you do know is that the attacks couldn't have been a coincidence and you're all investigating.
  • Zaire: The government believes that the USAS is becoming to great of a treat to Zairian hegemony in Africa, and at the urging of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the AEC declares war on the USAS citing that they are too dangerous to the growing might of the AEC. In the words of President of Zaire, their neighbor poses a threat to their economic and industrial dominance in Africa. With a larger population, resources, and military forces, the AEC cites that the USAS shall fall in time. Zaire calls on Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, and possibly Japan to honor their alliances, and aid them in fight the USAS.
  • No. You have no hegemony or any dominance in Africa. Furthermore, your casus belli is bs. No argument here, end of story.
  • Well, I'm truly done with this game. When the other players said you mods were biased, I suppose they were correct. Out.
  • And you are? If you're Viva, you're the only who's said that.
  • Yes, this is Viva. A little common sense would have clarified that. Anyway, no, I spoke to Enclave and why he disappeared, and though I hate to throw his business out there, he did state that the bias of the mods drove him away. Was very clear about that. So no, I'm not the only one who's said that, and this wasn't the first time either. Regardless, I'm done with this game. So goodbye.
    • Nations really don't need a casua belli to invade. They can make some sort of excuse and go ahead. EX: Hitler, Napoleon, Bush, Kim Il-Sung, etc etc. -Pita
  • North Republic: Seeing Zaire's dream to bring peace to Africa on the verge of collapse the North Republic gives a large amount of support. We send skilled workers to Zaire to improve infrastructure and build schools, donate large quantities of textbooks and equipment (with the wood being imported from Canada) and give updated equipment to hospitals. We also offer membership of the ISL to them. Though this is expensive it finds a large amount of popular support because of a growing sense that the North Republic is no longer a small, isolated group of islands, but a strong nation with a duty to the rest of humanity to help the world up to its level. All this aid however does slow the construction of the new ships ordered for the revamping of the navy (with the goal of becoming a blue water force). Worried at a lack of International response to Hungarian aggression against Romania we submit a UN Resolution and call a NATOC meeting.
  • Korea: Korea continues to send "aid" to Libya. However, things go bad when a small private jet is shot down by gung-ho Libyan pilots. The jet lands in the middle of the silos. The passengers, some of which who survived, takes pictures and begins to send them to their friends. The world is informed of the nukes.


GLOBAL EVENTS (Pita)- Outrage shakes the world as the world learns of Korean nukes in Libya. Almost every nation condemns Korea for the acts. Meanwhile, Hungary continues to be condemned by the world as well. Zaire, which seemed to have been shaken up by the nuclear reactor accident, begins to come back as the people's confidence in their government is restored.

  • Thank you, Pita. ~Viva
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the third issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Hungary: A Hungarian Representative brings up at interviews towards the UN Office, that the UN are targeting the wrong people, stating that Hungarians have been the victims of ethnic cleansing, and there have been at least six massacres, with the killing of Hungarian women and children being reported. (Not that Hungary is much better, but anyone who knows the OTL Yugoslav Wars, knows that atrocities were performed on all sides, not that the Serbs were much better, but the Croats and Bosnians were just as violent), and that assisting the Romanians would be assisting "a nation of murderers and rapists". The military continues advancing at a rapid rate through Erdély, with new Air Force bases being established on former airports and Romanian Air Force bases. There are plans to take over Bucharest, and reach the Black Sea, especially with the Romanian Army weakened, where at midnight on July 11, 1982, many suspected bases near Bucharest are bombed.
    • Zairian D: We are preparing for a war with the USAS, and would like your assistance in fighting them. The time to bring Africa together has come.
  • North Republic Diplomacy: Having heard your grievances we have suggested an amedment. However we would wish for a ceasefire to be established until the UN can reach a conclusion.
  • North Republic: More aid goes into Zaire. The government announces that this will be kept up for a further 1.5 years, then slowly reduced back to the original level. We offer Zaire and CAR places in the ISL ( please-note that I am allied to Zaire and Canada to CAR if that helps things) Argentina and Brazil are also offered places. Plans are unveiled for a new National Airport Network (NAN) to be set up, starting construction in 1985. (I realise that government spending is massive, I am going to hit a large recession in the early 1990's) 
    • ​CAR R: We accept the offer of joining the ISL.
    • Zairian R: We accept the offer. Also, we are engaged in a conflict with the USAS, and wish to request your aid in the conflict. We desire to unite Africa as one.
    • Canada Diplomacy: We will provide naval, air, and army force as support.
    • Argentina D: We accept to join the ISL.
    • Argentina you are already in the IDU.
    • A nation can be part of multiple alliances....
  • Zaire: The AEC gears up for war as their force begin to amass along the border with the USAS. Thousands of tanks, troops, airplanes, and equipment are amassed for the invasion, and the navy begins blockading South Africa ports. Troops from all of the AEC member nations are mobilized, and readied for the offensive the people and the government have been waiting for. Zairian factories, Zambian and Zimbabwean mines, Angolan and Gabonese oil, and East African banks, are all turned to war-time production to begin the coalition's war of unification. The years of military training and equipping, along with the modernization of the transportation network of the AEC (some 30,000 km of rail, and 750,000 km of paved roads), will be crucial in moving supplies and personnel to the front. Zaire boasts that the world is about to witness the first modern war in Africa.
  • Canada: Hearing about the conflicts in South Africa, and the Zairian need for support, the Canadian 5th, 6th, 8th and 12th fleets are dispatched to Zairian ports for further instruction by the Zairian government. 
  • Argentina: Ask Zaire that the white population of the USAS be treat as equal citizen and if we reach an agreement on this, we offer military intervention. The investigation to found who was responsible for the nuclear reactor failure continue. The government begun to face opposition against his policy of nuclear energy and many want to close the nuclear reactor.
    • Zairian R: Hmm ...(scratches collective beard), well, we suppose they do "desire" the right to live. Fine. Provide us with military support, and we shall protect them from the black African population.
    •  Argentina secret D: You have our support and in the case that you have white resistance who refuse your authority, we never have too many workers, so just try to convince them to immigrate in South America.
    • Zairian R: That plan is already on the table as a backup. For your assistance, we will deport 250,000 Afrikers to Argentina for your aid as thanks.
  • Brazil: The Invasion of East Guiana is repudiated and military alliance is asked the East Guianese army. While this, supplies are sent. While this, the Mao sangrenta continues to be hunted down, in Western Brazil, and an Intelligence Organization is formed to Monitor all terrorists. While this, the offer of the North Republic is Accepted but in Rio de Janeiro the Argentinian and Brazilian launch the first module of a Seven Module Space station. The Ship reaches a distance of 10,000 km from earth surface and deploys the Module. While this, the Moon Mission project begins to progress as a shuttle ship (not actual space shuttles), the moon mission consists of six members crew in which two of them are military capable of resisting pressure, two scientists to study and extract information about the composition of the lunar surface and two engineers to deal with the ship's maintenance, the Mission is trained in an outpost in Antarctica. Military is Updated, and a railway between Brazilian, Peru and Brazil east coast is finished.
    • Zairian D: We congratulate you on your recent success. Hopefully, Zaire shall be joining you in the field of space exploration. Excelsior! We claim that. That's ours!


  • Korea: Intrigued by the idea of space weaponry, the space program is restarted.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the third issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • North Republic: The Nuuk and Hafnarfjörður squadrons of  Skua fighters are sent to aid Zaire, along with 15 new Mirage Thor's and the civilian packet of aid. Meanwhile defences are increased around the UK as we fear they may retaliate in support of USAS. A letter is sent to the Prime Minister asking for an assurance that they will not attack. We strongly condemn Korean Nuclear devices in Egypt and re-impose the sanctions. The government urges the UN to come to an agreement about the Hungary-Romania war. People the nation over celebrate the Argentinian/Brazilian/North Republican launch. 
  • Japan: All previous actions are continued.
  • Zaire: Zaire launches its offensive into the USAS, smashing through defenses and marching to take Pretoria. At the fore of the assault is President Makaidi, who seeks to see to the war in South Africa personally. An amphibious force to take Madagascar, while a third force seeks to march through Malawi and take Mozambique in the latter part of its assault.
  • Just did a draft Algorithm f'or' this war and it seems to be a crushing Zairian victory, at least that march on Pretoria. But I am not sure. I state this is only a draft. David Rain (Sometimes ...) (talk)
  • Argentina: Sends a fleet to support Zaire along with many squadrons of fighters and bombers. The interior continue to be developed and the government decides to build the next nuclear power plant far from the populated area and tries to reduce the personal need. The salary of the workers there is also increased due to the risk. The first nuclear submarine is built. The war with the USAS makes many unhappy but the government uses the space station first module launch and the nuclear reactor's improvements as a distraction.
  • The US does its things. Military, economy, etc. Three guys go up to the space station. We do not support either side in the African War, but secretly hope the AEC will not come to dominate the African continent, in fear that an African hegemony can disrupt the international economy.
  • Canada: Dispatch the 5th, 6th, 8th and 12th fleets to coastal cities to meet a small blockade of South African naval vessels. Opening fire on the small navy that has been put to the protection of the cities, the Canadian navy makes a steady push into the coastline. After the defendant's navy has been either neutralized or destroyed, landing craft make their way towards the shore to begin the southern invasion as support. Cape Town is occupied, forces are making a slow but steady advance north towards the Zairian front lines. 
  • Persia: The general populace along with reigning and unstable governments shaken by wars with Persia, unable to appropriately recover in the past have slowly rebuilt itself; yet infrastructure is still decades behind, the military is also a decade behind, a current united party mixed with liberals and conservatives have a majority in the Persian Council, outweighing socialist and communist parties, this allows the current regime to keep on rebuilding, politics rarely impeding its path. There was speculation that Islam has been on the decline the past few years in Persia due to a larger number of Christian Conversions, but that was only one year as the demographics become more familiar. The nation simply continues to live and rebuild. 


Global Events: The UN calls for an end to bloodshed in Africa and publicly condemns the feuding nations. Zaire, however, is still viewed as the aggressor. The anti-communist feelings that have been flowing throughout Eastern Europe rise to a fever pitch when Alexandra Ferraro (President of the United States) returns to make another Berlin Wall-esque speech in former East Germany. Liberal rebellions rise in every communist state, in an event popularly known as the Revolutions of 1983 (Revolutions of 1989 parallel!). US Secretary of State Ted Kennedy states that "Marxism-Leninism will be tossed in the ash heap of history soon enough."

  • Korea: Korea continues their space program from where they were a couple of years ago, seeking to weaponizes space. Meanwhile, a trigger happy general in Libya accidentally shoots down an Italian plane on its way to Zaire. Tensions increase between Korea and Italy.
  • Canada: Secretly starts an intelligence program on Libya and Korea. Continue South African invasion with the front-lines expected to meet up with Zaire sometime in the next few months. After extensive testing, research, and development, the Canadian nuclear generator hybrid is finally finished six months before it was slated to be operational. The Generator has been installed in a remote location outside of Lethbridge, Alberta to power the capital region. Pacific Navy expanded to seven fleets.
    • Canada Withdraws its forces from the south and moves its dispatched army to the Zaire border front-line. Navy Withdrawn completely. Cape Town de-occupied.
  • Check the algorithm, Zaire is losing.
  • North Republic: The civilian aid packet to Zaire is given but in a shock move the government announces that it will withdraw from the USAS conflict. This sparks a large riot in the capital that takes two days to put down. The Government then releases a letter from the British Prime Minister threatening war if they do not withdraw. Knowing, to our chagrin, that they could not stand up to the UK because the US would certainly give aid, and that the only thing to do would be to appeal to the Soviets as they dislike the Americans and might aid the North Republics left-wing leaning government (an action that is considered at length before being discarded as it may cause a nuclear war). At this the public quiets down. Calls for an International Decision about Hungary/Romanian States grow louder. Scientists unveil the Rowan Abacus program.
  • The USSR, now, the USSS- The USSS is suffering from poor transport and old, not updated industry and needs help. A bread riot hits Riga. The Kiev tram factory, Kirov truck factory, Chita pencil factory, Mykop oilfields and Perm tank factory go into overproduction mode. New trams hit the streets of Moscow, Kaliningrad and Kiev. A space program starts and Hydro-electrical power plant opens in Kamchatka. Peace is made with Turkey. A trade and defense deal is offered to the Persia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, the Northern Republic, Bulgaria and Denmark. A charm campaign is launched in Karellia, Buyattia and Li’vov city and political repression/censorship is reduced. In a vote on the USSS’s dissolving or keeping, like as in OTL USSR, in 1991, occurs. The results are pretty OTL-
  • Russia- USSS
  • Ukraine-USSS
  • Latvia- independence
  • Estonia- independence
  • Lithuania- independence
  • Czechoslovakia- independence
  • Finland- independence
  • Eastern Karellia- USSS (just- A USSS majority of 0.01%!)
  • Silesia and Pomerania- independence (as part of Poland)
  • East Prussia- USSS
  • Kalinagrad city- USSR
  • Moldova - independence
  • Bessibarabia- USSR
  • Transdenista- USSR
  • Armenia- independence
  • Azerbaijan- independence
  • Georgia- independence
  • Poland- independence
  • Danzig city state- independence
  • Kazakhstan- USSS
  • Uzbekistan- USSS
  • Tajikistan- USSS
  • Chechnya- independence
  • Byelorussia- USSS
  • Tartarstan- USSS
  • Urdmertia- USSS
  • Mongolia- independence
  • Buryatia- independence (as a part of Mongolia)
  • Sakhalin Island- USSS
  • Crimea peninsula- USSS
  • Turkmenistan- USSS
  • Kirgizstan- USSS
  • L’ivov city- USSS (just- A USSS majority of 0.02%!)
    • The USSS moves toward friendship with its neighboring nations. Boris Yelstin is elected mayor of Moscow, unanimously, by a land-slide victory in his favor. 15:06, January 2, 2013 (UTC) (I account making and setting up in the next few days.)
  • No. Stop. The USSR is still mod controlled and you can't come in and change it yet. And, I know you're going to make an account, but no signing up as an IP ahead of time. End of story.


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  • GLOBAL EVENTS: The Libyan government launches a surprise invasion of Algeria, with Korean training and equipment. A smaller invasion force is sent to Tunisia, where it was moderate success. The Algerian invasion goes in for about 30 miles before going into a stalemate. Everyone finds out about the Korean weapons. Meanwhile in the USSR the Triumvirate ends and the free elections are held. Boris Yeltsin becomes the first President of the Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics.
  • Korea: Korea continues to send supplies to Libya. They sell a destroyer to Libya. The space program continues, with a man in space projected in 1987-89.
  • Canada: Following the North Republic's lead, Canada begins withdrawing from the South African War. (Let me know if it's already done. I don't think anyone said anything about it ending...)
  • Persia: Brief protests in northern Persia occur by a group a large group of Muslims wishing the implementation of Sharia Law, the protest though is short-lived and disbands in a few months. 
  • Brazil: The Project Ceu Profundo (Deep sky) begins rolling and Several shuttle are arranged to start at half of the year and next year and the shuttles are beginning to be armed to make the trip to moon, and the Development of the Lunar landing Pod continues. While this, new elections occur and President do Santos is again chosen as the president of federation of Brazil, he continues his anti-terrorist polity and launches a campaign at the Brazilian forest of the east to take down any remnant of the Mao Sangrenta organization. the Development of a nuclear weapon is continued and the Gauss cannons are upgraded using 8% less energy with more strength. The navy begins building its 20th Carrier ship, the railways to Brazilian Pacific begins, the second Part of the Space station is launched from Rio de Janeiro on March 7th.
  • Hungary: After a borderline stalemate, the Honvédség breaks into Wallachia, during the Siege of Târgoviște, where the city is repeatedly shelled and struck thanks to the fast M-82 jet fighters, as the Wallachian Air Force fails to stop the repeated air strikes, and Gyors APV's notoriously do quick strikes on nearby villages. Violence has reached a fever pitch, since the Romanian biochemical factory in Sibiu (now called Nagyszeben under Occupation), where Hungarians were repeatedly tested on, blatantly a crime against humanity, this also proved that Wallachia, despite fighting with Romania only half a decade ago, had teamed up with Wallachia. Observers have considered this the bloodiest war in Europe since the Balkan Uprising, with genocide, torture and rape have been reported on both sides. Back home, President Szálasi, is very popular, due to building up Hungary's military to arguably one even more powerful than pre-WWII Hungary, combined with allowing for freedom of speech. (except of course, to criticize the President, the Government, the military, and the country's history.) In a public address on March 15, 1984, the President announces that Hungary has successfully risen from the ash of its past, and that Greater Hungary has come true, bringing back Erdély, and is now going to take the battle to Wallachia, and bring down the Bloodstained Fortress, known as Bucharest. All cities in Erdély are being renamed their Hungarian names, and special treatment is being given to Romanian citizens who give up citizenship and declare themselves Hungarian. (Which requires joining the Honvédség, or working in a government industry, including making ammunition for the military). Those citizens will be paid well, though in private, in order to prevent backlash from either side.
  • North Republic: With the United Nations still no closer to reaching a conclusion on what to do in the Balkans we call an ISL meeting to discuss the problem. We also wish to discuss the Korean aid to North Africa. Troops and ships are fully recalled from Africa, though the military remains on high alert.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy (Sort of): The Government is indecisive of current actions. The President, and his National Front Party, wants to take all of Romania and Wallachia, despite already having gotten back Erdély, thus completing part of the Greater Hungary policy. However, the discovery of ethnic cleansing, has incited nationalist and violent reactions by Hungarian soldiers, who are not permitted by rules to do this. (Though this is almost never enforced, with even some Lieutenants advocating for an even more violent response).
  • I'm officially withdrawing from the game I have a new job that takes up most of my time, whoever wants Japan can take it. I will continue with my TL, however, at a later time. It's been fun but honestly I'm tired most of the time now so I can't really take part, so have fun everyone else. Nkbeeching
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  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the third issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Argentina: Withdrawn our force from the African continent and continue to invest in the joint space program. Persia is offered diplomatic relation. The USSR is now increasing his reputation in Argentina and the population begun to change their way to see it.
  • Japan: Emperor Akihito, in a public speech in Tokyo, vows that Japan will keep its word on relations with the CAR and Zaire. Claims to northern Karafatu/Karafuto are dropped, but the south’s roads are developed. The Japanese Empire continues to expand its investments around the world - mainly in Africa.


  • Global Events: Liberal revolutions rage across East Europe in continuation from 1983. As of yet, no movement has fully overthrown their communist governments but almost all of them are very close. The first modern war in Africa closes after an armistice between the AEC and the USAS is signed in the Zambian capital of Lusaka. Though it was a USAS victory, every president of the USAS decided to make an example of Zaire and not take any land. Several clauses, however, were added in case a nation whose land has been taken by Zaire (ie, Congo, Gabon, South Angola). They state that if they wish to leave the AEC, Zaire is to return their land peacefully. A Mao Sangrenta leader Joao Pereira was arrested by Argentinian and Brazilian paramilitary forces in a hideout in Patagonia. This, however, is not the end of the organization. The UN votes to create a paramilitary force to locate and destroy the organization.
  • Canada: Full withdrawal from Africa. Build up military some more. Quiet last six months of year. :L Send ships to Malta to protect it from Libya.
  • Japan: (Nbeeching has retired, so I thought I'll try out Japan.) Neutrality is issued in foreign affairs beyond Libya and Japan’s home region. Trade deal offered to Mongolia and Burma. A large interest in the minerals coltan and lithium begin to grow in the electronics industry for future usage micro-chip usage. Military operations generally continue to be downscaled. Scientific research continues and the space station is 75% nearly completed. A long term Korea-Japan peace deal is offered, but Korea is asked to stop military aid to Libya. A Japanese corvette is dispatched to patrol around the outside of the Maltase national waters to keep Korea out of Malta. Roads in southern Karafatu/ Karafuto are developed more. A new Japanese OS like OTL Windows_1.0 is made and Windows_2.0 and Windows_2.1x are worked on.
  • Other OTL/ATL microchip/ tech equivalents Japan created or upgraded this turn were-
  1. Intel_4004
  2. Intel_4040
  3. 8085 8080
  4. 1N4001_and_1N5400_series_diodes
  5. 2N2222 NPN bipolar junction transistor
  6. 1N4148 diode
  7. Yamaha_V9938
  8. MOS_Technology_VIC-II
  9. Zilog_Z80
  10. MOS_Technology_6502
  11. Intel_8048
  12. 8085
  13. 8080
  14. Intel_80286
  15. Intel_80188
  16. DECtape controller
  17. light pens
  18. VT100 monitor.
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    • In America our stuff continues, including space stuff and PC tech. The Apple company releases a new Mac OS for the Macintosh computer. The Microsoft Corporation releases Gates 3 for the PC. Military and economy build up. Stuff like that.
  • Japan D: Trade deal offered to  America, Burma, India, New Zealand and Australia.
  • We already have these.
  • Korea: Korea continues to send aid to Libya. Meanwhile, Libya continues to push into Algeria.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai releases the third issue of Garden of the Sun; Miko, Koishi and Kogasa arrive in Tierra del Fuego and after a huge chase, they manage to find and catch the suspect and bring the suspect back to Buenos Aires.
  • Hungary: On television, MTV (Hungarian Television/Magyar Televízió, not Music Television), the President proudly proclaims that the country is no longer communist, in order to confirm that the country is no longer a communist state. A ceasefire is offered to end the Erdély War, coming to an agreement in the Országgyűlés (National Assembly). They will meet with Romanian and Wallachian representatives at the negotiation table, and asks for any witness nations to support.
    • All of Erdély (Transylvania) must be made Hungarian soil, with all territory being named by law, Hungarian.
    • The complete withdrawal of all Romanian and Wallachian troops out of Erdély, and at least 10km away from the borders established.
    • The Romanian government must pay 1.2 Million Forint (Approx. $5000 US) for every soldier or member of the Honvédség that was lost in the War to the family of the soldier.
    • The Romanian and Wallachian government must admit that the Romanian brutality against Hungarian ethnicities was an act of genocide.
    • These are the conditions that will end the war.
    • Event: The defenders ask that a small portion of the eastern coast be left independent, or as a vassal. Where's your algorithm?
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: Since Romania is willing to accept our Terms of Surrender, 60% of the East Coast will be left to Romania, as an independent nation. (In all honesty, we were actually just wanting Erdély. Also, I don't know if algorithms count as P v NVP, considering that Dustin has not logged in as Romania for a very long time. I know that when I left Hungary for the first time, it was invaded by the Soviet Union, and I don't know if that had an algorithm.)


  • Canada: Small to Medium protests across the nation in becoming involved with the Korean support of the Libyan invasions of Northern Africa. Technology expanded.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. New Prime Minister is elected and Supatra Masdit becomes new Prime Minister of Thailand. Surakiart Phathanothai decides to retire, but soon his young daughter Savika Phathanothai manages to succeed him in continuing the series.
  • Korea: Korea continues to provide aid to Libya. Libya has conquered half of Algeria.
  • Argentina: The socialists welcome the decision of the UN and begun to interrogate the prisoners and arrested people discovered to be part of the organisations. An agent is tasked to infiltrate the organisation. The government propose Colombia and Ecuador to join the South American confederation.(Colombia 7-yes, Ecuador 2-no). The war in Africa between Libya and Algeria annoys many politician but it is known to the politician that another declaration of war would be disastrous as the scandal caused by the spotting of planes belonging to Argentina fighting along Zaire for no reasons is still present among the population.
  • CAR: Improves its roads somewhat, especially in the north.
  • North Republic: A coalition between the Green and Labour parties is formed in the elections. The building of the previously promised transport network begins.


  • Korea: Korea continues sending equipment and officers to Libya, including several shipments of the latest SAMs. MiGs are also sent to Libya, where Korean pilots train with Libyan pilots. Integration of ammunition also begins as well. Meanwhile, Algeria surrenders to Libya. Libya pulls out of Algeria and Tunisia, leaving puppet governments in place.
  • Canada: Secretly intensify Korean intelligence program. Keep the navy dispatched to Malta on alert for Possible intrusion. New prime minister is elected, ending the longest term in Canadian (ATL) history. The new prime minister begins to pursue the design of nuclear weapons. Two New nuclear power plants of the same design as the Lethbridge power plant are built. Expand Pacific navy to eight fleets.
  • CAR: Issues virulent propaganda flyers and an agitating radio broadcast. Starts a minor Gabaya, Banda, Baka and Maka-Njem and an Baka tribal rebellion in Zaire's border towns. The 180,000 Yakoma and Banda flee north to the CAR, whilst the rest of the agitated tribesmen take over [[4]] Dongu district and the town of Zingo across the water from Bangui. It was a surprise attack and so the CAR and its client states of Cameroon and South Chad got their way. Zaire regains most of the land in a tough battle, but the upper 25% of Dongo and the town of Zongo. Mass recruiting occurs, so the CAR signs up 6000 soldiers, 200 cops and 200 doctors. It begins to build four light fighter planes and two light civil passenger aircraft of its own. Pill-box type bunkers are constructed in Bangui, Bakoma and Noya. The CAR calls upon the West African Republic to help fight the enemies of democracy and said that the Yakoma and Banda were being forced to adopt Swahili/Kikongo/Tekie culture and languages against their will by Zaire. A request for support is sent to its allies- Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Brazil and the West African Republic. CAR deaths are heavy, but sustainable and a truce is offered to Zaire.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Brazil: Will aid The CAR in their war. While this, the Project Ceu Profundo and the shuttle sends the six-man crew reaching the moon after five days of travel, landing on the Mare Cogito, where they place a measuring device to have an accurate distance from earth to Moon. While this, infrastructure is built up as well as the military and the Gauss cannons are built up.


  • The former Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Yugoslavia form into ethnically correct sovereign states under a common trade deal. 
  • Korea: Korea continues sending equipment and officers to Libya. Tanks begin to arrive as well. Libya also sells oil very cheaply to Korea. Meanwhile, the military starts massing on the Egyptian border.
  • Hungary: Though not fully recognized by the international community, according to the Government, Hungary now controls all of Erdély, and the Northeastern corner of Romania, though the nation is allowed to keep the coastal Constanța (Konstanca in Hungarian) County, as a "reward" for surrendering an accepting the Terms of Surrender, which is believed to be the new Capital of Romania. President Peter Szálasi, confirms that he is running for re-election, going against two other candidates for Presidency of the Federal Republic, though Szálasi remains very popular, for extending freedoms to the population, ending the dictatorship, and having brought back the much missed Greater Hungary, leading to many observers seeing his victory in the elections very likely. In Szlovénia, in order to attract both domestic and international tourists to its small but beautiful coast, the first elite resort is confirmed for construction in Koper (same name in both Slovene and Hungarian), meant to emulate fancier resorts on the Spanish and French coasts, which will take between 8-10 years to finish. The housing will be cheap by international standards, though pricey by Hungarian standards. The Hungarian Coast Guard is renamed Haditengerészet N (Hungarian Navy West), while the Haditengerészet K (Hungarian Navy East) takes over responsibility on the Black Sea Coast. The Haditengerészet K has its headquarters established in Tulcsa (Tulcea).
  • The CAR: All our mines become operational, Cameroon, San Tome and Principe and south Chad form a fiscal union, due to previous treaty laws, with the CAR and David Dacko retires as a hero. General Kolingba takes over peaceably. Peace and harmony is made with Zaire, Egypt, The USAS (S. Africa, et al) and Libya. The Japanese-made Bangui reactor is reopened and slightly upgraded. A DC-10 copy is successfully flown around Bangui and adult literacy stands at 99% in Sango, 55% in French and 12% in Kikongo. Life expectancy is raised to 65 years by the death of Malaria carrying flies in urban places. Zaire's troops are removed and Brazil becomes the new protecting power. Infrastructure, power lines, sewers and water pipes are improved.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Hi. I must fold the game. I simply do not have enough time to spare. Map games require commitment and I can't provide an adequate level. I will only be able to do timelines for the foreseeable future and will stick to just the one. Sorry, David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk) 18:12, January 9, 2013 (UTC)


  • Korea: Korea continues to influence African politics throughout Libya. Meanwhile, the economy flourishes with secret trade with North African nations, who are forced to trade with Korea.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Argentina: Continues to hunt any terrorist who stays in our country. Ambassadors are sent to the newly created nation in the stabilised Balkan. We continue to invest in South America and Africa.
  • Brazil: We sent diplomats to the Balkan Republic, and a second ship is sent to the moon. While this, the Space agency begins working on the plan of a travel to Mars, and three satellites are sent: one to Saturn, one to Mercury and another one to Pluto. Terrorists in Sao Paulo are captured before they could activate a car bomb in front of the city hall. They are sent to trial and the military and infrastructure are built up.


  • Korea: Korea continues to send aid to Libya. New technological developments continue. A space ship launch is planned for a couple of years in the future, with the hope of weaponizing space.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • CAR: Farming is greatly improved as the north and east are irrigated by canals from the river Obangui. A major Mao Sangrenta camp is destroyed by the army near the town of Bingo. A trade deal is offered to Korea.
  • Argentina: The number of channels increases and many images of the world are more and more available to the citizens. A Spaniard who immigrated to Argentina opened a restaurant named the Hungry Spaniard. It quickly become a local success in Buenos Aires.
  • Hungary: After receiving complaints about the treatment of the Slovene ethnicities in Hungarian-occupied Slovenia, in order to avoid controversy, President Szlasi orders that Slovene ethnicities receive the same amount of pay as Hungarians, and that any cruelty towards them will now receive the same criminal sentence as harming a Hungarian citizen. Starting next year, the Hungarian government will be holding a convention where defense contractors from all over the world can show off their products. This convention will be held in Koper in the new convention centre being constructed. All that would like to show off their products must RSVP before the end of the year.
  • Japan: Japan launches its first satellite and it is a weather monitoring satellite. Peace is offered to Korea. TV channels rise from 14 to 20 and colour TV is available in the Japanese Empire. Chinese and Japanese are given equal political, social, religious and military rights. The Mao Sangrenta's covert training camp in Karafuto is annihilated in a bloody battle with the Japanese army. A project similar to OTL Skylab is started - who would like to join us in space?.
  • Canada: [Sorry for inactivity, been busy] Military expanded. Nuclear weapon design idea still circulating around within the government system, not prominent. If anything, it's dying. Pipeline to the U.S. was finished by Encana, Inc. last year. Technologies expanded with the request sent to America to allow us to use their spaceport in Florida to launch a satellite-imagery satellite and a series of weather observation satellites. Telus Telecommunications is founded by a former prime minister and opens up a large system of cellular phone towers and cell phones. Universal healthcare introduced, taxes increased slowly to cover the costs of the medical staff and equipment. Alberta/Ontario Freeway system constructed to allow more intercity and interprovincial travel. Camping in the boreal forests becomes a large trend in Canada.


  • CAR: A trade deal is offered to Quebec, Hungary, Canada, Argentina, Siam and Korea.
    • Canadian Diplomacy to The Central African Republic: Accept trade deal.
  • Korea: Korea accepts the CAR trade deal.
  • Hungary: The President announces in private, plans for a nuclear program, to keep up with the nuclear powers of the Soviet Union, UK and the United States. This move is controversial among the government, saying that it would be expensive, and very time-consuming, compared to a lack of resources. However, this is meant as a last resort, should in the event that a country completely invades Hungary, and threatens to destroy our sovereignty. This is called, Operation Ellencsapás (Counterattack).
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. Some harbours are improved too. Prime Minister Supatra Masdit also agrees to the Central African Republic trade deal.
  • Québec: Hydro-Québec starts upgrading large parts of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue power system from 25 to 60 hertz. Aiguebelle National Park (Parc national d'Aiguebelle) is created. The Manic-1 and 2, took five years to build in the mid 1960's, but now needs a two year upgrade due to extra demand for water and electricity. The CAR's deal is taken up. Digital TV is thought of as a concept, but will need ages to perfect. Roads and mines are perfected. 
  • Japan: Helps upgrade the CAR's atomic reactor and puts a man into earth orbit.
  • Canada: Asks Quebec to allow Telus to expand its network within Quebec. Offer trade deal to Quebec. Expand fuel infrastructure. Navy Withdrawn from Malta. The nuclear program is brought back up in a meeting in Vancouver, is to be debated heavily in 1988.


  • Québec: We agree to Canada's Telus offer.
  • Canada: [Happy 1988 :s] Telus begins its expansion in Quebec. Nuclear program debate is a close call with a slim majority of 90 to 88 supporting the creation of a program. With the use of existing nuclear technologies, a design is drawn up and in the process of being developed. Industry is booming after large oil reserves were found in north-east British Columbia.
  • Hungary: The international gun show in Koper is a mild success, though did not justify the massive costs of the convention, considering not many defense companies showed up at the convention. Offers Canada and CAR assistance with the nuclear weapons development.
  • Japan: Military mobilizes for the invasion of the Philippines.
    • Philippines owned by US.
  • CAR D: Agrees with Hungary's deal.
  • Canada Diplomacy to Hungary: Accept the nuclear deal and begin construction of a test site at Baffin Island.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: Thanks the Central African Republic and Canada for their support in developing our nuclear program.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • America's projects continue. We send our first rover to Mars and begin to launch the parts of our docking orbital to Mars so we can launch people by the new millennium.
  • With the game becoming boring, Japan and Québec quit.
  • Who the damn hell messed up the USSR on the map?


  • Korea: A trigger-happy general in Libya accidentally fires off a nuclear missile. Thankfully, it misses and hits the Mediterranean.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Canada: Navy expanded. Quiet year.
  • Japan: Military forces are ordered to mobilize along with EATSP. forces for the invasion of Australia and within three months we invade Australia.
    • [User of Australia has quit due to inactivity [I know him in real life]. Blockade never happened.] OreoToast555 05:41, January 17, 2013 (UTC)
    • Implausogasm ahoy.
    • How is it implausible? During WW-II, the Japanese were preparing to invade it to begin with, and had many more tens of millions of people to support the war effort there. Besides, if Japan (a superpower, if I remember correctly), was able to conquer Indonesia, China, Indochina, Malaysia, and Thailand within a matter of years, what makes Australia so different? The nearest Commonwealth ally is thousands of miles away. ~Viva
  • Hungary: Nuclear program continues. Continues military growth and a stranglehold on Erdély and Slovenia.
  • Greece: Revives its economy, starts building up military funding, nuclear program funding, and space funding. Asks Hungary for a military alliance in case of invasion while rebuilding.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: Accepts alliance offer.
  • Argentina: Continues to improve its economy and the Hungry Spaniard becomes very popular in Argentina. Many restaurants even began to appear across Latin America and one is opened in Spain with the hope of getting more customers across the world. 
  • Libya: Military growth begins. Central African Republic is asked for an alliance. A possible invasion of Tunisia is brought to the table.


  • Canada: Army and Air Force expanded with an upgrade from A-10's to F-18's. Invites Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and Greece to the ISL. Nuclear warhead design has been developed and is to be tested in 1989.5 at the Baffin Island test site. Anti-Japan relations protests rock the nation. Asks Korea to end any and all hostile relations. Pacific Navy Intensified. New Forces Bases are opened across the nation, more or less along the Pacific coastline; CFB Prince Rupert, CFB Victoria, CFB Comox, CFB Vancouver and CFB Glacier Bay.
  • Greece accepts Canada's offer. Asks for trade with U.S.A.          
  • Malaysia: Invades the following Indonesian islands: Southern Borneo, Sumatra and Java. Industrializes Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.          
  • Korea: Korea continues to help Libya in their development. They urge them to be imperialistic and invade other countries.
  • Hungary: With the potential of the success of the nuclear program with Canada, a current order is given to the Légierő (Hungarian Air Force), to develop the M-89 Csapás (Strike), a jet fighter-bomber which will be capable of firing nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction into hostile territory. (The M-89 Csapás is the equivalent of the French Dassault Mirage 2000N). At least 100 are planned to be built for the Air Force.
  • CAR: The Libyan alliance is accepted. 1000 men are enlisted and a new road network opens in the northern provinces. Alliance offered to Malaysia.


  • The CAR buys six Boeing 747s and starts flights to all player owned nations and Zaire.
  • Canada: Pacific military stances intensified. The nuclear warhead developed earlier on was tested at the Baffin Island site and the plans are sent to Hungary and the CAR.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Greece: Makes first nuclear bomb, tested in an isolated area in the southern area of the country. Stays neutral in in all wars/cold wars, but decides to build up military, navy and air force anyway in case of invasion. Builds two new aircraft carriers.
  • Argentina: The Hungry Spanish restaurant chain expands throughout Latin America and tries to expand in Africa, Canada and Greece are sent a congratulation for their nuclear project. The space program proposed a moon base and the project began to be prepared. Every willing nation is invited to join the moon base program to eventually make it an international program.
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve their military and economy, while sending aid to Libya. The first Korean man in space is achieved.
  • Hungary: Starts development on the nuclear weaponry with plans sent from Canada. The first 30 M-89 Csapás are completed, with 70 more in construction for the Air Force. Offers to sell a number to Greece, Canada, Central African Republic and any other potential buyers. Military continues improvement, in order to prevent uprisings from Romanian rebels in Erdély and Slovene and Croatian uprisings in Szlovénia.
  • Japan: Military forces along with ETSAP forces are moblized, we declare war on Malaysia for attacking an ally.


  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Hungary: Development on nuclear weapons continue, as military and infrastructure continues improvement.
  • Canada: Non-nuclear ballistic missiles are built and nuclear ones are soon to follow. Another nuclear warhead is tested at Baffin Island site. Military prepares for a war in spite of the tensions with Japan. Tech expanded with cellphones becoming commonplace in business workers.
  • Korea: Korea continues to send aid to Libya. Libya is encouraged to invade other countries with its nuclear umbrella while using acts of terror.
  • Japan: Military continues to fight Malayn forces.
  • CAR: The CAR opens 100 phone booths across the nation.


  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Japan: Forces take south Malaysia and liberate Indonesia.


  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their economy, especially in exports. The Mirage Corporation lifts off, selling cars hugely in every country in the world.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Canada: Asks Korea to allow for an alliance, asks the Americans to allow us to use Wake Island as a staging point to pressure Japan. Several new ICBMs and MRBMs are built, and fitted with non-nuclear and nuclear warheads. Guided Missile Destroyers and a variant of the American Iowa class battleships, several of each are built and added to the fleets in the Atlantic and Pacific.
  • Japan: We defeat Malaysia now we turn to Canada we ban Canadian flagged ships from our waters.
  • Japan player banned for extreme implausibility.
  • USA rejects Canadian offer. Mars mission done. Lunar station almost done.
  • Hungary: The first nuclear weapon is developed, with a test planned on the early morning of March 5, 1991, which will be tested in a remote part of Erdély underground, far away from any farms or caves which are useful to the economy. The test goes off well, but reports of radiation poisoning occur as far as 300 km away.


  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. The Thai Rung Union Car sees a slight increase in sales within Thailand.
  • Canada: Japanese ships are still allowed to dock in port, but all Japanese ships entering Canadian waters/ports are to be inspected by either the navy or the coast-guard. Japanese Government vessels are abolished from all Canadian Waters. A vigilant patriot with a home-made "warship" finds his way to Japan and is prepared to fire on Japanese ships, the government's attempts to contact this vigilant civilian have so far failed. A design strikingly similar to the OTL planned Montana class battleship is put into effect, with almost 23 vessels under construction. The military has begun recruiting. Economy is stabilized after over-spending on the pacific military. All primary highways within the nation have been twinned. The capital building has been renovated with a new section being built across the street to the south. (Harry Hays building, Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Telus' expansion in Quebec has finalized. Arctic patrol has begun.
  • Korea: Korea distances itself from Japan and publicly condemns Japan. They continue to build up their military. Now in the possession of 200 nuclear weapons, Korea demands that Japan backs down.


  • Canada: Asks Korea for an Alliance, united in our cause against Japan. Navy launches half of its new battleships, fully crewed and ready to go to war any day. More MRBMs are built and two supply ships are built, disguised as cruise vessels, so as not to disturb the General Peace of Anything. More Warheads are fitted onto ICBMs and new launch sites are constructed along the West Coast.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. Savika Phathanothai establishes her own company, called Horizon Frontier (ชายแดนขอบฟ้า Chāydæn k̄hxb f̂ā).
  • Japan: We fight Malaysia alongside EASTP forces we tell Malaysia to surender (RNG please).
  • Hungary: Multiple silos are placed all over the country, including Slovenia and Erdely, along with tactical nuclear bombers being placed in the Hungarian Air Force.

Italy: Italy invades Slovenia or whatever that nation on its eastern border is that's by Croatia, and Italian forces attack with full force.


  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. Savika Phathanothai, with permission from her father Surakiart Phathanothai re-releases the โทโฮจิเร็ยเด็น (Subteranean Animsim) series, โทโฮไคคิดัน (Mystic Square) series (both the first and second editions), and Garden of the Sun series under the Horizon Frontier label. They also become part of a new series, called the Touhou Project (โทโฮโปรเจกต์).
  • Hungary: Upon Italy's invasion of Slovenia, President Tomas Farkas threatens retaliation against Italy if they continue their attack on Szlovenia. Mobilizes 150,000 soldiers to the Italian borders, along with 150 jet fighters and 300 tanks and APV's. Is willing to send more if it gets bloodier, along with a secret weapon. (Spoiler: It's a nuke.)
  • Canada: Threatens Japan with imminent nuclear annihilation. Pacific and Arctic Navy/Military is strengthened.  Asks Siam for an Alliance.
    • Siam Diplomacy: Prime Minister Supatra Masdit accepts Canada's offer of alliance.


  • Canada: The Entire army forces is divided into several Divisions; Infantry, Marine Corps, Expeditionary Force, Naval Infantry, Air Infantry. Military Stances are heavily intensified against Japan. Secretly asks Korea and Siam for Allied help in a possible invasion of Japan within the next three years.
    • Siam Diplomacy: Prime Minister Supatra Masdit will secretly support Canada in a possible invasion of Japan.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved.
  • Hungary: Continues the counterattacks against Italy, as Italian attacks continue to slow down. Slovenes are conscripted into the Honvédség, claiming that they their families who still live in Slovenia will receive an extra paycheck. 800 FEG T-81 and 1,500 FEG Gyors drive pass the borders and attack Italian bases on the border. The Air Force sends out at least 150 M-82 Zivatar to begin the bombardment of Trieste, along with Ground Forces converging on the city, being ordered to attack and kill anything in Trieste.
  • Korea: Korea declines the Canadian offer for now. However, the military goes on high alert and the ICBMs are fueled up. The 1st SOG continues terror attacks against Japan and others.
  • CAR: Military continues being built up, more mines are dug and infrastructure is improved.

I think this game is dead. Let us continue in Axis vs Allies: Reborn! OreoToast555 02:40, February 9, 2013 (UTC)


  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their infrastructure and military. Meanwhile, troops begin massing at the Manchurian border.
  • CAR: Military continues being built up, more mines are dug and infrastructure is improved.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. Savika Phathanothai begins creating her own first game of the Touhou Project series, called โทโฮเรย์อิเด็น (Highly Responsive to Prayers).


  • Korea: Korea launches an invasion of Manchuria, under the guise of "taking back what is rightfully theirs." Thousands of troops and tanks pour into Manchuria while aircraft bombard targets.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. Savika Phathanothai continues creating her own first game of the Touhou Project series, called โทโฮเรย์อิเด็น (Highly Responsive to Prayers).
  • Hungary: Trieste is fully made into the Federal Republic of Hungary, now officially renamed Trieszt. However, the siege received condemnation from multiple countries, considering high reports of mass murder and rape committed by the Honvédség against the Italian population, including refusing to allow Italian citizens of Trieszt to cross back into Italy, having been executed, in now what is being considered ethnic cleansing. However, back in Budapest, many people are cheering over the victory of the powerful Hungarian Army.


  • CAR: The roads are now the best in Africa, outside of the RSA, Ziear and the Arab nations.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up and infrastructure is improved. Savika Phathanothai finishes creating her first game of the Touhou Project series, called โทโฮเรย์อิเด็น (Highly Responsive to Prayers). She will release it next year.
  • Hungary: Officially labels the Tresizt region and county of Hungary, along with Erdély and Szlovenia. Despite international condemnation, Hungarian representives insist that it was an act of defense, and has stated that the Italian minorities will be treated well, along with giving them the option of leaving the region if they don't like it. Continues buildup of military.